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Wil Castor
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Hello all, I have been asked to haunt the home of a friend of mine for a Halloween party this October and the story below is the idea I am working with right now. If you have any suggestions be they methods or presentation or adjustment to the story they would be warmly welcomed as this will be my first show of this sort. The home is a wonderful 2 story plus full basement house built in 1913 and will work marvelously as a scary place to frame the evening around. I am thinking along the lines of each person bringing an item that might contain a spirit to release in honor of the occasion with full intention of returning it to the abyss at the end of the evening but something goes wrong as we encounter an unruly ghost. Read on and let me know what you think, I am certain I can use all the help I can muster. Thanks and best wishes to you all!

A Halloween party… innocent debauchery and merriment. Each guest invited to bring with them a trinket, antique or something else they think might contain a spirit. There will be a ritual and though undecided upon invitation everyone looks forward to it. As guests arrive they find the usual digs… food and alcohol abound and deep base rhythms roll through the old house inciting dance.

At 9 a large bell rings and the ceremony begins… each year at Samhain the spirits are allowed to play… from sunset till the turn of midnight, the darkness is theirs… Each of us has brought a spirit from our personal lives, let the ceremony begin, let us release our haints and allow them play….we will return them to their home at the stroke of 12. Now, join me as we haunt this house. A brief ritual of some sort involving fire and or manifestation takes place and a cold draft rolls through the room causing some to shiver. But soon the moment ends and the party continues.

Only then does the really strange stuff start to happen… A ouija board is present and begins responding quite powerfully… a strange fog settles over the yard or perhaps even in the house… candles light and go out on their own, things fall, a voice is heard wailing… the ghosts have become a part of the party… things get progressively creepier as midnight closes in.

Finally at 12 it is time to retire the spirits. A strong feeling of tension pervades as everyone prepares to return their spirit to its home in the ether but one entity in particular seems bent on staying. It seems he likes it in the house and wont leave. Random happenings become more violent, someone is shoved by and unseen force, a door slams, faucets all spring to life at once. The fog once outside now creeps in through the vents. The phone rings, a whisper is heard and it goes dead… pounding and scratching at the front door go from almost inaudible to shaking the whole home as the magi strives to set things right. His ritual grows darker and the spell more ferocious as the intensity of the moment is increased… white noise and static grow as background noise almost sounding like a million voices whispering at once from beyond as the magi shouts his spell over it then slamming his staff/wand into the table with a crash he shouts, collapses and everything suddenly goes still and silent as the power flashes off leaving everyone in darkness…

Slowly the party resumes as the air is cleared and blessings are performed on the room and the house itself to cleanse the energy.
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Do you have access to Rick Maue's book?
Wil Castor
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No unfortunatly I don't but I am going to be building a library or refference while working on this project and I have a bit of time so please pass onthe title for that or any other book that should be considered a necessity for this.

I am looking for other suggestions for additions to or revisions of the story as well. I can figure out a method for most things with a little work and have carte blanc as far as time preparing the house goes. I will also have two or possible three helpers as this is a big house and a lot of people. None of them will know everything though just that they should do specific things at specific times. So again all suggestions are welcomed, thanks for all the great input so far, my wheels are spinning! Smile
Pain is the craft entering into the apprentice.
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I think you're on to a good idea here, kind of like a customized haunted house. I definitely think you're smart to use the helpers because something of this magnitude will require a few extra pairs of hands.

The voices could be fed through the vents as well. That could give the effect of the voices coming from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. It might be more creepy if you could have the voices use the names of people there.

Definitely increase the pace of the hauntings as it gets to the end. It'll bring your audience up to a panic and then let them down hard. That should give them a powerful fear effect.

I'm looking forward to hearing how this goes. Good luck!
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Haunting the whole house for a party while creating the personalization of a seance may not work. Let me elaborate. If people bring a trinket or antique, they'll want it back. And if these items are center stage when "the lights go out" they could easily get damaged. Additionally, given the light hearted nature of the haunting, some people may get miffed if dear Aunt Emma's memory is treated so trivially.

It might be safer to hand out items that will attract/repel/reveal the troublesome spirit that has moved into the house. Of cource you cannot let them wander without some warnings. So you explain that they should be careful around the darker areas of the house. To listen for the sounds of spirit activity. A sudden drop in temperature usually precedes any strong activity, as the spirit has to pull heat/energy from the room in order to effect anything in the material world. Et cetera.

Just my thoughts on the concept,
Kenn Capman
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You are addressing two distinct and mutually exclusive booking events here.

First, creating the feeling of a 'haunted house' is quite different, theatrically and psychologically, than creating a convincing atmosphere for a seance.

Unless you want both events to be viewed as broad 'tongue in cheek' standard Halloween stunts, they should not be performed together.

It works in the movies, but movies use paid actors, not real audience members.
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