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On 2010-08-09 12:09, Payne wrote:
On 2010-06-02 08:37, MaxfieldsMagic wrote:
Surely you do some impromptu for family and close friends...? Or do they have to come to the show too?

Not all of us have the need or desire to perform on demand like trained animals

Loved it.

How did he do that? Smile
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That was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time! His acting was great!
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
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I usually carry some rubber bands just in case Smile
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Lately, I always have the rubber bands for Linking Lover Bands around my wrist.
The difficult must become easy, the easy beautiful and the beautiful magical.
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On 2010-08-14 12:51, daffydoug wrote:
Live and breathe magic. That's my take. Money? Well, it's great, but I just enjoy spreading wonder wherever I go. I guess I have had too much Doug Henning in my boyhood.

^ What he said. Smile
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Is throwing a deck of cards in your pocket preparing? If so, I'm loaded! Smile

This is really all it takes to satisfy someone's curiosity about your ability to entertain them in the future. We have to realize that the person who asked us to do a trick for them really doesn't see us as their own personal monkey that is trained to do a trick for them. Rather, they just don't know how to express the fact that magic intrigues them and wouldn't it be cool to experience the magic first hand that they have only seen on TV.

I have a 4 trick set that I do to WOW! them and then let them know I have a whole show that I'd love to perform for them sometime, whether it be a kids show, adult comedy show or corporate entertainment. Saying this after my set and handing out my business card shows I appreciate their interest and this is a business I have that I charge money for and would like to do business with them.

Just my 2 cents that works for me. Hope it works for you as well.

Vynn Credible
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I went to a Jeff McBride Masters Class a few years ago. He said that if you are a magician you should always be ready to do something magical.

I agree with him. I think it would be a real let down if someone who I have performed magic for asked me to show their friend something, and I said "You will have to come to my show".

Sammy J. Teague
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I began doing magic because I actually like performing magic for people. If I'm not prepared, or not in the mood, I can usually get out of it or suggest another time. But in general I think I would feel like quite the mercenary if I demanded to be formally booked for a performance before I agreed to do any magic.

Similarly, if I were a dentist and a friend or family member had a toothache, I'd take a look at it for them - provided that I was adequately equipped to do so. I don't think I'd say "come see me in my office on Monday so that I can be sure I'm getting paid to do this."
David L. Larkins, Ph.D
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I prefer to at least do a little something, even if it is a very short ambitious, or card to impossible location effect. Takes 30 seconds and I don't come off as much of an ass.
Davin L. Simone

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Above poster suffers from a severe lack of judgment and logic. Assume any points he made are wrong and baseless.
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Lots of great responses guys. I enjoy doing random acts of magic whenever I can. But those are mainly when the spectator does not even know that the magic is going to happen. I love impromptu magic so I can entertain with just a coin or small rock if needed and I normally have a few other items on me "just in case" that give me even more material. I find that when I preform a few effects for a person it really makes their day, kids especially. I love doing the 3 ball routine for kids with little super balls. Once I gave the balls away to the kids I was preforming for. 6 months later I bumped into the mom of one of those kids and she told me how her son still keeps that little super ball on his night stand. Once I realized how much that effect most have meant to that little boy I started to buy those super balls in bulk at IParty and now I give them away to kids every time I preform.

That said I have found that I can not do magic for someone that I dislike, as in the Ricky Jay video by Payne. Luckily it is pretty rare that I find myself in that situation.
"If you can't change the method, change the moment." Vernon
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As a worker doing magic for a living, I am always marketing. When I meet someone randomly and they ask me to do some magic, I feel it would not say much about me as a professional if I was not prepared with something. Therefore I always have something I can do at a moments notice even if it is with a random everyday object like a fork or spoon.
-- Nancilee N. Jones --
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David Thiel
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You never know when a potential client might be lurking around somewhere. And, while I totally agree with the notion that we are not performing seals -- a lot of times people just want to see a little spark of magic. Most of the time I will do something for them.

I use an outstanding mentalism wallet as my everyday wallet. Since it looks like my everyday wallet (because it...well...IS) it draws no attention at all. And...I am always ready to do a mindreading routine.

There are days when I don't feel like performing...or maybe I don't much like the way the person asked...and I'll just say "no" and beg off with some excuse. But not often.

Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Except bears. Bears will kill you.
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Impromptu is great, it shows that you really are ready at anytime, just make sure you limit what you do.
Simon Mandal
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Performers have different opinions about this.

When I am WORKING, I live for creating a "tears in their eyes from laughing" amazed audience.
When I am not working I am a VERY low key person.
I prefer to relax and listen to people.
I am not really into showing off in my private life.
If someone asks really nice, I will let them know where they can see my full show,
and perform one routine for them.
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I never, I repeat NEVER leave home without at least spongeballs. I normally carry a few things, but those everyday. Anywhere I go, someone gets a peek at what I do and my personality. Restaurants, waiters see it, and at stores, sometimes even the clerk ringing me up sees it. A stranger at a park,anybody. As it was said earlier, you never know where your next client could be. Sure it might make you unique, but as someone not in a professional standpoint I find it useless. Perhaps your name is well known enough to not need to build rapport, but me and several others like me arn't, so we do magic everyday. Besides, I don't only do magic to generate income.
-P.J. Synenberg
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Be prepared to perform at the right time and for the right circumstance. Nice thing is you get to decide. I'm from the McBride School of thinking and enjoy performing as much as I can.

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