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For the gold fish production. Here's something that might interest you. Click here and look at the goldfish Production and half way down the page. It's a great thumb tip gimmick.

Now, let's not over look the old vanishing salt trick with the T tip. This can be played very big. Dave Williamson has a great salt routine with T tip and a coffee cup in his Sleight of Dave video. I'm not sure the name of it but it's a very fun trick.

i remember seeing an effect in one of the Thumb tip books (I forget the author) but it's with Skittles candy. The different colors are dropped into the cup. Two people pull out a piece and the colors always match. This is similar to an old trick with a paper bag and ping pong balls but it's in a smaller scale.

Ron Jaxon

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Evan Williams
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I've heard of other people doing a card to inside of a salt shaker.

It sounds good... any references to learn this?
Curtis Kam
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same as you, plus 3 and enough to make
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Richard Osterlind's effect wherein a packet of sugar substitute is signed (wouldn't that preclude the use of substitutes?) crushed, torn open and inverted (the "sugar" is poured into your fist, followed by the balled up wrapper) and then all restored.

Check out John Born's "Matrix God's way" for an amazing take-off on the saltshaker under a napkin, and "oil and Water" done with salt and pepper. Forget the "Matrix" stuff, this is way cool.

Jimmy Yoshida's "Volcano" from the Darwin books. I used it for years on stage. It's a modern classic.
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Nir Dahan
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As mentioned before - the Williamson effect with the salt vanishing and reappearing in a cup is a killer - he even kills magicians with it every time.

He has a video out called "another 30 minutes with D.W." and it is there - absolutely killed me. A must have. This is sleight of hand the way it SHOULD be.
I would also recommend the $100 bill switch.

Dan LeFay
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Two gems from Roger Klause; Sponge up the Sleeve and The Name's the Same. Both can be found in Ammar's Encore 3.
Dill's 3-silk routine indeed plays very well for family/party venues. So are his variations on spongeballs and TT.

I recently saw The Flicking Fingers movie where a very cool vanishing silk routine is done. Fools all of those who think they know!

Does anyone know if I can still get the sleight of Dave video somewhere?
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Geoff Williams rabbit in the hat effect.Kids just love it when that little bunny comes out. Adults too.
In general, any effect done naturally with a nice story line...
Joshua Lozoff
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Where can one find this David Williamson Video? A Google search turned up no mention of it.

On 2003-08-07 03:55, Nir Dahan wrote:
as mentioned before - the williamson effect with the salt vanishing and reappearing in a cup is a killer - he even kills magicians with it every time.
he has a video out called "another 30 minutes with D.W." and it is there - absolutely killed me. a must have. this is Sleight of hand the way it SHOULD be.
I would alos recommend the 100$ bill switch.

Joshua Lozoff
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Patrick Page has a descent video on the TT and he has a very nice steal which wipe that smirk off the faces of those dads in the audience that think they know what's going on.

The steal takes the Slydini steal one step further. Hand Crafted Magic
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Kenn Capman
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"Roger Klause: In Concert" has a great handling of the $100 bill switch in it.

He covers the basic handling and adds some nice touches that really strengthen the illusion.
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Pulling the green silk fibers out of a dollar bill.

Experience teaches only the teachable.
Aldous Huxley (1894 - 1963)
John Born
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Gotta check out SILVER SEASONING in "Matrix God's Way". It is a KILLER application perfect for an incredibly powerful set while dining in a restaurant or at someone's home. Smile
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Disapearing bill
vanishing a lit cigarette.
snort and sweet (michael Ammar)
Burnt and restored hankee
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Mr. Born: where can 'Matrix God's Way' be located please ? Thank you.
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John Born
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Hi Nicodemus!

You can order it from me, as well as it is available at Steven's Magic Emporium, Denny & Lee's, Magic Music & More, and U.S. Toy Magic. You can read more about the effects in the book section of the Café', as well as an unbiased review at Let me know if you have any questions...
Smile Smile Smile
Risto L.
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Lately I have been playing with Phil Cass` "Fisherman's Wharf Special". The effect is straightforward and strong. With your sleeves rolled up, you pour a small amount of water or any liquid into one closed fist. It vanishes and reappears inside your other fist.
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I do a nice watch stop using a R.E.M. in the tip. You can pinch the watch at the fingers and hold it up as you stop it.
Make some cream form a plastic creamer vanish. Remember, surface tension is your friend!
Daniel Faith
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Vanishing a lit cigarette definitely has the most impact but there are many very cool things that can be done. Silk routine is one of them.

Here is a TT routine I do. This is just the basic idea. The sublties have been omited.

I have a bill signed and under the intention of doing a bill change from a dollar into a $5, it fails... so I proceed to tear the bill in half and then in half again to make 4 dollars in frustration. Then I burn the torn bills to ashes. I have someone select an orange from many in a bowl. I then produce the signed, torn and burned bill from that orange using a TT.
People go nuts!
Daniel Faith
Danny Magic
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Lit cig vanish kills. Check out Geaton Blooms Ring flight type effect using a TT. This guys a fricken genius.
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My favorite effect with a TT is to have 2 spectators hold the corners of a 18" or 24" inch silk and then pushing a smaller 6" inch silk of a contrasting colour through the larger silks center center.
"America's Foremost Satirical Magician" -- Jeff McBride.
Bill Hallahan
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I agree with ottomagic,

Jim Sisti's routine where you change a borrowed signed bill to a one dollar bill and reproduce the borrowed bill from a change purse is great.

It astonishes people AND you end clean! How many TT routines are there where you can say that!
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