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About 10 years ago, I got my first TT. I was playing around with it. My wife has a daycare and there was one little boy watching me.

I smiled and told him to watch. That I was going to chop my thumb off. I used a slicing motion and dropped the TT on the floor.

He looked at me and with the sternest voice he said, "You pick that up and put it back and don't do that ever again!"

I never have. I've learned that I was exposing too much, plus I learned that children are way too literal (they get bigger though).

For many, many reasons I would never do a repeat performance. (I'm sure others will tell me why - grin)

But it is still very memorable to me.

Have a great day - El Lamo
Life is a system of circumstance presented coincidently in an illusory way.
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I love the sucker color change silk. You get a lot of presentation with very few props. Billy Mcomb's color change silk is killer too. But that's not using a "TT."
Zaubern Smile
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Of course the $100 Bill switch is the best effect using a TT. I'm probably the 10th person who has said this. Smile
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sucker color change silk
vanish a lit cigarrete in spectator clothes
Scott Ocheltree
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I do a routine using a coin, pencil, and a silk.
It begins with the coin apearing and disappearing repeatedly.
I then show an 18" silk, which I explain has a magic hole in the middle. I pass the coin thru the silk, a knot is tied in the silk and disappears "through the hole". then I reach into the center of the silk and produce a long loop of string. I tell the audience the loop of string is the hole. I then use it to perform a number of string figures.
I use a Vernet giant TT to produce the string from the silk.
Reading it above, it doesn't sound like much, but I'm not sure of the name of all the moves I use. It is a very strong routine and I usually use it to open my close up routine.
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What is your ending to the Lit Cig vanish?

Surely the cigarette is damaged and they really wouldnt want to smoke it again, so a fresh one behind my ear for them to puff on...removing it from my ear first or that would be hideous! Smile

Dave Smile
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There are some killer effects and TT handlings on Dirk Losanders newest DVD "Magic Anytime Anywhere"
It is a 15 minute "improptu" magic act with nothing more than a loop and a TT.
Well worth looking into.
"America's Foremost Satirical Magician" -- Jeff McBride.
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Williamson has a cool routine where he borrows a bic pen and mentions they come with change. He shakes it and you can hear change rattling around. He takes off the cap and dumps out 2 dimes and a nickle. Then he puts them back and returns the pen.
Liam Jones
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Vanishing cigarette to pound. Smile
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I've done the vanishing silk for a quickie effect. The lit cigarette, back when more people smoked. Smile I like the 41 cent Miracle from Michael Ammars Money Miracles series. (vol 1) An easy way to perform money miracles.
But after reading this post, it makes me realize I'm missing out on some great effects. Especially the vanishing/reappearing routines using a piece of fruit.
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Where can I learn a good presentation of vanishing a lit cigarette in a spectator’s shirt?
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I am teaching in a new school again this year and as an reward for the kids being good in class, I will sometimes do magic for them.

I did the basic vanish and reappearing silk for them, usually making the silk come back in some impossible place, like a kids coat pocket.

That one simple routine is really quite amazing to anyone has never seen it before.

Incidentally, I had one kid come up to me after class, (he was about 8) and in a someone distraught manner tell me that he really couldn't figure out how I did that trick. He said he had seen a magic thumb thing before, but he had really had no idea how the hankie trick was done.

I love it! Smile
The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.
~Daniel J. Boorstin
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Lit cigarette vanish. I have been thinking recently about add a few drops of water for the sizzle of burnt skin (while making painful faces Smile ) Anybody try this yet .. is it worth it?
Harry Murphy
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Signed bill from cigarette and vanish of a lit cigarette are two of my TT staples and both always get strong reactions both performed in bar venues.

2. Yes!
The artist formally known as Mumblepeas!
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My favorite is the $100 bill switch. It always gets great reactions from people, even if they KNOW I have a TT on. I preface this effect by doing the old Upside-Down bill trick. This puts them off guard so that when I switch the bill they're amazed.

I still find people like the old vanishing/reappearing silk. I've heard people say that stuffing with your thumb is an unnatural move, but I've never had a spectator say "hey, that was weird - are you doing something sneaky?"
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What spectator's say and what they think are often worlds apart. The only real way you can judge the effect is in thier response to it. Lukewarm reactions are where the 'I know what he did but am nice and won't say anything' spectators roam.
Larry Davidson
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On 2003-11-11 14:43, Johnnymysto wrote:
I preface this effect by doing the old Upside-Down bill trick. This puts them off guard so that when I switch the bill they're amazed.

Roger Klause published that idea, and it's really excellent because when the $100 bill is fully opened but upside down, the audience doesn't yet realize that it's a $100 bill as long as your fingers cover the indices. The magic seems to happen when the bill is righted.

Larry D.
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On 2003-08-07 13:27, Joshua Lozoff wrote:
Where can one find this David Williamson Video? A Google search turned up no mention of it.

On 2003-08-07 03:55, Nir Dahan wrote:
as mentioned before - the williamson effect with the salt vanishing and reappearing in a cup is a killer - he even kills magicians with it every time.
he has a video out called "another 30 minutes with D.W." and it is there - absolutely killed me. a must have. this is Sleight of hand the way it SHOULD be.
I would alos recommend the 100$ bill switch.


"Saline Solution"
This material is on the video "Dave 2: More Magic & Laughs with David Williamson." I finally managed to get, through the Magic Café, "Sleight of Dave (1990)" and "Dave 2 (1993)." They are very hard to find but worth their weight in gold. I understand Mr. Williamson may soon put these out on DVD. Too late for me.

Another great TT effect on this tape is "The Ribauld Rag" referred to in his book "Williamson's Wonders" and the "Whirly Bird Silk Vanish." A beautiful silk vanish with a wand. Jacket required.
"It´s kind of fun to do the impossible". Walt Disney
Han Solo
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I really like liquid vanish,silk production,andsuger vanish. All classics.
Kill da wabbit! Kill da wabbit!-Elmer Fudd
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Jay Scott Berry does some of the best TT work I've seen. His handling is subtle, magical and will fool those who think they are in the know.
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