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Doug Touten... I missed your posting back in August of the magic kit... Yep that is the one.

Dick Oslund
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On Nov 17, 2015, Wizard of Oz wrote:
Ha Dick, if anyone would have a story about those commercials it would be you.

Well Marshall is an old carnie, like me! When I would spend a couple weeks at Jay's (between the conventions in July) Marshall would always throw a pool party. You haven't lived if you didn't see the late Mike Caldwell floating UPRIGHT in Marshall's pool!

I haven't seen Marshall for almost ten years.

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I had this crazy uncle who pulled quarters out of my ear....

(sorry, I had to, since no one else used that line yet).

Actually, I got a set of linking rings and other little tricks one birthday. And a magic book with Blackstone in it. ......But I was mainly excited about the linking rings. Only to be hugely dissapointed to learn the ugly secret of the rings. (and being awful at performing the rings with my small hands). It took a long time for me to appreciate magic again because I had such a fantasyland idea of what it really was as a kid. I assumed the gimmicks would do all of the work themselves and amaze everyone I performed for. It also made me feel like magicians were nothing but big frauds & cheaters for using these broken looking items to convince people they were transforming solid objects in mind-boggling ways. It felt wrong.

Now, of course, I can appreciate the high level of skill and showmanship it takes to manipulate simple items in extraordinary ways. The magic is in the magician, not the props.
The Mysterious One
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I always wanted to go to the local brick and mortar magic shop as a teen; however, I was always swamped with sports. I always wanted to learn magic but the burning desire came when I met David Copperfield in person after his show at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. I was there for a bachelor's party and bought a $81 ticket from my gambling winnings (only won $81 total). I went with my best friend that was friends with Chris Kenner (Copperfield's consultant and in many ways his business manager). By luck, my buddy and I sat right in front of David's parents. I was amazed and just speechless the whole time seeing Copperfield perform. After meeting Copperfield and witnessing my buddy wow people with a few tricks from Mark Wilson's great book during my college years, I begged him to let me know what is a good book to buy. It took him two years but he mentioned a book by the great Mark Wilson. I went out and bought the book the same day from the local magic shop. That was 17 years ago, thousands of hours of practice, and 30 gigs ago. Now, I am trying to move the next level professionally by growing my clientele to be a full time professional.

Times have changed. When I met Chris Kenner that night, I had no earthly idea who he was. Now, if I was to bump into him now, I would be in awe of him as well due to his contributions to the art. It is amazing how events can align in order to meet someone that will influence you to take a different path . I am thankful and have been blessed in being involved in this wonderful art since that day.
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There was a brick and mortar shop in what used to be Wonderland Mall in San Antonio. The moment I first stepped foot in there I was hooked. I think the dime and penny was the first thing I bought. Then sponge balls and other stuff over the years. I even did a book report on Harry Houdini when I was in middle school. I was interested in Vaudeville and showmanship from a young age even though it was way before my time. Ended up doing a few shows in high school and dropped the hobby until about six months ago. I'm loving it again after all these years off. I'm really glad my son found my old cups and balls in a closet and showed them to me. It got the juices flowing again!
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Started with magic box when I was really little but I really discover magics with my local association ...
You will meet people , participate to meeting , lectures , congress and very quickly begin a new adventure Smile

I did not look at Internet 10-12 years ago but obviously the magic Café (not sure when it started) is a great resource for beginner now .
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When I was 4 I saw a magician at a booth at the mall of America performing D'lite and Hummer Card. I'm now 20 and love this art as much as I did then. I've always wanted to find out who that magician was to thank him but could never find out
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I was a late starter- 32 years old. My wife's best friends husband is an amateur magician, we popped into the international magic shop in London. Been hooked ever since.
Romes Doc
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I'm always fond of watching magic when I was still at young age. Years later, a magician came to our school performing and selling magic stuff. That was my first time to have access to magic. I bought from him my first magic trick which is the vanishing deck (besides from cards). Starting that day I began collecting magic and later I joined magic clubs.
Doctor Zolar
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When I was 11, we (my family) lived in and owned a duplex. We rent the other side of the duplex to a married couple and HE was a magician !
He would give me his old/ used/ small - plastic type (Adams) pocket tricks from time to time.
I would go see him perform around town whenever my parents would take me.
He had a LOT of stuff, from every small tricks, silks, blendos, different kinds of wands, tricks with tubes, boxes . . and all the way up to a Sub Trunk (escape) and doll house illusions. 4 or 5 of these larger illusions sat in our garage. He had maybe 15+ large suitcases with apparatus in them.
He gave me some large "tube" type production tube apparatus and other tricks over 3-4 years time.
And I started BUYING some tricks at the local Dave Michel's Magic Shop and doing "Birthday Party Shows" during high school time and was on a local TV / Clown and Magic Show every Saturday for 2-3 years.
(Some of the kids in high school SAW ME on TV and well, some had respect for me and others did NOT.)
Difficult position to be in.
After High School, I started a Hobby and Magic Shop (Dave Michell's was already retired and his shop closed) and found out
how hard it was to SELL magic tricks. The 1970's was a time of change for teens and young adults growing up and interest in magic was fading.
Closed that shop after 4 years.
I feel bad for Magic Shop owners . . . having to demonstrate almost every trick, before someone buys it.
Since no Internet yet . . no one had SEEN anything/ any trick LIVE. (Expect those that live in NY, Las Vegas, LA or Chicago. . .)

It was all just in magazines and RARELY would you catch a magician on national TV.
Caught most of the Mark Wilson TV shows.

Slydini was showing up on Dick Cavett and I actually CAUGHT those shows when they originally aired.
I watched Dick Cavett anyway and low and behold. . . he had magicians on from time to time and especially Slydini !
Since there were no TV-Video Recorders. . . I had to watch INTENSELY, because there is only one shot at what you'd see.
I'd HAVE to remember . . . everything I saw. . . . and put it in my permanent memory IMMEDIATELY.
It was sooo magical. What the hell was happening to those coins ???
They just . . . VANISH as he places them on the table. !!!

When Slydini's books started to come out, I saw ads in Genii Magazine and the SAM magazine and bought his books.
THAT filled in the gaps (and secrets) that I witnessed LIVE on the Dick Cavett Show.
Now it made sense !

So since age 11, I've had "Magic apparatus" in my drawers and closets and boxes and suitcases.
I could not open a drawer, a box, a suitcase or closet without finding . . (tricks and apparatus and books and gimmicks)
I had more than 12 different types of METAL thump tips, every size, every color.
(Back then, seems like HALF of all tricks came with . .. You guessed it . . "ANOTHER THUMP TIP !")

Most thump tips were aluminum back then.
Now. . . all rubber.

I've performed 100's of local "Birthday Party Shows" and some where along the line . . I started going to these "Birthday Party Shows" and I'd ask: "WHO's the Birthday Kid ?"
and the kids would just stare . . because it was NO ONES birthday.
I was being hired as an afternoon "babysitter" for 3-4 families that would gather on the weekend at someone's house and the adults would all be drinking and gambling in the adjacent room(s) while I keep the kids entertained.
Well, I got paid. . . so so what ?
I was kind-of miffed though . .. as I was THERE for a BIRTHDAY PARTY !
This started to happen every weekend. One or more of the shows . . NO ONE was having a birthday !
***-it !

Many many many years later. . . I found out that Charlie Miller and Tony Anduzzi LIVED IN EL PASO, where I am at !
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . you GOTTA be kidding me !

No magic shops here now. 2 of them, came and . . went since the early 1980's.
Finally MET Tony Andruzzi at one of Brian Flora's Magic Seminars in Albuquerque and became friends with Tony Andruzzi and wrote some articles and effects for his Bizarre/ Invocation Newsletter. Talked to Tony Andruzzi many times on the phone (Hours each call. Boy, he was a talker and had stories about ALL OF YOU OLD TIMERS in the business).
Roberto Juan
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The first magical experience I had was when I was very young was visiting my grandfather in New Jersey and we were about to eat breakfast. He showed me as he peeled a banana that it was already sliced into pieces, for my Cheerios. I was amazed. One of my first magic tricks, (if you could call it that) was a snapper. Then a friend in elementary school taught me how to make a pull (he didn't call it that) with a rubber band pinned to the inside of a shirt sleeve, so I could vanish a paper clip.

I got one of Marshall Brodien's decks in the early 70's, and I believe this was the first thing I read about magic.

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When I was 10, I saw Mark Wilson on TV. I was gobsmacked. All I wanted to do was learn magic. Eventually, I made a homemade zombie, and did a "show" for my parents. They said to give my zombie to my brother, because "magic is for boys, not girls." And my magic career ended.

As an adult, I was brought on stage by Teller (he spoke!) be to a volunteer for a trick. I was astounded by the trick. They let me know how it worked, and I was immediately hooked again. There was no one to stop me this time.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to know both Mark Wilson and Teller. I've told Teller that story, and he said it made him "proud" (he was probably just being nice). And Mark Wilson and his wife Nani Darnell and son Greg Wilson have become dear friends, and for a few years I worked with Mark teaching magic classes at the Magic Castle. It's funny how life comes 'round in circles.
"Dana Douglas is the greatest magician alive. Plus, I'm drunk." -- Foster Brooks
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