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I am not sure if this is the right place to put this topic, so mods move if must but please don’t delete. I live in San Antonio as most of you know, I have just returned from the Wayne Houchin Lecture and I have to say it is by far one of the most enjoyable, informative and mind blowing lectures I have attended in a long while. The only one this year that I have seen that can come close to it was Joshua Jays lecture a few months ago. I won’t go into too much detail about the effects that were shown and taught because there are some effects that fans might already own and there are a few that he has only been sharing since the beginning of this tour. He is a very funny guy and within the first few minutes of his lecture you feel like you have known this guy for years. He instantly connects with the audience and makes it feel like one big session between friends hanging out. Very refreshing, when there are a lot of Magicians that go to lectures and just plug the back room (WHERE THE DEALERS TABLE IS). I honestly thought that he was just there to lecture and not sell anything for a very long time, it was of no importance. Only at the intermission did he bring up some of the things he had to sell, some things due to a previous lecture were sold out but he informed us that this morning he made a mass order and it would ship instantly. He offered a good deal due to that fact and made sure that those who chose to buy something that was sold out would get it as soon as he got it mid travel.

He gets introduced and begins to tell us a bit about himself and how he got into magic, and why the fact that he went to college has only added to his success in his magic career. He goes into his opener and performs “Thread”. Now if you have never seen this I highly suggest that you do. I have had Thread since its release and love the reactions. All questions were asked of him in this effect and he graciously replied to ALL questions. When I say all I mean ALL!!! A lot of other magicians that I have seen would just push forward. Needless to say I am home about an hour in and I’m ALREADY practicing thread again. He goes on to do a few other effects all which were very well done Flawlessly presented and kept EVERYONES attention. But I would have to say that something that really took me by surprise was his topic of “The Art of Success” He gave us his insight on why some magicians fail and why some might have better chances of succeeding. It was a very informative discussion based on his life experiences because it is the route he took and we all see where it has gotten him. Honestly if your wallet doesn’t come out at all to make a purchase then you will have walked away with some serious knowledge on how to enhance your chances of success and some tips that can really make you a better performer.

After a brief intermission, which by the way he failed to turn any fan away, it felt more like the lecture had gotten more formal, he stood there setting up for the second half still conversing with all who had a question, taking pictures so forth and so on. The second half was just as much if not more enjoyable then the first. If all you know of Wayne Houchin is a few effects that you have seen online then you have only scratched the surface of his mind. He performed Sinful and even some of the magicians IN THE KNOW were fooled by just some really small subtleties, I know I was… After a few of his other unreleased effects I turned to the guy behind me and said jokingly “Ah ok, I’m starting to hate this guy”. The guy behind me replied “DISGUSTING!!!’ Wayne heard him and we all laughed… The comment was made to an effect that wowed the entire room. The method was so beautiful that it crossed that line and was just DISGUSTINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! Anyway he closes his lecture with his Stand up finale, I was left amazed, a true GEM!!!

OK, well that was my evening with Mr. Wayne Houchin and I have to say that I am extremely happy that I attended. The whole lecture was something to see and his take on success should actually be a separate lecture and he should charge for it HAHAHA. As to what I purchased, well I’m a long time fan and bought a few things, one being the Novel “Sinful”. Which by the way, I already own the DVD but this book is beautiful and covers some things that were not in the DVD and rightfully so (THAT’S HOW HE FOOLED US IN THE KNOW). Well let me finish this because I know that I can continue if you let me. In Short, he is on a tour, he is a great performer and lecturer and if he is in your town and lectures, you will do yourself a serious injustice if you do not attend. I George Foreman guarantee it…
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I was at the lecture in Irving, TX this past Sunday and agree with everything Paisa said. It really was a great lecture and felt like we all had known Wayne forever and were just hanging out.

If he is anywhere close to your area make sure to see this lecture. I drove 2 hours for this and it was def. worth it.
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Any word from Wayne on the Art Of Astonishment DVD project?
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the saddest are, "It might have been"

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LOL, its one of those things that he would just look at you and smirk. But no notihing about that project was brought up... But if some of his unpublished effects from last night are on it, I think it will be well worth the wait.
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Thanks for sharing Paisa. Nice to see things coming to the second largest state in the U.S.

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Hopefully you texas guys have already registered for taom. Weber, haydn, decamps, vigil, long, lovick, goodwin, dan and dave, alfonso, pierce, and many super stars who are coming because they were amazed at the lineup. I think we are 6 spots away from being sold out!!!
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Truth I wish I could man ill be in jersey getting married, but I heard next year it will be held in San Antonio and Wayne should be there.
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Wayne Houchin lectured for Houston area magicians on Tuesday August 17th with nearly 50 people in attendance. If you take out about a half dozen members over the age of 50, the median age of the group was probably around 30 years old. Half of the group completed a Lecture Analysis Form to give feedback on the lecture. The demographics of the group showed that the average attendee has been involved in magic for between five to ten years and they have attended six to 12 lectures in their lives. Given that perspective of the relative youth and inexperience and their base of comparison, we found the following.

They agreed that there was a pretty wide variety of tricks that were explained. Indeed, there was mentalism, close-up, and stage tricks demonstrated and explained by Wayne. The ease of learning the tricks fell right in the middle between very easy and very hard. Some of the tricks were fairly self-working while others, such as the tread from the eye, required quite a bit of set-up and, well…pain. Nearly everyone agreed that the explanations were thorough. Wayne clearly explained everything and took questions after every effect to make sure that everyone understood their working. His explanations not only covered the “how” of the tricks but also the “why” and psychology that elevated the trick to a near miracle class. In that regard, the group universally agreed that there was just the right amount of theory discussed during the lecture. Because Wayne is respected by such a large group of young people, he showed a lot of responsibility and leadership by encouraging youth to stay in school and learn business rather than dropping out or not finishing school so they can spend more time practicing and performing magic. He also discussed what it takes to find “success in magic” and the different definitions of success.

The group found that Wayne had a large selection of merchandise but not so much that it was a “dealer demo”. Furthermore, the prices on his lecture items were deemed reasonable to very reasonable. He did not have lecture notes available per se, but rather each of his effects were exhaustibly explained on separate DVD’s and, in one case, a graphic novel was sold to accompany a DVD for a quite reasonable price of only $20.00. He also had one unique item that was explained and sold only during his live lectures.

Wayne’s lecture kept “on point” with a clear direction. He explained that he was influenced by “geek magic” and proved that his thinking and effects are indeed rather offbeat and non-traditional, to say the least. During some of Wayne’s theoretical discussions he laid the groundwork for the attendees to think about the way they (we) perform magic. He encouraged the group to use personal experiences to script presentations that are unique to each performer. That will keep the magicians from becoming clones of each other or of Wayne or any other popular magician.

It was evident that the ideas, tricks and presentations had been audience-tested and very commercial. There were no “half baked” ideas that were untried or unpolished. Wayne has worked out all the details of all the handling and working of everything he taught. It was evident that these effects have been honed over hundreds of performances in front of real people.

Although there were a variety of tricks shown, performed and explained, roughly a little over half of those effects will find their way into the performing repertoires of the attendees according to their responses. The one item that was unanimously agreed with on the form was that nearly everyone would heartily recommend that other groups also engage Wayne Houchin as their lecturer. I am part of that group, too.

Comments left by the group included the following:
“Great magic combined with great presentations = Miracles!” – Jamie Salinas
“I enjoyed it very much. Lots of magic.”
“Really enjoyed your lecture”
“Wayne has sexy eyes”
“Amazing lecture. Worth the trip from Chicago to Dallas to Houston “
“Entertaining, amazing, and just plain fun!”
“Wayne is a Beast”
“This lecture had a great combination of effects and theory. It was a great lecture.”
“It was amazing.”
“Houchin was outstanding. He far surpassed what I had expected. I was pleasantly surprised. Wayne was one of the best lectures that you have booked in years”. – Gregg Lancaster
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The man is good... That all I can say..
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My wife and I attended Mr. Houchins lecture in KC a few weeks ago. I am a longtime fan of his anyway. However I have to say that it was one of the most fun, entertaining and informative lecture that I have ever attended. My wife even stated to me after the event that she likes most of the magic lectures but sometimes gets bored with them but she loved Waynes lecture. If you get the chance to go run don't walk. Wayne is great, friendly and will answer any qustions about presentation etc that you may have
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