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Hi Guys just uploaded some videos of Illusions I have performed thought it would be good to hear what you have to say.

Good or bad

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNxocI5sfm0 -- Metamorphosis

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imsuibqfe3I&feature=channel - Mini Cube - 6 SPikes

Appearance Bench - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_5AxLZ0jnU

Linking Rings & Newspaper - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWLb898dF3o


We are a brother and sister act but we do it because we like it we don't live of magic we do most our shows for free at charity events etc.

I hope you enjoy these videos of our 6th ever public performance

: )
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Excellent performances! great work. I left some comments on your youtube channel.
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Thanks for the comments Grass
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I thik your acquiring and performing magic for charity os admirable but in the long run will exhaust you, your sister and pocketbook.

I viewed your sub-trunk and found it an "expected" professional looking version -- but one that can be improved by taking some risks and theatrical aproaches you may not have had the opportunity to consider.

The idea of chaining the hand outside the box could be amplified, but is lost when the curtain is raised taking the chained hand out of view.

Getting your sister out of the box looks pretty standard -- and could be highlighted with a simple costume change (color). (Accomplished in the bix, of course.)

Consider your music -- -it may be a little overdramatic -- and something thematic and a little more subtle might also work.

In all a solid, but very "standard" performance.
Gregg (C. H. Mara) Chmara

Commercial Operations, LLC

Tucson, AZ

C. H. Mara Illusion & Psychic Entertainments
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Very well done I wish you well!
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I liked it! It sounded like your audience sure liked it as well!
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Your sister needs to smile more; especially noticeable in the mini-cube. Sure, she's about to be impaled six ways to Sunday, but darn it, she's supposed to enjoy it!
Self-proclaimed Jack-of-all-trades and google expert*.

* = Take any advice from this person with a grain of salt.
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That was a very nice performance! I liked the hand chained in the corner idea because I think it adds speed to the change (audience seeing the hand in the corner imediately when the cloth is dropped) but on the other side it makes your box much bigger which I think takes away from the illusion, also producing the second assistant might take away a bit from the hand, as the audience might say, aah there was a second girl in the box, but then again they might not even think of that at the end of the trick...
Once again, nice performance and good luck with your shows.
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Good work
Fábio DeRose
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I think that the appearance of a third person is a huge give-away of the hand out of the hole idea. I like that when the curtain is raised the hand is still visible, though.
Fábio De'Rose - Ilusionista

Twitter @Enigmagico
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The presentation is good, but I agree with some of the others that the trunk looked to be very large. I remember thinking, “That’s big enough to hide TWO people”. Then when the second girl appeared, it seemed to point back to the hand-in-the-hole question. Also the chain around the wrist was so loose as to seem irrelevant, and it looked as though Sister could have used an extra half-second to get her hand back out the hole.

Mini Cube
Very nice. The only thing I noticed was at the end, I think I would close the back flap before pulling out the tube. It draws more attention to the fact that we’re not seeing into the box. But a very nice presentation!

Appearance Bench
Quick and clean. I wish I could see something move behind the bench at some point, but I may be thinking too much like a magician. Well done.

Ok, before the magic even starts, what’s up with Sis? Anyone on stage HAS to be aware that they can be seen by God knows who. Know where the cameras are!!! Know what motions and expressions are appropriate. Public Television 101: If you can be seen in the studio, either look at the camera and smile, or look at the speaker/performer; nothing else exists.

(As a stage director, I have made people “sit out” for shenanigans such as this!)

Your T&R was ok.

Linking Rings
Very pretty. Lots of “temporal displacement” between the link and the reveal. Smooth and believable. Very good.

Overall, really nice presentations. Thank you for posting these; I enjoyed watching them very much. Only 6 public performances? Excellent! You must have spent quite some time in rehearsal. Still needs some polish, but very, very good amateur performances.
...what if I could read your mind?

Chattanooga's Premier Mentalist

Donatelli and Company at ChattanoogaPerformers.com

also on FaceBook
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Overall I agree with most - For the appearance bench ditch the stationary b/a gear - get some lights sweeping underneath and behind the prop till right before and just after the magic happens. Will give the audience the impression that its fully lit from behind and under at all times. Walk behind the prop. Walk around to the front and hop on. Make it a point to walk all around the thing to show nothing tricky. Just a couple thoughts. . .
Kind Regards

Ryan C. Reed
Founder, Illusion Entertainment

designer, director, theatrical consultant, digital wizard, magic impresario, wonder aficionado, Illusioneer & dream architect.

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Profile of mvmagic
On 2010-06-14 15:35, reedrc wrote:
Make it a point to walk all around the thing to show nothing tricky.

Ryan's quite right, though just to clear his message a bit...I am pretty sure Ryan meant "walk casually around it", not to really point it out! Just as part of the overall choregraphy, walk behind it. Sends a good subliminal message to the audience without screaming "LOOK HERE! NOTHING!"
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You are a brave person to post your pieces and open them to criticism. I enjoyed them very much. I liked your music and I thought they fit the illusions very well.
dahih beik
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Hi , thanks for posting I ll comment about the illusions 1- the met.. was fine better than many out there . 2- the production is not deceptive , lot of darkness I didn't like it maybe in life performance it looks better 3- the cube illusion is very deceptive and practical I wounder why we did not see this illusion in more performances , I m surre it could be build better with better seperasion between the table ancd box something like the house doll illusion that shadwik builts . but never the less it is a verry good and practical illusion and the presentation is not bad at all .. keep the good work .thanks .
Magic Patrick
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I liked it all. The crowd did as well. We magicians make big deals out of the little details that most likely the audience never realizes. You are a brave man to ask for opinions here. Your props looked very nice and you have a lovely assistant that yes should smile a little more. What really impresses me is that you do it for charities and for the love of it. So you Go!
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The thing about it all is just that I love magic I don't do for any other reason I love magic and illusion. If it was a buisness the I don't think I would see things the same way right now I just built what I can myself and a guy who always helps me out. Its fun not loads of money to build stuff but looking in tips industrial waste from big companies. getting to know people in construction always have cut offs and that's from what I build all my stuff. the left overs.

Thanks all and feel free to comment I like to know what others think

: )
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Hey MagicGib, I shot you an email about the routines and possibly helping design new routines to perform them, but you never got back to me. Let me know what's going on.

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You have mail : )
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