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Alan Wheeler
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Could someone PM me and at least tell me what the EFFECT of "Do As I DO" is? I asked somewhere else in the Café, and now I can't find the thread.

It sounds very familiar, like an effect I used to do years ago... I think with a prompt or two, it would come back to me. So much is coming back to me...

Thanks, someone... "Is there anybody out there???" Smile ???

alleycat Smile
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Watch the film "Magic" starring Anthony Hopkins. You will not only see the effect but will get a good idea of how to play it strong. (I am not joking, I am very serious about this).

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat

On 2002-04-20 04:43, David Smyth wrote:
They ask you to perform some card magic for them. What would you perform?

If they were magicians, I would show them card warp, the latest linking card routine or a torn and restored card trick. They'll never ask again!

PSIncerely Yours,
Paul Alberstat
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With a borrowed deck of cards...hmmm..the second strongest thing is "Untouched" from Daryl, and the very strongest would be Paul Harris' Las Vegas Leaper...WOW...that's strong! Try it, there are a few different incarnations of the handling, from the Stars of Magic video, to his original book, to the updated handlings. They're all great.

Steve Thomas
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There's a great effect in Paul Cummins' "From A Shuffled Deck In Use" called 'Old Faithful' which never fails to amaze. It's an Ambitious Card routine with three cards where the Ace of Spades keeps rising to the top. Just when the spectators think they've got the trick figured out ("Hey, all three of the cards are aces"), you turn the cards over one by one to reveal that they are all red aces. Great effect, totally impromptu, but requires a little bit of skill.

A good combo is to get the deck ready for Out of This World while looking for the 3 cards you're going to use for Old Faithful. Then after you're done with Out of This World, follow it up with "This Is Mindreading?" form Harry Lorayne's Close-Up Card Magic. It's a really great 1-2-3 routine with some of the strongest effects and themes in card and mental magic.

Good luck,
Alan Munro
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In Eugene Burger's book, that was a compilation of his booklets, has a great effect called "Psychic Sense". It was originally in his booklet called "Rediscoveries". It is similar to Daryl's "Untouched" from "Daryl Does Den Haag", but I prefer the Burger version.

A number of tapes come to mind when it comes to impromptu card magic:

Real World Magic -- Mark Mason (I think it's in 2 volumes, now)

Card Stunts -- Gregory Wilson

Double Take -- Gregory Wilson

I Spell Magic F-U-N -- Dick Stoner

More I Spell Magic F-U-N -- Dick Stoner
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If I don't have a table I do these in order..

2 Card Monte
my own Card to Cardcase or pocket
Eddie Fechter's, That's It!

if more are requested...

Ambitious card
Jennings card/Deck to pocket

If I've got a table I add these in
depending on factors...

Las Vegas Leaper
Jumping Gemini
Smiling Mule (I think it's called) Hand Crafted Magic
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I am surprised that no one mentioned the Classic Ambitious card trick... or maybe I just passed it up. I am a lazy reader so I tend to just scan through the really long post.
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David you said
I also know an effect where it leaves the spectator feeling like they did the magic...

Do what fooled you when you got started... Something you will like to perform over and over again. It doesn't matter what we tell you. It has to come from within you. Most important When you are done learning the trick, add yourself. Change the patter to fit you just the right way. Become David
Not some kid that does tricks.

For me, I do what people like, and if they don't I learn something else. Just remember you are not doing magic for the mirror.
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Well if you can't somehow pull off a deck switch then take it and get down on it. But don't just think of any trick. Feel the cards and how they work. Some cards are impossible to do some sleights with. And try to stay away from tricks where you have to have set up. I would go for the Ambitious card routine. Pull a DL and a couple of passes.
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Have them think of a card as you spread the deck in front of their eyes; casually ask if the deck is complete as you do so. (Whatever they answer, carry on). Try to find the card. If you fail, ask them to call it out. When they do, tell them that you are pretty sure that that card is not in the deck (this is done with an attitude of puzzlement, not accusatory).

Spread through the deck to show that the card is not there. Ask for the name again; pull it out of your pocket... "Lucky for you, I just happen to have an extra one on hand".

Follow with your best colour change sequence.
Segue with Triumph, but get them to deal through the deck (watching for face up cards) and end up with the selected card stuck on your forehead.

Ftarsinic mentioned Jumping Gemini (within a very good set, may I add). Of course, you need reasonably clean cards, so that rules out some borrowed decks with spagetti stains and bent corners. When I perform it, whether impromptu or not, I always play up the fact that I do not always carry cards with me, except for 4 special cards for a special trick. During the pitch, I cull and palm the appropriate cards and extract "those special cards" from my wallet.

If it is from a borrowed deck, and if it completes the previous Think a Card routine, the sight of more cards from my pocket (or wallet) is rather unsettling for the spectators. Especially with the empty hands convincers in print, notably Ortiz's and Kurtz's.

Doing the sequence, and returning the deck to its owner, is rather unsettling.

(the two other queens are on the bottom of the deck. A cut, prior to returning, centralises them).
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Steven the Amusing
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I've found the best spectator reaction I get is from the old standby "Designed for Laughter" by Hugard/Braue in the Royal Road to Card Magic. It's also called "Trick Switch" on the Ellusionist site.

I have developed patter for it which I call Psycho Switch.
Dave V
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I too would recommend Gemini Twins (or any variant thereof). Allan Ackerman has a variation where the selection works for four cards instead of the normal two.

My other choices would be "Twisting the Aces" or one called "Vernon's Variant". This last one gets them involved as well, and you can have as many participate as you have cards to hand out.

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Well if a friend of mine gave me a deck of cards, I would do something with aces, for example, there are a lot of routines with aces or tricks like those.

Actually, last Friday I went to my friend's house and his little brother made me do some card tricks. He gave me a deck of cards and I began. I did a lot of aces tricks, I did Reset from Paul Harris, I did the Travelers Aces from Paul Harris and a lot of other tricks.

There are many possibilities to do with a deck of cards.
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Chris A.
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I'll do Ambitious Card or Las Vegas Leaper if it's only one person. If there are at least two people, I'll throw in Sankey's and Sanders Change Places Aces which is *very* fun and has a cool kicker climax. And if I'm lucky enough to have a rubberband on me, I can do the cool Rubberband Rise thing from Sankey.
AKA Chris A.
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I would use a little routine from Paul Curry's Worlds Beyond called Two Card Routine. It is a nice nine-phase card routine but you can always shorten it if you like. I always do it as a seven-phase routine.

There is also another one that is really easy (the two-card routine isn't really easy). It's called You're a Liar. If you want details on that one, send me a PM.
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There is a good trick from Aldo Columbini. I think it's Decksterity or something like that. It involves making a prediction on how many cards will be turned over after numerous cuts and flips from a spectator—virtually self-working.

Also, I just wrote a raving review of a telephone trick from David Regal's new Constant Fooling vol. 1 book, most impromptu card magic. It's an awesome killer. Basically, after a spectator picks a card face-down and reinserts it anywhere into the deck, you pull the cards immediately above and below where they are stuck their selection. Then you cut the deck once and have them cut the packet into another two piles, turn up the cards "they've" cut to and suddenly they realize the cards they are looking at represent their very own PHONE NUMBER!
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The Aldo Colombini trick is on his Lasting Impressions video vol 2. It's called Pre-Deck Ability and it's killer, but does need a bit of a set-up.
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Bob Longe has a book called worlds greatest card tricks. (regular decks no set up)
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Magnus Maccormack
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On 2002-07-16 01:37, MagicManDennis wrote:
I am surprised that no one mentioned the Classic Ambitious card trick... or maybe I just passed it up. I am a lazy reader so I tend to just scan through the really long post.

The trick that fooled Houdini. How can you go wrong?

I like to throw in a few selection/prediction tricks as well. Mac King had a cute little card revelation in his book "Tricks With Your Head."

Fan through the cards (faces toward you) sniffing deeply every few cards. As you come to the selection (obviously you will have to already know it) take a deep sniff moving your nose to the middle of the card using it to cause the card to rise out of the fan. As it rises you should be able to grasp the bottom of the card with your mouth, turning it over to reveal it for your spectator.

It's goofy, but then so is Mac King. The book is a fun read. Smile
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I once had someone hand me a beat up deck to show them something. I asked if all the cards were there. The guy said most of them were, but there was an ace missing. When I looked thru the deck-all the aces were there. So I pulled out three of them and showed everyone as I put them face down on the table. I then told them I needed 4 aces for this, but I guess I could use a 2 for the last ace. Just a quick double later when I turned over all 4 cards to show the 2 had turned into the missing ace-jaws dropped. Then I went into a 4 ace routine. Now I always ask if the cards are all there. Or I will miscount them and say there is one missing.
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