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Leo B. Domapias
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I’ve heard of magicians who revamp their entire birthday party shows every year.

I, on the other hand, have never made wholesale changes to my birthday party show. I add and drop a trick here and there, and several months later I have a show that is markedly different from my show at the start of the year.

I wonder how other magicians update, change, enhance their shows, and how often. I’d be very grateful to hear any suggestions.

Ben Benjay
Manila, Philippines
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Chicago, IL
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I orginally planned on changing my show completly every year. But I found that's not always the best policy. I have kept one effect for 5 years. It's my favorite effect because it's visual, commerical, and plays really well with audiences. It has become my signature piece. I feel that it takes more then a year to really get the absolute best out of an effect. I'm talking all the timing, jokes, rythyms, audience management, etc. Sometimes, "If it's not broken then don't fix it" is the best policy.
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I have to be careful changing my Birthday show as I have had children disappointed that they didn't get to help me with an effect their friend did at their party. So I change just a few things once in a while. And if Mom says they just saw me at a party I ask if there was something special in the show they liked so I am sure to include it for them. I then change up other effects so there is some new fun too.
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I find that it takes a lot of time to completetly revamp my stand up show. I have interchangeable tricks that I will use as subtitutes depending on the audience and venue. For instance, an outdoor show would eliminate sponge balls and some silk magic, depending on the weather. Or if it is an all adult show, I would take for instance, take out Sketch O Matic and replace it with a Giant Brainwave routine.
ALl in all I have a good 20 tricks that i can interchange and perfrom prety well. That's enough for my lifetime!
"The quilt of life is woven with many different threads"
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Plymouth UK
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We've covered something similar before, I do change my show every year, I do so many that after a while you can get kids pre-empting your show and shouting out what your doing before it happens. By changing it every year it gives me a least a couple of months free from the pre-empting.

What changes in the show is the tricks, the gags tend to stay the same, or are re-vamped to fit the new routines. I start thinking about my next years show when I put my xmas show together. I try and find stuff that I can use with a xmas theme, and then remove the references to xmas once it's over. That way the show is bought up to speed over the xmas period and see's me through the next year.

As my show runs for a year, all I have to do is get the stuff out I used in the show 4 years ago. Everyone that saw it then will have grown up past the 9-10 age limit that I work to, Anyone under 9 will be too young to remember it, and they'll be a lot of 4 year olds that have never seen it. So it's not a case of buying loads of new stuff, Except to replace worn out props.
Yours Funfully
Clive "Emazdad" Hemsley

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Even though I have 6 completly different shows ready to go (ie - one daycare can use me for 2 regular and one special (holiday themed) event in a year and it's all new, they do go through a gradual metamorphis (Spelling?). Just as I replace/update/get neat new stuff in that rediculise "My Wife's Version of Felix the Cats Bag" that she made for me (but has gotten me lots of gigs...THANKS, HONEY!! Smile ) my shows do get mixed up in a 3/4 year period. What does change as Emazdad said is the tricks. Thank "BOG" that there are genius's in MAGIC. And this most magical thing (the Internet) let's us talk to each other and exchange idea's and bring smile's to the faces of all the children of whatever age they may be.
Yours as Magically as Always,
aka: Bob
ps: "BOG" = personal diety of "Cheeck Wizard" and ATM Smile
aka: I used to be BOB (It's Cellini's fault)
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New York
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My show stays the same all the time. I have fixed up parts, tweaked, added new tricks, removed ones I didn't like anymore...but the basic show has stayed the same. I find that this works best for me.
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Harris Deutsch
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I add to my programs and still do some of the same basics that I have done for 25 years.

Someone who saw the basics 25 years ago(including me) would probably not recognize the original effect. In other words things grow i.e. and reflect a change in the times. Of course some things that were funny 25 years ago are still funny today.

One interesting note is in the 70's I used a lot of Mary Poppins themes and have not done so for years.

One lecture at the IBM convention in KC was very heavy into that as a theme including music and costume.

She pulled it off fairly well and is apparently one of the busiest workers in her area as well as a sought after lecturer on the Magic Club circuit.


Harris Deutsch aka dr laugh
music, magic and marvelous toys
Neale Bacon
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Burnaby BC Canada
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My show is in a constant state of flux, as it is constantly being refined. I add a trick, drop a trick or routine etc.

I recently completely revamped my clown show to make it more of a "real" clown show, not just a magician-in-a-clown-suit show. It has a little magic but mostly traditional clown bits.

Now I can offer magic shows or a clown show, depending on what the client wants.
Neale Bacon and his Crazy Critters
Burnaby BC
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Greetings All,

This is my very first post Smile I am very new to this and there is an opportunaty for me to perform at my friend's kid's birthday. Its an army theme and so I thought I would put together an army themed show. Any thoughts of adapting current tricks to fit the theme?

Thanking you in advance for your help.

Brian Lehr
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Edmonton, Canada
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A hearty welcome to the Café!

When you say you are new to this, do you mean new to magic, or new to the Café?

Three more questions will give us some info so as to better help you:

1. How long have you been performing magic?
2. What effects to you currently use?
3. How old will the children be?

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the welcome...

I am new to magic and I'm just starting to perform it, that's what I mean by new. I use to be into magic as a kid and that interest lead to making movies and that turned into animation. My wife gave me a class to the Magic Castle as a gift and didn't realize that she had unlocked the liquor cabinet so to speak. Not that I'm in AA, but my interset in magic has returned as an adult.

The ages of the children will be the 4 to 5 year old variety. I'm really doing the show to get my feet wet and I only want the experience to see what I can learn from it. The theme is Army and I have a few army helmets, so I thought I could use them in the act. No real bunnies or doves right now, just trying to adapt a few tricks to fit the theme.

Brian Lehr
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Edmonton, Canada
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Pretty soon your wife will sign you up for a new class in MA (Magician's Anonymous)!

When is the party?

These discussions here in the kid's section may be of help to you:

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Hey Brian,

Thanks for the excellent links! This answers a lot of my questions. The party is next month. Not a lot of time I know, but no pressure either.

Thanks again,
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Eternal Order
Philadelphia, PA
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What has happened to me is that I always keep learning new effects and developing new ideas and routines all the time. I then take one routine out and change it for a new one. This allows me to practice the new routine for an audience and then judge the response I get from it. It always keeps me learning and trying new things.

Because I work in this fashion, I end up developing enough routines that are interchangeable. Each of the routines are times out and described on sheets I have in my magic case and my magic den at home. This way I can custom any show and know exactly what the running time for the show will be.

This way I can change a show if I need to because of a repeat performance or if I get a fair or carnival show and only need to do 30 mins.

I wonder if anyone else does a similar method.
Kyle Peron

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