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Steve Brooks
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Founder / Manager
Northern California - United States
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Here is an interesting topic starter; "What is your favorite stack to use? And, why do you favor that stack over another?". Smile
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new hampshire
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Well I’ll start it off. I like the standard 8 Kings or a Si Stebbins stack.

donald laporte

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Scott F. Guinn
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From a brand new deck I use Darwin Ortiz’s method for getting into Si Stebbins. I also sometimes use the Osterlind Stack, and when using my own deck, it is usually in Joyal’s Stack. Have also used the Aronson Stack, Rusduck Stay Stack and Tertredistic Stack, but primarily Stebbins or Joyal.
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Tom Cutts
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Northern CA
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I'm an Aronson Stack user. I like the chaos it appears to be.

Tom Cutts
J R Thomas
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Champaign Illinois
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I'm with you Tom. Can't beat the Aronson Stack.
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Jim Morton
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Coming to this topic a little late...

If someone hands me a new, unopened deck of cards, I love using Ortiz's method to get it into Si Stebbins. It confounds the heck out of people. If I'm setting the deck up myself ahead of time, I'll often use a modified Si Stebbins that does not put the cards into red-black order, allowing me to spread them.

Chad Sanborn
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my fingers hurt from typing,
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I have an unusual stack that can be done with a borrowed deck in less than a minute. You just seperate the cards odd/even. Ace is counted as 1 (odd), jack is 11 (odd), queen is 12 (even), and king is 13 (odd). And ’oddly’ enough you get more odd cards than even. With the deck in this order, you can fan it and hand it out for inspection. No one will ever be able to ’see’ the stack. Throw in some false shuffles and your set for a miracle. It is less versatile than most stacks, but if you use it for a location, (find the odd in the even section or vise versa) it is hard to beat.


PS... the odd/even cards are not arranged in any particular sequence. Ie... NOT 1,3,5,7 etc. just random... 3,7,1,11,9 etc.
Lonnie Dilan
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Canyon Country, California
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Hey guys!!

I always hear about stacking and the 8 Kings and all that, but where can I read and learn these? like the Stebbins stack and all that?

Sounds like fun.

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Orlando, FL
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I use the Stebbins setup for a few effects, including one in the next issue of AM/PM published by our friend Tom Cutts.

Contact Tom about subscribing to this mag. You won’t be disappointed.

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Jim Morton
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On 2001-12-12 14:15, Lonnie Dilan wrote:

Hey guys!!

I always hear about stacking and the 8 Kings and all that, but where can I read and learn these? like the Stebbins stack and all that?

Sounds like fun.



The best place to learn tricks with the Si Stebbins set up is Frank Garcia’s Miracle With Cards. It has a whole chapter on the subject. I don’t know if this is currently in print, but it’s fairly easy to find, It’s not too expensive either.

I believe that both Si Stebbins and Eight Kings are also discussed in Hugard’s Encyclopedia of Card Tricks.

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New user
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Call me ignorant, but just how useful is a stacked deck? Can anyone get me out of my blissful ignorance and give me a few ideas about effects that a stacked deck can do that can't be achieved with some fairly basic card controls? Smile
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Regular user
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Chad, what you have is not a stacked deck but a set up or separation, not the same and has limited use. I have a booklet called Stack Attack and it has quite a few very clever uses/presentations using a stacked deck. (Email if interested in specifics).

I recommend it highly. Also I’d like to add that a memorized deck is also a stacked deck in that the order of the cards cannot be changed and believe me when I tell you there are miracles being worked with memorized decks (i.e. Juan Tamirez and Mike Close) undefined.


Keep America in your prayers and stay amazing, Mystero.
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A good lecturer at your service!
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I’ll second Mystero, the Stack Attack booklet is well worth a look.

I prefer the Stebbins deck myself as a cyclic stack. But there are some brilliant stacks in the James File to accomplish stuff you could not duplicate with a few sleights.

When out working I generally use a straight deck though as I encourage the spectators to handle it. If I do use a stack in such a scenario I switch the deck in.
Michael Peterson
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I can’t remember where I learned it Smile But, you can do a nice little poker deal with the Stebbins stack.

All you have to do is have the 2 of spades on the bottom & it is a self working 4 hand poker deal where you end up with 3 strong hands, but you get a royal flush.

A nice quicky Smile

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I thought about shuffling the deck until it's really mixed. Well one shuffle is good, but I want to really randomize everything, then place the deck face down and number every card one to fifty two. Then use them as flash cards, and memorize sets by five cards. When you do it this way, by 5, you learn it in sets and you remember the first card of the set so it just seems easier.

I also have a flash cards type deck using Aronson Stack. You could memorize the order and number position in like 4-6 hours. But I haven't done it so it's automatic. That might take months, doubt a year. I tried to use John Lovick's, "attack on the stack", but it's all, have this special meaning or have a kind of relationship with the card and the position number. I think that's just going overboard but whatever rocks your boat.
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Eternal Order
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Richard Osterlind's BCS.
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Yorba Linda, CA
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Aronson. My first exposure to memorized deck work came from Simply Simon, so I bought Bound to Please.
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Central Japan
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Another vote for Osterlind's BCS. It contains no clue that the deck is stacked (such as alternating reds and blacks) -- it just looks like a shuffled deck. But you can figure out the next card using the math, and after it's memorized, one can use a good portion of the mem-deck tricks with it as well.

Steve Haynes
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Southeastern United States
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Stebbins using The Si Stebbins Secret from At The Card Table (Darwin Ortiz).
Because I'm constantly opening new decks and since I can get into the stack in real time, and there are so many effects that I can do, from mentalism, to gambling effects.

Last but not least, is the Joyal Stack. Simply because it's a memorized deck and makes certain effects as strong as possible.

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The Netherlands
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Great topic!! Aronson is my preferred stack although I am studying Mnemonica as well. These of course are mem decks so I will mention a few of my favourite stacks:

Si Stebbins, Eight Kings, and John Cornelius's system in his "Award Winning Magic of John Cornelius".

As mentioned by Paul H, Stewart James has some truly interesting stacks that create some hard hitting effects.

Best to all in the Café,
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