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The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes) Printer Friendly Version

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Profile of Jordini
Actually, my older brother used to do magic at my birthday parties when I was really young, so I have some 20-year-old classics.

I used to use the crystal tube (self-tying silks)

Chinese Linking Rings (never very good at these as a child)

Some others I can't remember. One of MY first tricks was Zone Infinity, where a solid key goes through a spectator's borrowed quarter. Very neat.

I also used the Floating Match Trick and a stiff rope that turns into a silk. Oh yeah, and I bought all four JawDroppers tapes. I think that the Haunted Bill (self-folding dollar) is such a great effect!!
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Toronto, Canada
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Profile of Bong780
The most early effects when I start my teen years:

Svengali Deck
Stripper Deck
Mental Photography Deck
Cups and balls
Sponge balls
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Seattle, Wa
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Profile of zaubern
  1. Adams Coin Penetration
  2. Adams Die Cipher
  3. Needle Through Arm
  4. Dime and Penny
  5. TT
  6. Svengali Deck
  7. Arm Chopper
  8. Various videos
Wow, that's a strange list!!
Zaubern Smile
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Profile of Mistro
Here are mine:

Nickels to Dimes
Dime and Penny
Crazy Cube
Dice Bomb
Plastic Cups and Balls
And my very, very first Magic trick...Ball and Vase!
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Profile of juan
  • Vanish a silk with TT
  • I don't know the name in USA: a plastic box with two dice, and can guess the result before shaking them
  • Svengali Deck
  • Disappearing Pen
  • Stripper Deck
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Cincinnati, Ohio
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Profile of pasteboardforbrains
I've always been pretty much a sleight guy, but I did buy Floating Bill, Run-away Joker, ID, and Svengali relatively earlier.
Parker Caldwell

sigh... nothing to quote
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Olympia, Washington
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Profile of taller8
  1. Dime Thru Rubber Sheet
  2. Sponge Rabbits
  3. Svengali Deck
  4. Mental Photo Deck
  5. Hot Rod
  6. Cups and Balls (never really got it down)
  7. Hopping Halves
  8. Sponge Balls
  9. TT
  10. Changing Color Silk
And these are still some of the best tricks I own. The classics never lose their value.
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Turlock, CA
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Profile of magical65stang
I had always loved magic but never had the money to try it out. I would have to blame Vegas for catching me with opportunity to get started. I got Pen Through Bill and S&S while I was there. I played with S&S the entire plane flight home. My wife from that plane flight knew that she was going to be my practice partner forever.
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Profile of RiffClown
My first ever magic prop was an appearing cane that a magician left in the auditorium after the show. I was told I could have the confetti and streamers and found the cane in one of the piles.

My first purchases were:
Svengali Deck
Deland's Automatic Deck
Coin Penetration Box
Double-headed Quarter
Flash paper
Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
<BR>Magic is not the method, but the presentation.
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Profile of WandSpin
Sadly, it was a TT. Got it in a novelty store. I say sadly, because I don't think this should be sold there.

But, most kids see how funny it looks (they're usually very dark in color) and don't bother with it. So, when you use one, they don't suspect it because we shade it so well.
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Profile of Eddini_81976
Wow what great stuff people, thanks, Ed, (Eddini). Smile Smile Smile
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
Scott Ocheltree
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Profile of Scott Ocheltree
I remember coveting the Marshall Brodien magic sets that several of my friends had. I would play with them for hours. When I was 12 (kind of old for this kind of stuff wasn't I?) I begged my mother for the "Deluxe" magic set from the Sears catalog. It was really cool! The cardboard box it came in was printed to look like an old wooden chest. I can't remember everything it had in it but here's a partial list:
  • 5" set of Linking Rings
  • Color Vision Cube
  • Penetration Frame
  • Marked Deck
  • Drawer Box
  • Genii Bottle (the kind with a rope that stays in)
  • Little Brown Jug (lotta bowl)
  • Siberian Chain Escape
If you watch my video clip of me performing Metamorphosis you will see the Siberian Chain escape that came in that original magic set.

I wish I had kept the rest of the set, but I pretty much played it out. My mother likes to tell the story of how she almost bought me the cheaper set, but changed her mind at the last minute. She says she never saw anyone get so many hours out of a Christmas toy before or since.
Reis O'Brien
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Seattle, WA
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Profile of Reis O'Brien
I was immediately drawn to packet tricks. Princess, Aces to Kings, Switcheroo, that kind of stuff. I now have a wallet full of packet card tricks, but as I get better, the less I use them, preferring to stick with an ungaffed pack of bikes. The first thing I bought was a very cheap stripper deck. It blew me away! Now I look and laugh at that! I also got a TT early on and I could go anywhere with out making something small disappear! I was such a dork back then. And by "back then" I mean a year ago! Ugh.
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Profile of Eddini_81976
A couple of other first time tricks I bought were...
  1. A six dollar set of ungimmicked handcuffs for escapes (the cheap ones).
  2. This trick with two tubes one fitting inside the other. You then line up the holes on each tube and thread a steel bar through the two tubes. You then hit the top of the tubes and the smaller tube (the inner most tube) falls free from the steel bar. (Brass Tube Release I think it's called but mine was made out of plastic, but works the same way).
  3. Tony Hassini's Party Magic video.
  4. A cardtoon deck I got for Christmas.
  5. The "Coin Thru Bottle" trick, that I got for Christmas. Actually I got Cardtoon, Coin in Bottle, and Scotch and Soda all on the same christmas.
Any other first purchase things that people have got here?

Ed, (Eddini). Smile Smile Smile
"Treat Others As You'd Want To Be Treated" - Jesus Christ
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Eternal Order
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Profile of Dynamike
On 2003-09-30 00:22, Scott Ocheltree wrote:
I remember coveting the Marshall Brodien magic sets that several of my friends had. I would play with them for hours. When I was 12 (kind of old for this kind of stuff wasn't I?)

Wow Scott, I started off with the same guy at the same age. I had the magic set with the rice bowl.
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Profile of erictan8888
Hi, I got introduced into magic when I was eight years old and was wandering around in a bookshop when I saw this counter set up by a magician and spent the money my mum gave me for books on a Svengali Deck...hee hee Smile

My next few purchases were: Stripper Deck, Flap Monte and a small coin holder which has a false slot.

eric Smile
"Fill you life with magic by making magic a part of your life." by eric tan.
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Profile of elgranmago
The Cups and Balls (plastic)
Svengali Deck
Color Changing Silks
"It´s kind of fun to do the impossible". Walt Disney
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Profile of oldguy
I grew up 80 miles from the nearest magic store. So my new tricks were few. I think I first learned tricks from a Popular Mechanics book on magic. I had a Nest of Boxes for coins, Dimes to Nickels, and Multiplying Golf Balls when I was about 12 but I don't remember where I got them. I got a magic kit for Christmas one year. My first trick was a variation of slip force that I've never seen in print that my uncle taught me and still fools them. I remember getting in trouble for cutting a notch in the lining of a handkerchief so I could insert a match for one trick. Best I can do. Tom
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Profile of rlk7
My first things that I purchased were:
Stripper Deck and booklet
Sponge Balls
Stealth Pen
Royal Road to Card magic

All good choices, still use the sponge balls, stealth pen and the RRTCM is a good reference book, too.
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Profile of El_Lamo
My klutz book had a thumb tip and silk.

And this great piece for coin through it. (I wish my piece hadn't worn out.)

So that's two.

Kamillion Koins
Stripper Deck
Quarter Bite
A Twonie / Centavo and some centavos
Okito Box (Loonie size)
Sponge bunnies !!!
Mouth Coils

Lots of books and pamphlets of course.

Cheers - El Lamo
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The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes)
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