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The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes) Printer Friendly Version

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Kirksville, Missouri
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My parents bought me the Blackstone Magic Set back in around 1982. I was pretty young at the time. I don't remember what in particular drew me to ask for it. Some of my favorites from that:

* Rope and Vase
* Ball and Vase

Later, they bought me some really great little Fisher-Price magic tricks:

* Card Box
* Glass of Milk to Candy/Disappearing Water

A few magic sets, a few trips to the magic shop, and many orders from Abbott's Magic catalogue later, and it was all uphill from there.
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As a kid I bought the usual cheapo magic sets with paddles, gaffed matchboxes etc., the sort of stuff it's fun to play with but hard to make impressive (for an 8 year old with a practice-allergy).

Starting out again recently and taking things a bit more seriously.

Svengali Deck
Invisible Deck
TT (still haven't found one I'm really confident with though!)

But while it's not a "trick" as such my best purchase so far has been Royal Road to Card Magic.
andre combrinck
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South Africa
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Hocus Pocus magic set
Draw Box
Cups and Balls(plastic)
After this I bought card tricks like Svengali deck,and knowing this priciple I was blown away by seeing Mental Photography.
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Batavia, Ohio
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1)Coloring Book
2)Production/Mirror Box
3)12, 12" Silks
4)Thumb Tip
5)Sponge Balls
6)50' of Rope
7)Mark Wilsons Book Complete Course in Magic
8)Tarbell 1
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M. Thatcher
Vanished Zauberer
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First off I got a

Svengali deck
TT and Silk
Coin through latex (find the hole?)
Linking Rings
Bitten Loony

that's about the very very first things I got. I've been learning/doing/perfecting card tricks for a long, long time...
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First bought trick was a plastic nail through coin box from Burger King-I didn't buy anything for a long time after that. Let's see-skip ahead 10 years, when I got lost driving home and found a magic shop, and bought nickels to dimes, slush powder, and the Mark Wilson Book. The book lead to Scotch and Soda, Expanded Shell, and a quarter slide. Somewhere in those return trips I got another nickels to dimes (Where did that first ring ever go?) Stripper deck (still have and use b/c I just can't let those worn out cards go), and my color die box which I still keep in my backpack.

I also want to add that I'll bet most of us could do a great show with half of any one of the lists posted here.
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San Jose, Ca
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Hahahaha....this post is great.

Ummm...svengalli, nickels to dimes, hyrum (glorpy), color vision, ball & vase, change bag, and the color changing rope!

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Wow, cool thread.
well here it goes.........

"easy card tricks" red book.
a pack of taloon playing cards
then more taloon cards
then bikes off a mate from work.
then a Svengali deck.
then a deck with a hole in and some ribbon..(cool).
then some more TTs (all mine get trash quickly)
indian thread reel
expert card technique
expert at the card table
royal road.

and it goes on and on and on.................
and I have only been it for 8 months...
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Newark NJ
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Profile of Will-Ace
Invisible Deck
Insurance Policy
Three Card Monte
Sponge Balls
Multiplying spnge balls
Ball And Tube
Appearing Candle
Thumb Tip
Art of Card Manipulation videos
Daryl's Encyclopedia of Card Sleights
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I started with a
-steel ball and tube
-cups and balls
-hot rod
-svengali deck
-magic coloring book

The hot rod is still one of my favorites.
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Ossining, New York
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Hot Rod
Color Monte
Invisible Deck
Scotch & Soda

...only use the color monte today

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Wow thanks guys, and gals for keeping this topic alive. I also love see the variety of people's beginners tricks out of everyone here. YOU ALL ROCK ON!!!...lol. Ed, (Eddini).

How about any escape items as some of your first tricks? I got the Siberian Chain Escape, in that Magic Set I mentioned originally. Ed, (Eddini).
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Reis O'Brien
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Seattle, WA
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I, too, bought a really cheap siberian chain escape and a set of those handcuffs from Wal-Mart. You know the kind I mean! *wink wink* They're cheesey, but they helped me get truly bitten by the escape bug.
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Honolulu, Hawaii
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Deland's Marked and Stripper Deck
Plastic set of Cups & Balls
Popcorn Box (I thought it was a cheap version of Soft Soap)
Plastic Paddles (rabbits & circle to square version)
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Munich, Germany
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Profile of alekz
10 packs of cards.. Smile

And by now I have bought:

- 2 sponge balls
- 5 2-euro coins (they did only cost 10 euro!)
- a TT
- a whole lot of rubber bands from my mom's work
- a hindu thread reel (also from my mom Smile )
- matches
- even more packs of cards. and I made myself an invisible deck.

So far. But I'll concentrate on cards in the beginning Smile
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When I started out I was eight years old and I read magic books. I built my first magic show out of coffie cans and cardboard tubes...

The first magic shop I went to was Magic Inc. It was close to Oak Lawn where I grew up. But not that close.

The first real trick in my show was my Dads old Die box that I earned the right to use when I turned 13 and was doing birthday parties on a regular basis.

I still have and use that old die box.

The other store trick was an adams penatration frame. The other tricks were things like the misers dream and the cut and restore rope.

My cups and balls were just three plastic cups and I did not do loads in those days.

Not a funny show but a happy show...

Glenn Bishop
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I cant remember the initial 10 but I do remember the first trick I bought at a magic shop was scotch and soda

I cant believe I was such a dork I carried that thing around all the time...come to think of it those were the days when I used to load up my pockets with cards. packet tricks, coin tricks, tt and hanky, rubber bands, etc...

my pockets were bulging...

heh now I just walk around with a single deck and some coins lol
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I predict that I now have
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Here are my first 10 or 11 that I ever bought myself.

plastic cups and balls
cut and restored silk in paper tube (actually TT)
salt vanish (actually clear pill bottle instead of TT)
finger chopper
Buddah papers
glass suspension (Adams)
smoke from fingertips (Adams)
Cat's Eye (marble escapes from plastic box)
Rice Bowls
Delilah the Disillusioned Duck

Harry Murphy
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My very first magic purchase was a used book at a bookstore! I was 12, it cost a big $1.50 (no sales tax in those days!), and it was Bruce Elliott’s “Classic Secrets of Magic”.

From it, I made an Egg Bag (I actually sewed it myself with my dear Sainted Mother’s guidance) and prepared (blew) a dozen eggs. From it I gimmicked a spool of thread (provided by that same sweet and supportive mother), and bought a couple of packets of razor blades for the Razor Blade trick (yes my parents allowed this, my father dulled the blades for me with a file and when I did the trick for him it boggled his mind! He loved it! But times were different and people smoked, ate red meat, and used real butter on white bread!).

I also bought several Corn Cob pipes (less than a quarter each in those days and NO ONE thought anything of an 12-year-old kid buying four corncob pipes! Times were truly different!) and the necessary “stuff” for the Corn Cob Pipes trick.

My first store bought magic prop was a Die Box.

I toured with a carnival for an entire summer season (with my Uncle who ran a “flat show”) performing, for pay, with just those props. Razor Blades, Corncob Pipes, and Die Box was my inside act. Egg Bag and a Broom Suspension (belonged to the 10-in1 operator) was my “outside” act to gather the tip. I had spent the summer before with my uncle and the operator borrowed me to fill a spot when an alcoholic magician took a hike. I used the props left by that magician and the operator drilled the act into my head. Today it would be considered child abuse and the courts would have taken me away, put my parents and uncle into jail for subjecting me to such an environment, and closed down the Ten-in-One! But it was then, and I got hooked on magic performing instead! Yea!

My second store bought magic trick was Moore’s “Linking Ropes”. Over the next few years I bought miles of thick magicians rope (½ inch, remember when you could get thick magicians rope?) and added “Cut and Restored Rope”, “Rope Through Body” (from an Grant booklet “Nite Club Routines” a Christmas gift from my parents). All added to my feeble repertory.

Don Boles, another carnival magician, and I crossed paths when I was in my late teens (16 I think). He gave me some Rice booklets (The “Keith Clark” acts, “Thru the Die Tube”, “Capers with Colors”, and others, I still have them) and had me buy some scarves to add color to the act.

Don also spent some time to teach me a straightforward Cups and Balls routine (and gave me a set of spun aluminum cups – I still have them) and the Professor Cheer’s Rope routine (had me make the necessary props). He also gave me and old U. F. Grant set of “Chink Cans” they were well used but still serviceable. They were central to his act and he carried several sets.

But most importantly Don gave me some very sharp critique and some excellent performing advice. He showed me how to sell my act to churches and schools so that I could double my money when the carnival hit a town. He was an open, giving, funny and fun man on top of being a very good magician. And could steal a tip away from me in an instant (and did!)!

So what did I buy during my first five or six years in magic? I bought a book, a Die Box, some magician’s rope, and a set of Linking Ropes.

I added a homemade egg bag, a homemade Professor Cheers prop, some corncob pipes, 11 silver dollar coins for a Misers Dream (out of the book!), and some silk scarves (from a five and dime not a magic store).

I was given a set of Cups and Balls, a set of Chink Cans, several great booklets and pamphlets, and some great advice.

I think that I had spent maybe $25.00 to get started and maybe another $50.00 for consumable props over the next five years (but then that is late 50’s and early 60’s dollars!). And I got paid to perform magic!

I think that all of my magic then could be considered “beginners tricks” in terms of the degree of difficulty in learning the methodology of the trick. However, it is not the degree of difficulty in slight, technique, or methodology that makes a trick a beginners trick. It is the level of performance you take it to, i.e., what you do with that trick. Even an automatic, mechanical, box trick can turn into an entertaining miracle in the right hands. And an entertaining miracle is NOT a beginner’s trick!
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Bangalore, India
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My first set of props came from a childrens' magic kit called "Learn Magic". It came with a lot of neat stuff like the Professor's Nightmare, Cups & Balls (plastic), etc.

The one thing that I learned from that kit and I still use consistently is the standard English Cut & Restored Rope (That's what they called it!).

As regards my first "professional prop," it was Future Fungus, and Wonder (Milk) Glass. And then there was the Sweet Box. After that things happened too fast... Didn't know in which order the rest of them came in ;-)

As regards books, Harry Baron's Magic for Beginners was among the first prominent books. Followed by "Making Magic" (Edwin A. Dawes & Arthur Setterington) and Henry Hay's "Amateur Magician's Handbook".
Nakul Shenoy
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The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes)
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