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Has anyone purchased this Zombie Skull (floating skull) made by Tora? I am interested in putting in my upcoming Halloween show. If you have any experience with it, I would like to get your input. Are the mechanisms for the light in the eyes and jaw movement built solid? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here is the link:

Robin DeWitt
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All I hsve are some observations gained mainly from the video. First, The floating skull is not, in my opinion, anyhing near Bizarre Magick, and as it it a silent act cannot be classed as storytelling. It's an OK magic trick, but.... It goes on way too long. After the audience sees it bouncng along behind the foulard and then peaking up over it, behind the magicians back ad nauseum, why in the world do it again...and again. If you *do* buy this please consider your audience and not bore them with endless repititions of the same moves. End of rant.
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<BR>Robin DeWitt
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It was temptimg, but I'll pass. LOL
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A zombie, like a rose, by any other name.

Left me cold, not interested in the least.

I can only see $300, flying out the window.

But, them again, it's your money, spend it as you wish.

Bill Fienning
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It is just a fake-looking skull with a light in it. Maybe $30 or even $60, but not $300. It is a trick having a limited application.
Bill Fienning

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Same here. left me cold and quite dissapointed. Nothing new or outstanding. Not for me
Dr Spektor
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Would you like the Skull of Medusa with writhing snakes and raspy whispers?

Yes, it is coming... but likely for the winter solstice as opposed to the fall equinox... a Yuletide horror offering from the Carcosa Collection.

But it doesn't float... sorry.
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Most of the comments about the Skull Zombie above are right on the nose.

First, for a zombie effect to work smoothly and well, it has to be a round shape all around (see Tommy Wonder's notes on this).

The skull looks metallic and almost has a smile, it is not realistic in the least and as spooky as a Halloween taffy-apple.

The plastic box and the silver lame foulard are totally out of keeping with the premise and theme of a floating skull.

The demonstrator's movements (he's not a performer obviously) are much to fast, a skull should move slowly and mysteriously. And as said the routine goes on and on much too long, once the skull floats and then shows itself it's all over for the audience and the rest is performer ego.

This looks worse than the zombie skull released several years ago and that was as cheap as it was poor quality.

Make your own props if you must, or have a bizzarrist make them for you, so everything will match. Then get Al Schneider's e-book and learn how to perform it correctly.

This in my opinion is a waste of money, and a insult to your Halloween audiences.

My thoughts,
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You can get far more realistic skulls at Halloween stores and craft shops. In my "Visit to the Boneyard" from The Wizards' Journal #17, I suggest alternating the Zombie Skull with other methods so you don't feel you have to go into a dance with the thing, but it seems everyone who does the Zombie or floating ball feels he or she has to choreograph a 10 minute dance routine to get their money's worth out of the expensive prop ($300? Really?). By buying a skull at the dollar store, you can get your money's worth with a quick flight and then back into the coffin it goes. Better to get into a fight with the skull than to dance with it.
Professor Spellbinder

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I have this effect and I do agree with most of the above, but the main thing I found about this effect is that the skull is too heavy to control for very long. The skull should be much lighter.
Barry Sokolsky
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How can this sort of thing get into production?
Bill Ligon
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A sure sign of a misspent youth:
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As long as people buy 'em, other people will sell 'em.
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I might suggest looking into the Finn Jon video on floating things. He covers a myriad of objects and items. I think it might be a better investment for you.
While not normally thought of as a 'zombie' style performer, I think you will be surprised at what he does do.
Likewise Darwin Ortiz has a video out on floating things, and if memory serves, he does cover using a skull.
Kay and Tory
Harley Newman
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Dirk Losander has some training videos, also.
“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus” -Mark Twain
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I have used my old Magicurios shrunken head attached to Jeb Sherril's ultimate zombie set-up.
The act was a silent one, set to music, with a story told about the Sangoma and his magic delivered to his people through the use of feathers:
I entered holding a white feather - this gently floated up and then down onto my palm; Next it passed through a loop made between my thumbs and fingers, before finally gliding gently to the ground.
Puzzled I took the feather and began to rub it against a lota pot, producing water (in a time of drought, according to the story), and then rubbed on myself to produce protection from danger (performed "Saw" & "Blockhead"). Finally the feather was rubbed onto head of the Sangoma himself, which then levitated for only 30 secs or so, in a truncated zombie ball act. The head was easily removed from the gimmick and , as I put it away, I used the old thumb levitation to give it one last subtlety (which I learned from a Jeff McBride tape).
The final part was to be a child sacrifice, using the old chair suspension, but this never made it into the final act due a) time, and b) the reluctance of my 7 year old daughter to take part in a Magic Circle competition!

It played well, and I finished in 2nd place - beaten by a 'comedy childrens certainer'! Although in retrospect I confess it's a bit hokey!
The feather bit was later developed into "Fear of flying" as a stand-alone story.

Magicurios has had an unfortunate history, but the tsanta was superb! Made from animal skin I believe. Very light weight yet solid looking. Simon, if you're out there still, maybe you could supply these??

This thread has brought some good smiles to me for all kinds of reasons! Thanks.
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Profile of handa!/photo.php?pid......92543677

The skull itself is of rigid foam construction and a custom prop designed for my use. It is painted, drybrushed, and otherwise detailed to suit my needs. Most of you know the method: no cloth or threads required!

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I made a zombie skull for our stage show out of a styro halloween skull and a standard gimmick altered ala Wonder style. This short bit...set to live music and a twist ending has been a huge thing for us.
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Thanks for all of the info, very helpful! As I look at it more and after your posts, I too think I will pass on this. I think I could make something which would work. One of the things I did like about it was you were able to control the mouth movements. I was thinking of using a very short portion Poe's Raven and have the Skull talk while floating. I have a very light skull which I bought at a Halloween store, which I might be able to modify to do this.

Also, someone posted that I should refer to Tommy Wonder's work on the Zombie. Anyone know which book or DVD of his would contain the info?
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Visions of Wonder. Check the L&L Publishing site for the menu items on each volume of the DVD series.
"What's your drug?" she asked. "Hope" he said, "The most addicting one of all."
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