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Well just to get things off to a fun start, I had been out all day performing Dresscode by Calen Morelli. I was blowing people away left and right. It was just about noon when a buddy called me and needed a ride to the county courthouse to meet his fiancée so they could get their marriage license. I had already performed the effect outside and had not re-set the gimmick. So when we walked into the courthouse it was time to empty
the pockets and walk through the metal detector.

Needless to say I was beeping like horns during rush hour traffic in NYC lol. The police officer pulled me aside and was waving the wand up and down my body as I am steadily beeping. He asked me to lift my shirt, I simply replied "I can not do that" he had asked me why and I said " Im a magician and its a gimmick" He still wanted to see for himself so I made him follow me to a back room and I showed him. This man started laughing soo hard it was unreal. That was by far the most embarrassing moment in magic I have ever had.

Im looking forward to hearing more peoples embarrassing moments so post em' lets see what ya got.

Always in magic

-Bobby Smile
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Having the shell fly out of my diebox, into the audience, in front of a couple hundred, Amish in Ashland, Ohio. 'Nuf said.
Bally Hoo and Hullabaloo
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Church youth show. 2 words. Fly down.

Dr. Delusion
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Taking the covers off of the Hippity Hop Rabbits revealing a yellow rabbit and a red one.
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Doing a Book Test for 1st time in a new venue . . . let's just say I should have verified the target word/page one last time before performing. The word wasn't even on the page! Great laugh . . . it redeemed in the finally, but that was a killer.
Nick Sasso
part-time Samurai conjurer
dahih beik
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Forcing the wrong card for casrd sword effect on national tv.ten years ago and still have nightmeres
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Going back to when I was about 8 or 9 performing with my father... I was performing Harry Houdini's burlap bag escape and I did not position myself correctly, and I was struggling under a cloak for about a minute (the escape is supposed to take less than 10 seconds) until I was finally rescued in front of 500 disappointed people. Ten years later, still remember it like it was yesterday.
Pakar Ilusi
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Too many to single out one... Smile
"Dreams aren't a matter of Chance but a matter of Choice." -DC-
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Yeah, Pakar, I have had many as well...but since I'm here, I can think of one real embarrassing moment at the Dixfield (Maine) Ladies Club luncheon I performed at. I did the classic Rabbit Out Of The Hat, and the rabbit was just-a peein'! OMG! Yeah, embarrassing, right? Then the guy performing after me opened his chick pan to reveal the dove he had vanished, and it's neck was broken. Floppity flop!

Needless to say we were never invited back!

ed rhodes
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Trying to use a DeKolta silk vanisher and having it stick out behind my coat.
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Ain't life unkind?"
Perseus Arkomanis
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Finale to a stage routine for kids...The kabuki stremer just flew out of my hand as a packet...not open at all and landed on the back of the theater on a kids head...
btw it was my first stage!
The things that are most real to me are the illusions which I create...everything else is quicksand...
Brian Lehr
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Sword swallowing with gimmicked sword (the one that folds up). As soon as the tip of the sword touched my tongue it immediately rolled up. Well, that's the end of that trick. Smile

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Had a lovely time once with a piece that uses a mathematical force. I don't want to say too much, but suffice to say that, unlike most mathematical forces, this one actually is deceptive, and that it requires only *very* basic arithmetic (add a number, subtract a number--not that freakin' hard). Unfortunately, this was in the middle of a routine in which I had the emcee choose my volunteer for very good reasons I will not reveal (was essential for a different part of the act), and I ended up with a rather drunk man on stage with me. Suffice to say, his arithmetic was bad, even by American standards, but of course I didn't realize this until it comes time for the reveal.

"So, for the first time, name aloud what you selected!"

"<not what I've written on my pad>"

Well, that isn't very good now, is it?

And of course there's no real good way to recover. I've got absolutely nothing in my pocket I can use as an out. Had to do a bit of quick thinking, and I realized the next piece I was going to do was my version of the Russian Roulette, so I figured I'd play it off as a gag to add another humorous level to that effect. I triumphantly revealed the wrong prediction, deliberately fumbled a card trick, and basically did everything I could think of to create the most epic magician in trouble plot I could conjure. Then:

"Well, apparently I can't read your mind after all. Either it's well guarded or there's nothing left up there. Regardless, do you know what we do to people who don't let us at their innermost private thoughts? We make them play a little game..." And right into Russian Roulette. Got a pretty good reaction, since I'd managed to set myself up as such a hack that everyone was hoping to god there were paramedics waiting in the wings.

Worked out okay, but that drunk math has left me permanently scarred.


Last night, I dreamed I ate the world's largest marshmallow. When I woke up, the pillow was gone.
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I was doing a mis-made lady in an amusment park in the 80's. I put the blades in.. mis-made her.. and as we were unstacking the boxes to put my poor assistant back together, I lifed up the "head" box.. and she was still sticking out the top... she'd gotten mis-positioned and couldn't get the legs out of her way to get into the bottom box...

To make it worse.. the SAME thing happened the next show. I called an emergency rehearsal.. and we ran through the routine step by step.. .and coudln't repeat the issue.. to top it off, it never happened again.
Michael Baker
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Like Pakar said... "Too many.."

But, here's a couple of them.

First time on live TV I was doing a cut and restored jump rope for a fashion show. There were two models, each holding one end of the rope by the handles. They were modeling fitness wear, hence the jump rope. I had the center of the rope with an extra loop there and ready for the cut (the only reasonable method with a rope that had wooden handles). I was also wearing a tuxedo supplied by the fashion show organizer. Needless to say, I had never worn these pants until mere minutes before going live. The scissors were in my pocket and the handles had somehow backed up under the flap that forms when adjustable pants are cinched up. I was unable to free the scissors with my only available hand. After a few moments and fearing I was going to tear my pants off on live TV, I just exited, with the models in tow. I didn't panic... it was really the only thing I could do without completely blowing the trick.

The funniest part for me was watching the floor director having a coronary watching her clock. the announcer handled it well. She said, "Well, I guess the real trick is getting the scissors out of the pocket."

The other tricks I did on the same show went fine.

Another time, I was working a bar, and did a cigarette act. I had a bit where a lit cigarette was vanished and reproduced from my fly. (Read on... the ending is not what you think.)

Once about every hundred times doing this, the fire would fall off the cigarette, but would always ride down my pant leg and fall to the bar floor, where I'd see it in the dark and step it out. (The days of baggy pants.)

Well, one time, I didn't see it come out at the bottom, so I figured it had just gone out by itself. I continued working the magic for this group. Unknown to me, it was still inside burning away. (Still not what you might be thinking... Smile )

About a minute later, there was a big WHOOSH!! and the side of my jacket went flying out. Then, I caught the familiar whiff of freshly used flash paper.

The fire had hung up in that same kind of pocket fold mentioned above, only from the inside, but still outside the pocket... until it burned through and set off a couple dozen wads of flash paper used for a cigarette production. It completely blew a hole in the side of my pants large enough to drop a grapefruit through. What saved my leg was a jumbo half dollar that was in the same pocket.
~michael baker
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I used to work with three rabbits and in one effect I would 'dismember' a male black rabbit and a female white rabbit and Frankenstein them together to reveal a black and white dutch. Now these performances were nightclub shows for adults but I did the occasional family show and was informed several times that not reappearing the black and white rabbits before the end of the show was disconcerting to some younger audience members so I added an appearance at the end. Now, there was a $400 reason that they lived in separate hutches back home and it doesn't take much imagination to guess what they were usually doing when the box was removed the first time. Of course, to add insult to injusry, Spot (the black) bit me hard enough to draw blood when I tried to separate him from Speck. I guess I'd have been an angry bunny too. I almost kept my composure until I heard a loud female voice say, "No, honey, that's how rabbits do pushups" and I was finished after that.
Joe Leo

All entertainers can benefit from some help from an experienced stage director. How about you?
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I can name 2 that happened recently in the circus:

I was doing the candle part of my routine, first candle vanishes, no problems, it re-appears, no problems, another one appears no problems, then when I wrap the silk around my candle to make it vanish, it vanishes, but not quite.. shot straight up out of my hand and landed in front of me. After that I was so embarassed and shocked that I had trouble remembering what's next.. I even have it on video, funny now, but I just wanted to die then.

The other one happened when I was putting a bird on the stand and only the crew and announcer could see it, right when I put the dove on the stand, it poops on my hand, the announcer starts laughing, then I shake my hand very fast to get it off and the whole thing flew up and I had to dodge it, needless to say, the announcer HAD to go backstage cause it was no sight to see him laugh so hard, during the entire routine I heard him laughing backstage.. Not so much embarissing but just very funny at the time.
Tony Iacoviello
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I was at a club meeting talking with a friend when someone dropped a card, I bent over to pick it up. Unbeknownst to me, the elder statesman of magic in our area had just walked up and was standing behind me.

When you get to be my age, not everything works as it used to, and sometimes even the simpilist of movements or adjustments can have unexpected results. Such was the case that night. As I bent over, I felt it, but it was too late. A loud noise rumbled forward from my hindquarters, and a gust of wind struck our magic elder square in the face.

Being the gentleman that he is, he said nothing, just quickly left the area. That was the last gathering of that group Iattended.
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Profile of MobilityBundle
This past year I was performing tossed out deck for a room full of drunken lawyers. This was in the context of a variety show, and I was up third or fourth. The crowd was extremely rude to all the performers -- they just wouldn't stop talking. The room sounded like a cocktail hour, with someone talking or singing into a semi-audible PA system.

By the time I got up, I was already kind of ****ed. I started my act by saying, really loudly and right on top of the mic: "Ladies and gentlemen, I need your attention, because THERE WILL BE PROJECTILES IN MY ACT." Nothing.

I decide to get a first spectator by tossing a wadded up ball of paper over my shoulder. It hits a woman square on the head, while she was looking down at her blackberry. (Lawyers...) I couldn't help but mention it, as a warning to the rest of the crowd to pay attention.

Okay, so I go through the whole tossed out deck instructions. I'm looking to have five spectators select cards. With each spectator, I repeat: "Okay, lift the corner of the deck and peak at a card. Got it? Okay, everyone pay attention! She's about to throw the deck!" Everything is going well, until spectator #4. When I say "okay, go ahead and throw the deck," I see a flurry of cards shoot up from her location. For some reason, she took the *** rubber band off the deck, and threw these cards in there air! They went everywhere!

I don't remember what I said, but something very un-magician-like.

Fortunately, she was late in the rotation. I saw someone who was picking up cards, and I asked her to just look at one of the cards she had at random. So the trick was able to progress. But a bunch of people in the back got an idea how the trick worked, I'm sure.
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Done a performance a couple of weeks back and it went really well ,and right at the end I was asked to do one last trick,by this time tho ,i had finished my act and had a few glasses of red wine ,a few to many it would seem ,i went into this big routine , spectator signed the wrong buisness card ,i forced the wrong playing card ,the flash paper was not enough to heat a certain gimmick,wow big mess up,but everyone laughed there heads off and now prefer it to go wrong at times.
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