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Profile of Mystero
I just picked up a stackable rolling tray deal that works great for walk-around and stage. I got it at WalMart.

It has 3 thin drawers and 2 thick (deep)

drawers (you can add or subtract drawers as needed depending on how high you want the rolling table to be)

It will hold an entire night’s magic very comfortably. I have it set up at a height that allows me to use the top for close up mat work. Cost $25, called streetline I think.

I placed a dark cloth around it with my name in sparkling letters, it is great for setting up your program (i.e. top drawer first 5 to 10 effects; 2nd drawer next 5 to 10....) Highly recommended. undefined


Keep America in your prayers and stay amazing, Mystero.
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Hobart Tasmania Australia
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Profile of amagician
I use a pilot case and a Jimmy Jemay table (this is like a Harbin table but I believe more stable). The table looks like a large book.

I actually carry two pilot cases with the props, and the table in one case and used props go into the other.

Like most of you, I have used roll-on tables, but as I get older and more cunning my show gets smaller and easier to carry.

Another case I have used before the pilot cases turned up at the opportunity shop, was one supplied to people selling a well known fabric paint system, HobbyTex. It's fat, roomy, and sort of like a big cosmetic case, but not too much like one.


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John Williams

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Profile of Jared
I’m obsessed and need professional help I think!

I laughed out loud when I read that there are other ’caseaholics’ like me out there!!!

We should form a support group because my girlfriend thinks I’m out of my mind!

That said, the best I’ve found to date is a small Mundi brand (black) case that’s small and masculine enough to be used for restaurant gigs. They call it a cosmetic case - though I found it in the Mens section of Marshall’s. The retail price tag was $68.00 but I got it for $29.95.... Naturally, I bought three of them!

Jared Smile
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Profile of VernonOnCoins
I use the beautifully made Doctor's Bag from Hank Lees. Beautiful!!!!
Geoff Williams
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St. Pete Beach, FL
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I use a regular briefcase that has been gutted and fitted with a foam insert.

Then, using an X-Acto knife (very sharp!), I cut slits and compartments for all the individual props (Decks, sponge balls, etc.) and even a flap under which I hid my TTip (so that nosey waitstaff and clients who are watching me stuff my pockets for close-up won't get a too-educational glimpse).

The briefcase look is very professional and the foam keeps everything from rattling around and tangling up in a big mess.
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
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Profile of spfranz
How about close up cases? Anyone have a good case that can be used for close up? Scott mentioned a Mac Magic close up case but I couldn't find any info on the web on it. I know I've seen some very beautiful cases before but just can't seem to put my finger on where.

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Brian Proctor
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I usually store everything I have in a fishing tackle box or a flat metal tool case. Smile
Great Scot
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Bellows Falls, VT USA
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I use a wooden box covered in Dress MacDonald tartan and lined with green felt. It fits my Renaissance Scottish persona. I set it up on a small table that folds in the middle of the top.
Pictures can be seen at my web site.

I would have a thousand cases if I could. I am also thinking about getting a wooden machinists tool chest. Since I do period magic, my cases need to fit everything from the middle ages through Victorian times, which means wood or leather and a shape that would have been around in that time frame.
The Great Scot, Bardic Magician
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Profile of Francis
Hi everyone,

Rod Lages was kind enough to refer me to this particular thread on cases, and I'm so glad that I've decided to take a look see.

I'm currently looking for a suitcase table but unfortunately do not know of any sources. I would very much appreciate it if someone could kindly put me in the right direction.

I thank you very much for your time.

Glenn Watson
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I did an advanced search on google, for suitcase table. - - These are just a few of the results.
David Fletcher
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Cases and wives - oh yeah!

The best suitcase table right now is Joe Lefler's.

Viking makes the highest quality suitcase table I've seen, but it is heavy.

One of the coolest close-up cases I've seen used was a very small violin case. Very cool.

One of the cases I use now is a catalog case on wheels with a retractable handle. Very convenient. I can wheel it in and out and I lay an attache case on the handle for transporting in and out. Found it at Staples.

Drat, there are no truck stops in the Bronx.

I've checked at a surgical supply house. they sell everything a doctor uses. The doctors' bags are expensive.

BTW those surgical supply houses sell a lot of stuff that we can use, eg. dental mirrors - remove the handle and you've got a great shiner. Hemostats (in the 70's a lot of people called them roach clips) - from teeny tiny to huge. Etc.
You have to give it away to keep it.
Daniel Faith
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Neenah, Wisconsin
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Profile of Daniel Faith
Rolling carts and suitcases for close up? No thanks. What a pain that must be! Personally I don't have the desire to wheel around a cart while I am doing close up.
I have a doctor bag I carry extra stuff in but when I am hopping around or standing on the street. I use a leather bag (pouch) that straps around my waste. It makes things so much easier! Between that and my pockets it's all the room I need for close up!
I use the salesman catalogs cases and the suitcase table for the stand up stuff.
Also, there are some cloth/leather camcoder and camera cases that work very well for the tools of our trade.
Daniel Faith
Cheshire Cat
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Wilmslow, UK
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Profile of Cheshire Cat
Know absolutely minus zero about close up. But as very busy kid's entertainers we have found a trip to the local drum shop always worthwhile. Now these guys throw cymbals, pedals, stands into cases - really heavy metallic items, and they have to stand up to it. They come in various shapes and sizes, (obviously round ones being of no use). The snare drum case is a particularly handy size. Expensive? Yes, but incredibly hard wearing. We also have a 20 year old 'rollon table' that we have lovingly cared for and seems indestructible. I think the main thing is to buy cases that eliminate as many carrying to load in/load out journeys to your vehicle as possible! (You lucky close up guys, why even the piano player has to carry more than you!!)
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Profile of danryb
No doubt about it and I have mentioned this elsewhere recently.
Brad Burt doc bag. It is great for everything from close up to children parties to small stage work. Together with a small fold away side table (legs and all go in the bag as well. One hand holds the table top and one hand holds the bag although for opening the car I just put the table top under the same arm holding the bag. I do all these three shows and can assure you the docs bag beats them all for traveling light and small.
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Profile of Missing_Link
UK members may be interested in some of the metal cases on sale in shops like B + Q or Homebase. Different sizes and good prices.


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Profile of Angus
So, if you could have the ultimate case built, what would it look like? What kind and size compartments would it have, and what accessories?
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Profile of Michaels
I've been using the aluminum tool box from Home Depot. It has dividers and also has an accessory tool holder in the lid. I keep my sharpe, Perfect pen , Ellis ring and other assorted items in there. If I want to carry light I use one of the small rectangle aluminum make up cases which is often sold around Christmas. The makeup pencil holder in the lid is great for carrying the previously mentioned accessories. The Aluminum tool box from Lowes is nicer looking than the Home Depot tool box but I found the rounded edges becomes lost space. Dr.'s bag? I'm a physician and find a nice camcorder bag works much better. Besides it doesn't remind me of being back in school.
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Profile of markkwan
I usually get my cases in thrift stores. Theres always something great waiting to be found there.
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Dan McLean Jr aka, Magic Roadie
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Toronto, Canada
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Profile of Dan McLean Jr aka, Magic Roadie
Has everyone seen "The Gig Rig"?
It's gorgeous! It's expensive. It's for pros. If you're looking for some ideas, a quick look at this case might help.
Dan McLean Jr
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Lancaster, pa
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Profile of gman
While I am not a case-a-holic yet...up until a few weeks ago I was only using a small fishing tackle bag that had three pockets one on each side and one in front and then a deep pocket that opened on the top.

As I said that was until a few weeks ago. Now, I use a tool case that I bought from Home Depot, which some of you good folks mentioned already.

Can't wait to buy another one.

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