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Rhode Island, USA
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I also like performing Sankey's 'Back in Time, then follow it up with Cody Fisher's 'Table-hopping Triumph'. It rocks!

Vibono Magic
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Ambitious Card comes to mind, but I think I would do "Hary the one armed gambler" by Father Cyoerian. A great one handed poker routine where the spectator shuffles the cards. Also I would do hir rubber band cutting the deck. Smile
Vibono Mirage
Magic entertainer and Balloon artist
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I'd probably do the card to pocket, and the one where I have them freely select a card, loose it into the deck, then put the deck up to my forehead and predict their card, and reveal it in some cool way. Smile
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North Vancouver, Canada
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Triumph or Ambitious Card routine.
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1. Untouched

2. Do as I do with 1 deck


4. ...

Peter Vanspauwen
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This question is easy. The first trick I would do is Dai Vernon's Triumph. Not prep and it's very easy. The best trick for any laymen.
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On 2003-07-11 01:12, landmark wrote:
Forgot the name of the effect but its the first effect in Royal Road--spectator cuts in four piles to four aces. Self working with a minimum of set up.

"A Poker Player's Picnic", minimal setup good effect. I use it sometimes to start other four aces tricks.

I sometimes try to avoid "pick a card and find it out" tricks, maybe because my friends are a bit skeptic and don't like to be challenged.

Emily Belleranti
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Tucson, Arizona
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Assuming that no table would be available and the cards would be worn, I might do the following:
  • Dr. Daley's Last Trick
  • Twisting the Aces (I doubt old cards would hinder an Elmsley count)
  • The Ambitious Card (the routine I do doesn't require a table)
I would stick with the tried and true classics.

Actually, I don't get this opportunity too often. But I can see that performing with a borrowed deck would probably strengthen the overall impression in the spectators' minds.

Emily B.
"If you achieve success, you will get applause, and if you get applause, you will hear it. My advice to you concerning applause is this: Enjoy it, but never quite believe it."

-Robert Montgomery
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Gemini Twins, Ambitious Card, and Twisting the Aces
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My choice is always to do a standard "pick a card—blahblahblah—is this your card?" trick, then when people laugh, follow it with:

"I'm glad that you enjoyed the magic, some people feel kinda threatened by it and start trying to make my life difficult. Like, a while back I was doing the trick I just showed you, but decided to add in an extra riffle shuffle so it would look more impressive..."

Where during this patter I start the trick (have them select a card, I control to top) then set up for the riffle shuffle and...cue Triumph.

It's a great follow on. Start with a card finding trick, then repeat it but halfway through the second rendition—and here I'm always telling a story about the time I tried this trick at a festival with lots of drunk people—it becomes Triumph.

Oh...and then Vernon's Out of Sight to finish it off.

Oh, as an addition to that, if I'm feeling particularly confident I'll do:

Twisting the Aces*
The Last Trick of Dr. Daley*
Out of Sight...**

Two different (easy) routines that require no setup. It just depends how comfortable everything feels, because even at the best of times my hands are shaking around like a mess. Smile

*Thank you Ammar
**Learned from an illusionist video
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On 2002-04-20 09:01, Platt wrote:
Great question, David.

Here's my advice: Always carry roughing fluid with you. When they hand you a deck, excuse yourself to the bathroom. While in the bathroom make an invisible deck out of the cards. It only takes twenty minutes or so. In my experience, if you making groaning sounds, they'll just think you're constipated and shouldn't question a thing.

Perform invisible deck.

To get the cards back to normal, simply ask for any upset stomach medication (Pepto is a good choice) and get back to the bathroom. They won't suspect a thing! Gently rub the back of each card with a damp towel, let dry, and casually hand the cards back to the owner. There you have it. Magic at a moments notice.

Another good idea is turning their deck into a stripper deck. A pair of scissors, a little super glue (for repair), and you're all set for another impromptu miracle.

You have to love this man's sense of humor!
:rotf: Smile Smile

Oh yeah, I would have to say I like "I should have done it myself" off the Bill Malone DVDs. Very simple to do and it gets a good laugh.
Jeff Dial
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Kent, WA
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Phil Goldstein's "Destiny" from the Green Book of Mentalism. Works great with beat up cards.
"Think our brains must be too highly trained, Majikthise" HHGG
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I have a great problem when this happens, because the cards used normally here in Brazil are not the same quality of Bicycle cards (I prefer an old Bicycle than a new one from here). Then what do I do?
  • Sinergy
  • Some force to reveal later as I'm reading his mind (this has better reactions than I expected)
  • Untouched
  • I don't know the name: after the spectator puts the card back in the deck, he holds it in his backs and inserts a face-up card in the middle and it is exactly over the selected card.
Luis Sirgado
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I do an ambitious card (I love this trick) and I also do a trick using the erd******* colour change.

Smile Smile Smile Smile
"One of the greatest accomplishments of magicians in the last century is the ability to take something inherently profound and render it trivial."

-Max Maven-
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Chicago (Evanston)
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OOTW if only one trick (still believe it's the best card trick of the 20th century).

If two tricks, then start with Ambitious Card.

If three, then start with a spelling trick (using a simple key card approach).

"80% of life is showing up."--Woody Allen

"That's how the world will end, not with a bang, but with a whimper."--t. s. elliot
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I usually do a Zenneth Twist or if I'm really feeling ambitious I do a move by Daryl (hahahahah—no? OK. Smile )

And another good one is Card in Pocket.
Of course I can float, - can i borrow a jet pack from the audience please?
Erick Elektrik
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You should do the four aces routine (on top of the deck). Smile
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I would suggest either The Biddle or The Ambitious Card routine. These are great effects and require no setup at all.
David Le
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Ambitious Card
Two Card Monte
Any Card Force and read their minds Smile
Mr. Muggle
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I would do a number of the routines listed if I knew what the deck condition was. That is the vital ingredient. If the deck is in poor shape, a lot of sleights most likely won't work.

So under this condition, what would you do? First thing I would do would be to glance the top and bottom card, and if the cards allowed sleights after some fast checking, I'd reverse one in the center of the deck.

Now you have endless ideas possible.

"Now you're looking for the secret... but you won't find it because you're not really looking. You don't really want to know the secret... You want to be fooled." - The Prestige (2006)
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