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Tony Ellis
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Is there already a patter written about the Holy Trinity )Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) for the three linking rings, or will I have to come up with my own? What are good ways to explain the Holy Trinity?
Wes Holly
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What are good ways to explain the Holy Trinity?

I remember asking my pastor that and he just laughed and said that when he found out he would let me know! Perhaps, for kids, it's enough to name the three parts of the trinity and not try to explain how each of them is the same, but different.
Happily Yours,
Wes Holly
Baltimore, MD, USA
Kif Anderson
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Magically speaking...the effect where you take three pieces of colored rope are tied into separate rings, when the three rings are tossed into the air, they are magically linked together into one large circle.

This effect can be found at it is the "Multi-Colored Rope Link" effect.

However, I find a much stronger message...not magic...more along the lines of science I suppose...but it easy enough to put together...and it plays really well. And...perhaps...after that when your audience sees a glass of ice water with condensation on the side of the glass...this message will come to mind.

Can Three Really Be One?

To help folks understand the Trinity by demonstrating how water is one substance that can be in three different forms all at the same time.

1 John 5:7, “For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.”

One unlabeled clear quart jar, a small container of room temperature water, a dozen ice cubes in a small insulated cooler, and a towel for wiping and clean up.


Have you ever heard the word “Trinity?” That means God is three in one. The Bible tells us in I John 5:7... (Read verse from King James Version). In this verse Jesus is called “The Word” as He is in the Gospel of John Chapter one, verse one. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” If your name was Patrick or Patricia, you might be called Pat. Or maybe you have a nickname that people call you. Likewise, Jesus is called different names, and here He is called “The Word.” He is one part of the three in one God. The Father is God, Jesus is God, and the Holy Spirit is God.

Now, how can three possibly be one? Does that make sense? Or for that matter, how can one be three all at the same time? That might seem hard to believe and even understand, but did you know God gave us a wonderful illustration that we all can see. I think this will help us to understand how ONE God can have three separate ways of revealing or showing himself. (Show the jar where the group can see it and ask the following question) Does anyone here know what H2O is? (Give the children a chance to respond) H2O is what scientists call water. It means two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of Oxygen. Lets take a very close look at H2O to learn about the Trinity. Now, what is H2O another name for? (Water) Yes, it is water. (Bring out the container with the water) I am going to pour some water into this jar, but before I do I need someone to come and look over this jar closely. (Choose a helper and ask these questions as they look at the jar) Is the jar dry on the inside and outside? (Yes) Are there any cracks or holes in the jar...except for the hole in the top of course? (No) All right, now I am going to pour some of this H2O into the jar until it is about half full. (Pour the water and be careful not to spill - if you do, clean up with the towel) So, is the outside of the jar still dry? (Yes) Now you are certain there are no holes or cracks in the jar? (Yes) Thank you, (helper’s name), please return to your seat.

Earlier I said we are going to use H2O to show how God is three in one. This liquid water is ONE form H2O can be. Can anyone tell me another way? (Let children respond) Yes, liquid water, H2O, can be frozen to make ice! (Take an ice cube from the cooler) We could take this jar and put it into a freezer and it would become very cold and turn into ice. We can also take an ice cube and put it in a warm place and it will melt and it will become liquid water. Both the liquid water and the ice cube, or frozen water, are H2O.
Now that’s TWO parts of the way H2O can exist, but God is THREE in one. There is a another type of H2O we haven’t talked about yet? Did you know that there is water all around us in this room? Look around, do you see H2O in the air? (No) You don’t? Well you know what, neither do I, but I know it’s there. It is invisible!

Have you ever watched water boiling on the stove? If it’s in a pan or teakettle you see ‘steam’ rise up like a white mist. Or have you ever gone outside on a cold day when you could see the breath come out of your mouth? It makes your mouth look like a chimney. Or perhaps you have seen steam coming out of an iron to help get the wrinkles out of clothes. Well, that misty white stuff is water vapor, H2O. But what happens to the misty H2O? It rises up into the air and disappears! It becomes invisible water vapor that is hiding all around us. Raise your hands if you think there is H2O in the air around us.

Now I know a trick to make that vapor come out of hiding. To do that, all we have to do is put the water and the ice together. (Drop several ice cubes into the jar of water) Have you ever taken a glass of cold soda pop outside on a hot day and put it down for a minute? When you came back did you notice that the outside of the glass was wet all over? Did the glass leak? Or maybe you have put the glass down on a table and later found a puddle of water on the table around your glass? Did someone spill water there? No, what has happened is that the H2O vapor in the air has come out of hiding. Let’s see if that has happened with our jar. Yes, look at how wet the outside of the jar is. (Hold it up if necessary for the audience to see) Now we have our third form of H2O, water vapor in the air!

God gave us this wonderful example to help us understand about Him. Liquid water is H2O, ice is H2O, and hidden vapor in the air is H2O. Likewise the Father is God, Jesus is God, and the Holy Spirit is God. H2O comes in three forms because each form has its own job to do. You can take a bath in liquid water. Could you do that if all H2O was just ice? I don’t think so. But you can take ice and drop it into your lemonade to make it cold and more pleasurable to drink. Now that wouldn’t work if all H2O was vapor in the air. And the steam that comes from the iron helps remove the wrinkles from clothes. Liquid H2O wouldn’t do that! It would just get your clothes all wet. So each of these three forms of H2O have different jobs that they do for us to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

God is three in one because He had different jobs He wanted to do. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Neither God the Father nor God the Holy Spirit could do that.

The Father stays in heaven and He sees down here and watches over us. Now the Holy Spirit has a couple of jobs. He convicts lost people of their sins so they will realize they need salvation. He also brings comfort to folks who are saved that are in a time of trouble. Our Awesome God has many jobs so He chose to let Himself be known in three ways. We call this the Trinity and I’m sure thankful that He gave us H2O to help us understand about Him.
We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing. - Billy Graham
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Dan Bernier
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Just be careful where and how to use that theology. Smile

`It is not God Himself, but the knowledge He has revealed to us concerning Himself which constitutes the material for theological investigation'
(Dr. Kuyher Encyclopaedia of Sacred Theology).

By faith we can accept as true whatever the Bible says about God and specifically about the Deity of Jesus. We can believe revealed truths even when we cannot fully explain how they can be so or answer all questions about them. For example, we can believe that God is eternal and that He answers prayer. But who can fully grasp the concept of eternity or explain in detail how God can hear and answer the prayers of so many people? Likewise, we cannot explain how Jesus could be both God and man at the same time, yet we must still believe and not deny the Bible teaching.

God never explains how all three are one, but we do know that God speaks to us in human understanding, and in human terms. We know that God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit all make up the Godhead, but the last time I checked my Bible God was never referred to as a person, and neither was the Holy Spirit. This is man's failed attempt to grasp the scope of who God is, and fully understand the Trinity.

The question is how is God "one" - in what sense? Is God one individual, or could several individual beings constitute one God?

The word "God" does not necessarily mean a single individual, such that "one God" is equivalent to one individual. God simply means Deity, the Creator and Ruler of the universe, whatever possesses the characteristics of Deity and therefore deserves to be worshipped. God is one, but not necessarily one individual.

All human attempts to understand this mystery fall short of the truth which has not been fully revealed to us from God. These theories are man made, and should be acknowledged as such. John 17:20-23 explains how the Father and Son are one - even as believers should be one.

But believers are not one individual, they are many different individuals. We are united as one body, one church, united in faith, practice, goals, character, etc. (Acts 4:32; 1 Corinthians 1:10-13; Ephesians 1:22,23; 2:14,16; Philippians 1:27; 2:2; etc.)

Sometimes believers are referred to by plural terms that emphasize the plurality of individuals - 1 Corinthians 12:12,14,18,20; Romans 12:4,5; etc. But sometimes singular terms are used to emphasize the oneness or unity of the church - Ephesians 5:25,26 ("it" is translated "her" in NASB & NIV; the Greek pronoun is feminine); Ephesians 4:3-6,16 ("itself"); Galatians 1:13; 1 Timothy 5:16; cf. 1 Corinthians 12:12-28; Galatians 3:28; Romans 12:4,5.

Likewise, Jesus said He and His Father are "one" (John 10:30; 17:20ff). But are they just one individual? The one God or Godhead consists of plural members just as the one church consists of many members

The man and wife are still two separate individuals, but in marriage they are united. So God can be so united as to be called "one," yet three separate individuals. [Note that "man" can refer to all humanity or to a particular individual who possesses humanity.]

The singular pronouns used for God emphasize God's oneness, while the plural pronouns point out the plural individuals in that one God. This is completely legitimate grammatically.

Statements affirming the oneness of God are intended, not to deny there are a plurality of individuals in God, but to contrast to the plural gods of heathen idol worship. The contexts are not discussing the relationship of the Father to the Son, but are contrasting the true God to the plurality of different gods such as heathen idol worshipers embrace. Heathen gods have different character, possess authority in different areas of life or different areas of the earth, and often disagree and even war among themselves. They differ in their beliefs, purposes, teachings, and their wills for men. In contrast, the Bible teaches that we worship a united, harmonious God with one will and plan for us.

So to affirm that Jesus possesses Deity is not to deny the concept of one God. We can believe in one God and still believe that the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit all possess Deity.

And, just in case I get misunderstood about my intentions of my post I will make it clear now. I do not disagree with the Bible when it says that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one in Spirit. I still can't find just as strong proof that Jesus was God in the flesh. God in the flesh implies that Jesus could have never been human. God cannot be half man and half God, so we say Jesus was fully God and Fully man. Remember how I said that God explained things to us in human terms and understanding? So, from a human understanding, how can anything be 100% something, and 100% of something else? There is no human logic to that statement. God would of never explained something to us outside of human understanding, but we tend to take the mysteries of God and try to find someway of making it humanly understandable. If that was actually possible, why wouldn't God reveal that then?

Disclaimer: Some text was taken from an article. I, however, cannot remember the source it was taken from. Sorry.
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"God would of never explained something to us outside of human understanding, but we tend to take the mysteries of God and try to find someway of making it humanly understandable. If that was actually possible, why wouldn't God reveal that then? "

Deuteronomy 29:29 29 “The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law.
I could quote numerous examples of God telling us through His Word that He only reveals what He wishes us to know. there would be no need for faith if not. And you're understanding of God currently is a heresy called Modalism .I could be wrong but it sounds dangerously close it
Here are the best articles explaining the Trinity by some of the greatest theologians
Also here is many writing on the Christ and His divinity and humanity .
While there is mystery surrounding some of the hidden things of God. The bible is VERY clear that the Christ was FULLY God and FULLY man. you just have to dig deeper in the scriptures. It's all over the bible . Take a few weeks and read the writing I posted and I pray god will open your eyes to the truth . Modalism or 'Sabalianism' is an extremely bad road of heresy to travel down
Good luck in your search
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The Trinity is explaned well in the British comedy "Nuns On The Run"
You tube might have a clip
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This is kinda off point, but I am usually fidling around with something every week that I feel I need to "work on" sometime in my lifetime. I imagine many of us are like that- we have stuff laying around that someday we want to do well (like the Chop Cup/Cups and Balls).

One of those effects is the Linking Rings. Over the years, I have purchased several sizes and sets of Linking Rings including Caveney's Linking Coathangers. I have all kinds of insructional DVDs and books on the Rings including the L&L rings DVD, Whit Hayden's excellent comedy routine, the Bob White DVD, the new Levent DVD 4 pack, and several others- all are excellent depending on what you are looking for. You could spend years working along with the Levent DVDs alone.

Since I have limited time to practice and limited space in my ongoing commitment to keep my entire program jammed into one travel case (see the "MagicBob" travel case video on that I use), I have settled on the Chris Capehart Three Ring routine using the 15 inch ProLine set of three.

The opening "showing the rings solid" moves that Chris uses are obviously very easy with this ProLine set as you can show all the rings solid in the beginning with or without the Capehart circular "rubbing" action. When the first key ring is dropped onto the arm at the beginning of the routine, the ring usually opens up by itself.

The wonderful "impossible link" or crash link that Chris does so well and teaches on the DVD also works well with the ProLine set as there is some slight "give" in the key ring which makes this "impossible link" very easy to do. You can do this crash link multiple times ring right in front of folks- it looks so amazing even to me and I am the one doing it! When Chris was at Abbott's, he went around the gym showing it at all different locations. Just amazing.

I have also added a few Levent moves to make the routine slightly longer- but the Chris Capehart routine off his DVD is really solid and not incredibly complex to learn and remember.

As for the "Gospel" portion, I probably will never tie this trick into a Gospel routine. I have read some of the suggestions- but this trick will always seem to me to be more be a fun "trick" to watch rather than be an illustation. It would be similar to trying to make a floating or sawing effect into a point somehow about the Gospel- very tough to do...
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Regarding the "MagicBob Travel Case" mentioned above- I use this nifty case for every show that I do except closeup. See it explained by MagicBob at The case itself is custom made and ordered through in Grand Rapids for about $300.

I picked up a light weight fold-up keyboard stand at a pawn shop for $10 (and they are very inexpensive new actually at any music store )- I keep these portable "legs" for the MagicBob case right in the case itself. So I do not even need to look for a folding table to rest this case on when I am setting up.

When I checked this case in on an airline for flying on a missions trip last year with MagicBob, as long as the weight was kept under 50 pounds, there was no airline extra charge for checking it (but that was before the airlines starting charging extra for all luggage).

I keep inside my case a lightweight "InStand" which acts as my side table/surface to perform off of. Duane Laflin attached his "InStand" top to a larger lightweight felt covered "masonite" board (cut to size for free at Lowe's)- works great- I copied that idea from Duane from his last lecture (used by permission). I think the web site for InStand is

So I know it has been awhile since I mentioned this special "MagicBob" case- it works great. MagicBob used it at the 2010 FCM convention and also is taking it in January, 2012 to India again.
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If anyone is interested, the Chris Capehart Three Ring Routine on DVD is available at many magic shops for $25. Denny and Lee Magic Studio has them in stock (410-686-3944). I was practicing the "crash or impossible link" this morning, and yes, it does hurt/pain to a small degree to the bottom back of your hand when doing this link when the ring smacks into it. But worth it.
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