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Jay Scott Berry's special Eclipse TT is the best I have ever seen and worked with. The Eclipse has a very smart concept integrated with the TT. The Eclipse can do things you never have seen before...
Jay´s handling of a TT is very smooth and magical.

He has published a DVD on the art of Eclipse:
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Producing a pearl anklet from a 5 dollar bill at Christmas.
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The biggest reaction I ever got was at a bar with a big drunk guy who was really annoying everyone.

I jabbed him in the left eye with the TT and you should have seen him dance around.
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10 years ago, I actually won a magic competition with the vanishing thumb tip...
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I am a beginner, as you can see by my number of posts, and I want to know why thumb tips are so invisible yet can hide big stuff like silks. If you consider this an exposure, PM me.
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Ya want impact?

Buy some meal worms from the pet store.

At dinner, start scratching the table with your fingernail. When someone asks what your doing.
Hold your finger out and say, "Eggs."
They will ask, "What the hell are you talkin' about?"
Then say, "Incubate."
Close your hand for a moment and..
Dump the meal worms from your fist.

Gross? Yea. Smile Impact? Smile

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What kind of presentation do you use for the vanishing/reappearing silk thing? I'm not asking for a full script, just maybe outline your idea. My problem is that I always end in the "okay, look at this, I place a silk in my hand..." patter which I don't like.


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The burned and restored handkerchief or napkin plays very well.
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The Top of the Mountains
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On 2004-11-16 11:34, Yfirum wrote:
What kind of presentation do you use for the vanishing/reappearing silk thing? I'm not asking for a full script, just maybe outline your idea. My problem is that I always end in the "okay, look at this, I place a silk in my hand..." patter which I don't like.



I don't talk much at all when doing this. I start with a blue or green silk - waving it around a little and say "Watch!" Then I take a red or yellow silk and stuff it into the first one. Wad this up into a ball and toss it up into the air causing the first silk to un-wad and float down to my hand with the second silk nowhere to be seen. Then toss the first silk to a spec. Reproduce second silk at your convenience.

...before you go rushing off to show your friends a new field of miracles, you should get well acquainted with tools of the trade.
-- Tony Corinda

One can never have enough socks...
-- Albus Dumbledore
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Not my favourite TT effect but been having some fun with instant snow, nearly everybody likes snow.
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Probably many would have overlooked this, but you can balance a card by the edge on the back of your hand, I present it as a stunt... Charlie frye had a version of this in Eccentricks 2, where he did it on his head instead
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sucker Restored Match (p.12 No47 in 101 TT tricks). This always goes down very well and is quite confusing for the spec. They tend to get the trick 2 minutes after.
I also have a folding coin that is often to be found in my TT.
I also do a silk penetration on a specs clothing and cig vanish on specs clothing.

I also do a shock production. I used the gimmick from the bottom of an exploding coin joke. This is a little flipper with a toy gun cap on it. When lifted (or released) the cap lets out a loud bang.
This is FP'd in my left. My right brings the TT over for a left steal. I then vanish an object. As I am revealing I get them close in and open my hand slowly, then BANG! they get the fright of their life. This is a very cool stunner for any wiseacres.
"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
- Mark Twain
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The most impacting effect, IMHO, using a TT must be Richard Osterlind's Sweet and Lower, from Mind Mysteries.
For those of you who are not familiar with the effect, you hand over a packet of sugar substitute (Saccharine, NutraSweet, etc) and ask them to sign it. Then, in front of their faces, you rip it open and pour its content, along with the used packet, on your fist. A magic pass, and voila, the packet is restored.


“If you can make another person’s reality into something wonderful, you can do real magic”.

Richard Osterlind
Making Real Magic
Zombie Magic
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I went out for a beer and now have
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Jay Sankey's Fan Mail. KILLER routine.
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Here's a great silk routine.

also... sugar to sugar cube sounds like a sweet idea! never tried it myself yet, but I would imagine that it goes over pretty well.
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On 2012-12-23 11:04, AdamChance wrote:
Here's a great silk routine.

Nice .. All the great entertainment out of that simple item. ...
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler." (Einstein)...
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I have several TT effects in my lecture. You have a well formed in a silk, drop a lit match in, and a silk appears. This can be reversed..a silk is vanished in the second silk, drop a lit match and a flash occurs and the silk has vanished in the flash.
I do a dye tube effect with a TT
Silk in spectators wallet, eye glass case, or spectators sleeve.
Illusionist, Illusionist consulting, product development, stage consultant, seasoned performer for over 35 years. Specializing in original effects. Highly opinionated, usually correct, and not afraid of jealous critics. I've been a puppet, a pirate, a pawn and a King. Free lance gynecologist.
Dick Oslund
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Here comes the old geezer again!
I bought my first (metal) TT in 1946 from Percy Abbott (he paid the postage!!!)for 25 cents. (Percy apparently needed to raise some money, so he was running a sale on a few things! In those days the big thing was vanishing a STUB of a lit cig. in a borrowed handkerchief. The metal TT was about an inch long (deep)--a stub was about all it could hold. I used it a lot.

Then "Mr. Vernet" came along! In 1975,at the SAM conv. in Chicago, I was jackpotting with old friend J B BOBO. He said, "Dick have you seen this?" He produced and vanished a 12" silk. (bare hands) From the basic handling, I recognized a TT as the gaff. But, my eyes must have 'lit up' as I said, "Wow,(etc.)!!! That's beautiful J B!" We discussed the fine points. He wrote it up in his "BOBO SHOW BOOK"(pub. MAGIC INC.--late '70s) That fall,on the road with my school show, I tested it in almost 200 shows. It never missed! I developed an ultra simple routine as an opener with minimal lines. I used it for about five years regularly,in the show, and still do it often for close up, casuals and strolling. I'm retired. If there is any interest,I'll be happy to share it. My rule for presentations for anything I do,is >>>K I S M I F<<<--(Keep It Simple-Make It Fun)

OK, Someone above mentioned lit cigarette in spectator's jacket. I first saw old friend TERRY SANDMAN do this.(Possibly at the LITTLE ROCK IBM convention) He sold a very commercial routine about 25 years ago. I used it in casual work, until cigarettes went "out of fashion"--I'll still do it if opportunity arises. It's very strong.

I knew Mike Koslowski and learned his #100 bill switch when it came out, but learned to switch without a TT. Heqq! when the TT idea came along, I was too old to unlearn, and start using a tip. (I'm now 81) Either way, it's a powerful effect.

The most important thing is NOT to poke with your thumb! IT'S NOT NATURAL (except for Little Jack Horner)Maybe I'll try to write up what I mean.

Oh! if there is interest in the silk prod. and van. I'll explain how to vanish an '18" silk' w/ TT (common sense, if you've been around)

Now, here's a use that has not been discussed yet in this thread:::My old pal, the late ROY KISSELL told me of his involvement in a BLOODLESS SURGERY SCAM. It's a relatively long story, but interesting.

HERE IS (FOR ME) the #1 strongest effect, for casual, impromptu work, and even to CLOSE a short PARLOR show. It's titled SON OF MORNING.
JAY MARSHALL and I had flown from Chicago to North Carolina for an SEAM convention in 1977. We shared a room. During a break in the convention "festivities", Jay said, "Hey! here's a bit I just picked up." He picked up a packet of paper matches, lit one match and inserted it, blazing, into his closed fist. He fanned the fist with the match book, opened the fist and the match was gone. The effect was "slightly" spectacular! Again,knowing Jay's mannerisms, I recognized a TT. I said, "That jogs my memory. I think I saw the concept suggested in a "GENII" about 20-25 years ago. I THINK a guy named Jim or Joe LUCIER wrote it up." (I had sold my old GENIIs, so I've never checked that out) Jay didn't dispute it, but he could not remember where he had gotten it either! Later that summer at Abbotts GTG, Gene Anderson got "involved" with it, too. My memory is fuzzy on those details. But, it got into his lecture notes (THE PART TIME PRO) and he had SOME GREAT LINES for it. It was a little rhyme of about seven lines (normally I don't like poetic patter)but it "made" the bit into a neat closer as mentioned above. Gene said(if I remember correctly) that Fred Lowe (England) had used the name Son of Morning in his lecture in England. If this sounds like something that might play for you, I suggest contacting Gene Anderson and buying his notes with the rhyme. There, not only my thumb, but my fingers are tired, too.
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Hi Dick and welcome to the Café, nice to have you here. Smile

I enjoyed reading of your journey and views in magic. Haven't been around as long as you but hope to be. Smile Sounds like you're still going strong. Smile I love these wonderful stories. Smile

I have to agree as to the TT here, it's gotta be one of the most powerful closeup magic-makers ever invented. Smile I also still carry it with me regularly and still do it for kids of all ages, works like Novocaine! Smile It's just the perfect impromptu effect, to be done in an instant or stretched out in various routines. I typically do the Vanishing Hanky with it but have also done the bill switch with it. I prefer, like you, to do the bill switch without it, just as slick IMHO. Smile

I was actually doing the Vanishing Hanky w/TT around the office a bit last week, and then just recently again at a family Xmas dinner. Smile People are absolutely blown away by it after all this time, and it remains a great deception that is pretty much undetectable even right under their noses. Smile It still amazes me as much as them. Smile

My first recollection of watching how remarkable it was was while watching the great, Chris Capehart use it out on the tough streets of NYC - rough crowds on the streets, in the subways, on corners, etc., Chris was to be found everywhere in them days. Smile Man, with just that little thing he got a lot of mileage. Smile Even though I knew what he was doing, many times it kept flying right over my head, that's how good he was doing it. Smile Amazing!

There's other great stuff out there for sure but the TT would probably be gold level IMHO. It's also easy to teach someone how to use it but takes a while and good effort to do it well and casually. Once you get that part down, then you've got yourself a piece of magic that will mystify forever. Heck, I'm still doing it and or keep coming back to it when I need a real rocket in my pocket. Smile As a matter of fact, if I could do one trick for President Obama and his family, in those fleeting moments I think I would do the Vanishing Hanky, even though I am mostly a coin guy...Think that would instantly play well and deliver quite a memorable punch for him, his wonderful and lovely kids. I guess it's the perfect trick for anyone, anytime, anywhere. Smile

Anyway, thanks for joining the fray here...Again, welcome. Smile Hey, would you have also hung out with my buddy and great Magic creator, Magician, Steve Dusheck? He's another one that has been all over the place in magic with some tremendous accomplishments and recollections of his own as to the art and its people.

*Check out my latest: The MB Tanspo PLUS, MB's Morgan, Copper Silver INC, Double Trouble, FlySki, Crimp Change - REDUX!, and other fine magic at Smile

"Believe in YOU, and you will see the greatest magic that ever was." -Mb Smile
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Oakboro N.C.
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Profile of bowers
I totally agree with you mb.
of all the effects I own and do.
the tt is the most powerful magic
I know absolutly kills the audence.
but as you said anyone can learn this in a short
period of time.but it takes a very long time to
perfect this effect.and I'm still working on this.
there also are so many ways this can be used.
dick I also welcome you to the Café.knowledge is
everything and I know you will bring a lot of it here.
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