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As I read these boards I realize possibly that some people will buy tons and tons of newly released magic just to collect, but maybe not even perform.

So to any of you hardcore collectors out there, share your collecting craze with us. Let us know what you collect, how much you buy in a month, and do you buy two, one to play with one to keep in mint condition.

I'm really curious about this, I find it fascinating.

I'm really asking this question to people who buy new magic released everyday. I don't care much about antic items. I just want to see if there is a craze for collecting new stuff or just mainly the old stuff.
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Collecting new stuff???

You said, "Some people will buy tons and tons of newly-released magic just to collect"???

Hmmmm, doesn't seem very clever to collect stuff that is flooding the magic market. I can't see anyone buying NFW, Raven, etc. and just putting them into the showcase.

Somtimes people buy stuff just to know the "secret". That sometimes keeps on and on until that person has a huge pile of tricks that he does not use.

BUT...there are dealers today who make really good stuff and are surely ranked as collectors props, i.e. Vikings, Douglas Tillford...

I must also share that I have this crazy hobby of collecting TT, big and small, good and bad, white and black, soft and hard...and so on.

I also have the oldest TT. I also have one that is made of wood.

But I must say that if one has a hobby of collecting new magic tricks it is a very, very expensive hobby.

T. Smile
Dave Egleston
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I collect books, both new and antiques. Last year I probably averaged $350 per month on books—and yes, it is a source of embarrassment to have books in my library that I've not got around to reading yet.

This year it seems that the production of high class, finely produced books has slowed down, and my spending is a little more than half of last years.

And lastly, I don't feel any guilt about being able to buy these books—I like them.

Marshall Thornside
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I don't like to collect actually. Everything I have found amongst my parent's stuff was things that was either my mother or father has personally received from a magician or related to them thru them working with a particular person/magician.

Our house is not filled with magic collected items because they are collectable. and many truly are. Everything in the house [small to large items - including posters] has a direct history to this family.

We go to the Magic Collectors Weekend when its in Chicago and We enjoy it greatly. We see things and look at books and Sheet Music [my main thing]. Meet up with people my p's know, dad's friend from the Dante show days, Blackstone, Sr era etc etc. It’s truly more exciting for me to learn and collect knowledge than to own it.

So I spend $0 a month. Because I have more than what the average collector cannot buy.
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I generally collect items for the historical value instead of its rarity. For example, I have the program to the first IBM convention. The bonus is that it was signed by many of the attending magicians. Still, the fact it is for the first IBM convention is what makes if so valuable to me. So when I look for new items to add to my collect I look for things that may have historical value - even if the item is new.
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About two years ago, I started collecting Magic on Stamps but stopped last year. There are still items that I don't have.

I have been a collector of many things not magical before. The beauty of collecting for me seems to be the way we have acquired an item. Aside from the individual history of each item, there is also a special attachment as to how the acquisition transpired. Smile
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Myself..I collect many things..but then again I sell alot of them on E-Bay and my own private auction site as well.

I mostly buy books and DVD's. I love reading books on magic to continue to fill my lil cup with knowledge. As for DVD's I probably have just over 200. But I also have stuff that is not even out on DVD yet or may never be. I went through the pain stakingly task of transfering (so far) about 0% of the videos I owned oto DVD. PLus I have MANY specials that appeared on TV and have made them to DVD.

The books I like for the knowledge and the DVD's I Like more to watch the performances to see how the pros have refined their tricks to make them work the best possible way for their audience. I think watching a person work is as important than learing new tricks.

We all know enough tricks. But it is a matter of how to use them!

Collecting..I also collect celebrity autographs..probably have (i think now) 1000+ but then again that is my busines as well. I am constantly traveling between Boston & New York chasing celebrities. If anyone has any interest in this area please e-mail me directly the imortal words of Stan Lee..
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It's neat for us OL' TIMERS to find an old piece of apparatus or a book we had when we were very young--it's the proven psychological pattern of trying to repurchase the happy memories of our youth.
Larry Barnowsky
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I have one important criteria for collecting appartus. It should be something I can perform with today. My favorite items are from Owen and Thayer but I like the old Massey effects and the better old stuff from Abbott. Of the newer magic being made, I love some of the very creative and exceptionally well engineered effects by Dick Gerlitz, a true artist.
Scott Wells
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If you are looking to collect something that costs you nothing, then start collecting magicians' business cards. They are free and readily accessible. And who knows? They may one day be valuable. Like many of the cards I have received directly from the likes of Dai Vernon and Harry Blackstone, Jr. and William Larsen, etc.

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I'm sort of like Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory" with his "Catcher in the Rye" books. I buy every "Magic Handbook" (Science and Mechanics) I can get my hands on. I also like to get copies of "The Magic Show" soundtracks with the hexaflexagon still inside.

Anoshte almost free collectible is signed playing cards. It's fun to try and assign a particular card to a performer's personality.

Amos McCormick

I realize that "anoshte" isn't a word... I think that's supposed to be "another".

Amos McCormick
Things are more like they are today than they've ever been before...
Scott Wells
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I might also suggest an inexpensive way to enter the collecting world is to start collecting posters of our contemporaries such as David Copperfield, Franz Harary, Kevin James, Lance Burton, etc. Certainly the older posters are more rare and valuable, but who knows? Maybe some day those Ricky Jay posters might be valuable.

Wait a minute...they already are! My plan is coming together nicely, heh, heh.
"A magician who isn't working is only fooling himself." - Scott Wells, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star

The Magic Word podcast: Listen to convention coverage, interviews with magicians, pictures, videos and more.

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Rob Johnston
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Books. That seems to be what I am collecting mostly. Magic books keep their value better than any other books I own.

Early editions are the way to go, as well as out of print material. People pay quite a bit for out of print goods.
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