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Columbia, Maryland
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Profile of tpax
Vanishing Hankie (TT & Silk)
Cigarette pull (Started in my 20's!)
Scotch and Soda
Royal Road
Svengali deck
Invisible deck
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Agent of Chaos
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On 2006-06-03 17:45, MagicB1S wrote:
I have been in this business now for 24 years and you guys are describing my act to a tee. and this is suppose to be beginners magic.... wow... Maybe I should up- date my routine.

too funny!
If this has been your act for 24 years you must be doing SOMETHING right!

*due to The Magic Cafe's editorial policies, words on this site attributed to me cannot necessarily be held to be my own.*
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NJ, U.S.
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Profile of Jaz
Nickles to Dimes.
Dime & Penny.
Coin in Nest of Boxes.
Steel Ball & Tube.
TT & Silk.
Crazy Cube.
Hot Rod.
Svengali Deck.
Color Monte.

Wax and Flash Paper too.
Kevin Hamilton
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New Orleans
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When I was 10 ( I am 36 now ) my family went to Disneyland in California. I got my first magic set there which included:
A marked stripper deck
Chinese Wands
Chinese Linking Rings
Pencil through the card frame
Dime through the rubber sheet
and various other items I can't seem to recall right now.

Beyond that:
Svengali deck
Nickles to Dimes
Sponge Balls
Hot Rod
Ball Tube
Bobo's Modern Coin Magic
Hugard's Encyclopedia of Card Magic
Bill Tarr's Now You See it...
Amature Magicians Handbook

All of which I still had and used till about a little over a year ago when flooding from Katrina ruined all of my close-up stuff.

Mogwai II
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The Alpes
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The first things I bought in a magic store were:

The key where you could take off a part and link rings to it.
The Tenyo Trick where a little sword penetrates a ring. (great concept!)
Invisible Deck (I never used it though, till I got serious about magic)
A rope trick where you could make knots in the shape of a square or a circle, and then pull these off the rope.

All of them I still have. The Tenyo Trick, I modified a little bit, and still use it sometimes to fool magicians!! Really!!
"You'll wonder when he comes, you'll wonder more when he's gone..."
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Cornwall, Ontario, Canada
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Profile of gardini
Hi, My first tricks were,

1. Svengali Deck
2. Stripper deck
3. invisble thread & putty
4. universal pull
5. set of sponge balls
6. 1.5 inch billard balls
7. lighted cigerette pull
8. devils hankerchief
9. Small mirrored production box
10. Thumb tip And silk

The sponge balls must be my favorite though.

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Profile of Malus
1. Hummer's Whirling Card
2. Scotch & Soda
3. Greed
4. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
5. Card College Vol.1
6. Magic and Showmanship by Henning Nelms
7. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic

+ a few decks of cards and some half dollars
That is all I have now. I believe these will keep me busy for quite a while.
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Raleigh, NC
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Profile of KyleThorson
The first trick I remember buying as a kid was the Haunted Hank. I really thought it was a cool trick and then that night my dad pulled off the same effect at the dinner table with his napkin... I was stunned... Smile

robert bianchi
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New Jersey
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Magic Coin Box.

Still gets a great reaction.
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PEI, Canada
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Profile of jolly12
It seems most people begin with relatively the same tricks, myself included
Svengali Deck
Invisible Deck
Nickels to Dimes
Stripper Deck
Sponge Balls
Chinese Sticks
The Yot

Still all keep me going, along with some others I have picked up along the way
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I've said very little in
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Profile of Wes65
I got a magic kit when I was somewhere between 8 and 10. It had a set of red, yellow, and blue plastic cups and balls, a TT, ropes for the professor's nightmare, some orange and white checkered bags for a version of nest of boxes only with bags and some other stuff I can't remember.

Most of my early tricks were cheap EZ Magic brand stuff that I can't remember. What I can remember is linking rings, spiked coin, finger chopper, hot rods, rice bowls, egg bags and sponge ball. I bought the sponge balls on vacation in Gatlinburg. I remember pushing on the balls thought a window in the box they came in thing they would disappear or something magical would happen.

The two things I have left from when I was a kid are Scotch and Soda and the Flexible Mirror (I saw Doug Henning do the flexible mirror so I spent every dime I had on it.)
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Fisher Price Magic set, can now be found various places!!! I just received mine, as it was my first as well!!
JC Johns
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Annapolis, MD, USA
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1) TT and silk
2) Scotch and Soda
3) Royal Road
4) Sponge Balls
5) Tarbell Vol 1
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Profile of Obviously
My first set was an Adams Advanced Magic Set, which was of extremely high quality relative to today's standards. Included:
1)Svengali deck
2)Appearing card frame
3)Hindu Rope Suspension??(with real glass vase and thick, stiff rope)
4)Card Locator (index for stacked deck)
5)Siberion Chain Escape (Good thick links with seamless rings)
6)Chinese Rice Bowls
7)Zip Zip Balls (version of grandmothers necklace type effect)
8)Rubber sheet coin penetration (with real glass shotglass provided)
9)Crazy Cube??? (early mental effect w/dice like die-cipher)
10) Pencil thru buttonhole (Can't remove without secret)
11)Multiplying sponge rabbits
12)Chinese linking rings
13)Gravity defying wand (sand filled)
Clear instruction booklet with several other effects.
I have never seen a set of such quality props and solid effects since!
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Well this thread ought never to die, in my opinion.!
With that in mind, here's mine. I haven't bought ten tricks as such but more than ten magic buys already, for sure. I have so many card decks after seeing a local classified selling bicycle blues for 1 pound! I bought them all...120 of them! Anyway, here's the list..
The Royal Road to Card Magic, Pack of goshman sponge balls, cards(!!!), Coin shell,cups and balls set,thumb tips, more cards!
Now looking at getting
Set of coins and expanded shell

There's always something else to try and I want to try as many as possible before I settle on what suits me.
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Those who think that magic consists of doing tricks are strangers to magic. Tricks are only the crude residue from which the lifeblood of magic has been drained."
- S.H. Sharpe
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Profile of debjit
1. Ring & Chain
2. Flash Paper
3. Appearing Wand
4. Cups and Balls
5. Pull for Pen Vanish
6. Bite out Coin
7. Buddha Money Mystery
8. The Imp Bottle
9. Sponge Ball to Square
10. Svengali deck
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Profile of ValeCavaliero
Coin in bottle
Multiplying bottles
Ultra Mental deck
Hopping Half
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Profile of Wx4usa
Brings back memories. Fun reading this thread,
1. Cups and balls with one being a chop cup
2. TT and silk.
3. Scotch and soda
4. Svengali.
5. Invisible deck
6. Not really magic I suppose, 3 shell game.
7. Hopping half

I carry the TT and silk everywhere.
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Profile of paradix88
I learnt card magic from my grandfather so never really “bought” my first beginner tricks - they were all simple stuff with a regular deck of cards. I guess I bought 100 plain decks of cards before I ever bought a shop magic trick! That would have been my first gaff deck (before that I made all my own gimmicks). I still remember my first beginner go-to tricks though. Grandad never taught me the history so I don’t know how to credit them sorry!
1. Classic force and reveal
2. Reversing a spec’s chosen card in the deck by flipping the bottom card and flipping the deck before they return it - I still use this and still don’t know what it’s called!
3. A one-phase ambitious card routine Smile (Marlo tilt and shuffle top card to bottom)
4. A simple “triumph” kind of effect where you look like you’re putting some cards face up and some face down but the cards are not really mixed - that one still fools people too!
5. 21 cards
Greg Kiefer
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Profile of Greg Kiefer
1. Loop pencil trick (not sure if this is the correct’s a loop attached to the pencil that you inert in the button hole of your shirt). More of a puzzle than a trick.
2. Nickels to dimes.
3. Penny to dime
4. Scares magic book
5. TV Magic cards from Marshall Brodien.
Fun times when I was a child trying to impress my siblings. There was 6 of us Smile
The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes)
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