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David Bond
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Maple Valley, WA
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To be honest, I don't remember what my first card trick was. The first card trick I remember doing a lot was You Do As I Do. I learned a lot about presentation and how many ways the participant can mess things up. I made it bullet-proof and it was my first "signature" effect.

- David Bond
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My first card trick was Do as I DO (two decks) from Scarne on card tricks and I could hardly do it cause back then many years ago I only had one deck. This is why I got interested in card tricks so I can do some with a single deck.
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Atlanta by way of Detroit
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It was a Nick Trost packet trick Showdown.
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My first trick was one where you spelled out the card...not sure whose it was since my father taught it to me. I probably could look it up...but am too lazy.
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There was a trick my maths teacher showed me at the age of 10 or so. I don't know what it was called but in the end you predict the card a spectator has chosen...

Sometimes I do this simple trick even today.
But the Do As I Do followed very close and many tricks with Key Cards and marked decks and so on...
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My dad's Svengali when I was 8. It was the Eight of Hearts, I still remember that. I wish I still had that same deck.
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Portland, OR
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As a young kid, I think that the first trick I ever did (as opposed to "perform") was the "Four Jacks" trick. You know,...the one where the four jacks were robbers, ...etc., etc., etc. I then graduated to "52 Pickup" and the "21 card" trick. I then gradually got "out of magic" (grin) until about 20 years later, when, on one fine day, I had a flash back to "those good old days" and I went out and bought some beginning magic books and I rediscovered magic and how much I liked it. And then, as a budding magician, the first trick that I can remember doing was the two-deck "Do as I Do" (probably learned from the "Scarne on Card Tricks" book).
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"Five Nine King," which can be found in Scarne on Card Tricks.

The first one I ever remember seeing was the "slap, chop, punch" trick as described by nlokers, done my my fourth grade teacher, but she did it poorly (standing while we were all seated) and I was able to see how it was done. I wanted to do a trick for her, largely because she was my first adult crush, so I asked my father to teach me one. "Five Nine King" was what he taught me. I spent an entire weekend practicing that trick, I must have done it a hundred times before trotting it out for Miss Kilpatrick. I'm glad to say that it went over well.

It's because of this that "Five Nine King" is my sentimental favorite. It was the first trick my dad taught me, the first trick I ever did myself, and the first one I taught to my daughters. It's nowhere near the top of the list of tricks I'd do handed a deck and asked to show a trick, but the sentimental love for the trick remains.
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Yes, I agree with Turk.
For most of us it was the Four Jacks trick where they break into a house and search the various rooms, then magically appear on the rooftop and escape from the police.
Malone has a revamped version on his Marlo DVD.
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Four Jacks for me too.
Phil J.
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At junior school we had a single magic book; can't remember who wrote it or what it was called but I do remember the first trick in the book. It was a vanishing spot trick. You held a 2 of clubs sideways and stared at the left hand pip using just your right eye. Slowly move the card towards your eye and at some point the right hand pip will disappear. Pretty cr*p really.
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Paul Curry. Out of this world. Still one of my favourites. Barry
Octopus Sun
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Wiggle Wiggle
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Learned my 1st trick back in 4th grade
had the spec choose a card from the center of the deck
then I would force a card from the bottom
have them memorize it
place it in the deck shuffle as much as they wanted
then I would take the deck
go through the cards selecting a few
then I would tell the spec not to say anything
show them 6 cards saying this is not your card etc
when I would come to their card(3rd) I would say this is not your card etc
pass it bye showing them 3 more cards same patter
then I would place 4 cards on the table
pointing to 2 cards I would say choose 2 cards
depending upon which pair the spec choose I would remove them
showing them and saying neither of these were your card
then I would point to one saying choose
depending upon if it was the forced card or not I would
show them the next card saying the not your
then I would turn over the last card revealing their card

haven't done this trick in over 35yrs
does it have a name
where would I find it?
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Red Hot Mama, this one was fun to get people with at school, back in the day.
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Pick a card... any card...

Then have them put it on top. Pretend to shuffle then reveal their card.

I didn't say it was a good trick but I was young and they bought it, or so they said.
Life of Magic!
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Anchorage, AK
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It was some trick using a glide. I can still remember the trick, but don't do it because the structure is pretty amateurish. This is one of the few tricks that I'll teach to a budding amateur to see if they'll be willing to practice slight of hand.
Matthew Olsen

I heard from a friend that anecdotal evidence is actually quite reliable.
Edmark Law
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Hong Kong
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My first trick is "The Prior Commitment" by Simon Aronson and I still love to perform the trick.
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Las Vegas/Boston
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At around age 6 or 7, I can't remember where I learned this trick... probably from my grandfather. It was a classic one-ahead mentalism trick for two spectators:

1. Prior to the spectator picking a card, I announce that the card he will pick is, say, the 2D. The first spectator picks a card, but he's instructed not to look at it. Instead, I put it right in the otherwise-empty card box.

2. Same procedure with the next spectator. I announce in advance that his card will be, say, the 5C. He then picks a card, which goes right into the card box.

3. Now it's my turn. Without looking, I announce that I'll pick, say, the JH. I select a card without looking, and that card goes into the card box.

4. The card box is handed to a spectator, who indeed verifies that it contains the three predicted cards.

I still do the trick, hopefully with a slightly more polished presentation than I did at age 6 or 7. In fact, I have a small amount of original work on it that sometimes allows for a truly phenomenal result. I'll post that in the secret sessions forum, in case people are interested.
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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The first that I remember was a Svengali Deck from some dude on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.
Hard, as a child, to imagine just how all those cards could magically change to the same card!
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