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The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes) Printer Friendly Version

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No More Room In Hell..
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Profile of latentimage
My first tricks I can remember buying were

1-Svengali Deck
2-Nickles To Dimes
3-Penetration Frame
4-Dime and Penny
5-Invisable Thread
6-Dove Bag
7-Ink to Goldfish
8-Invisable Deck
9-Chinese Sticks (very very cheap)
10-Slush Powder

Those are about all I remember as being my first tricks, but they are definatly what got me started. Nickles to Dimes seems to be a favorite Smile
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Profile of GavinK
I started out with cups and balls and a kit. You've got some good choices too though.
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Profile of Bohh
I started out when I was small. I got plastic cups and a pom pom ball. It died away and lost intrest. Later in grade school, I ordered a little container where someone would put a dollar in and it would change to water. I also had a case that made cards vanish.

For Christmas I got a magic set but I didn't do much with it.

Just recently I've really gotten interested again, and possibly want to make this a career.

I purchased:

Stealth Pen
Folding Coin
Brainwave Deck
Sponge Balls
Sponge Ball DVD
Royal Road to Card Magic
Expert Card Technique
Bobo's Coin Magic
Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
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Northern New Jersey
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Profile of thk5353
Stealth Pen
Sponge Ball
Michael Skinner's 3 card monte
Presto Printo
Svengali, Stripper, and Invisible Deck
No strings attached
Richard Lucas
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TX fornow- MemberMagicCastle'65-'88
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Profile of Richard Lucas
Nickles to Dimes
Half Dollar into a small nest of boxes in my coat.
Linking Rings
Dime & Penny
Svengali Deck
Stripper Deck
The Royal Road to Card Magic
Expert at The Card Table
Half Dollar into a bottle of Coca Cola
Snake silk and reel that untied itself - it made so much noise it could only be used for stage magic. It broke before I could use it, but now with the new noiseledd ITR's it could be resurected, but it seems out of place and magic from the olden days (as my daughter would say).

That was in another life, 40 years ago. Today there is an entirely new magic world available.
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It's taken me 10+ years to make
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Profile of Vick
Harry Murphy - that's an excellent story, much thanks for sharing it
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Profile of BigJ
The first item I bought was a Wil Dexter book which I've still got somewhere and sometimes refer to.
I was also given a small magic set which I still have but no longer use. I'll let my son use it if he shows an interest.
When I returned after a 20 year break I bought the Royal Road to Card Magic,sponge balls and coin unique

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Profile of MagicAces
Gosh, I can't remember.
The first book I bought was Bobo's at Borders book store. Still haven't read the whole thing(lol).
I didn't have much money so I never really bought anything, I always just watched what ever came on TV and would do my darnest to try and figure it out.
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Memphi, on the Mighty Muddy
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Profile of constantine
My first tricks were Pringle Aces...Chinese Sticks...and a huge Prayer Vase,sold to me by a fine gentelman named Bill Johnson who passed away Saturday.
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—Jefferson Randolph “Soapy” Smith
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Profile of Mindbender
Great lists!

Some of my first purchases were:

Hot rod
Coil and ring
Invisible deck
Viz escape (Royal Magic)
Stripper deck
Professor's nightmare
Flash dice
Magnetic TT
Cardtoon deck
color monte
Moonlit Knight
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Profile of Moonlit Knight
Fortunately, when I began my interest in magic I was posed an excellent question by the owner of a now defunct magic shop. Perhaps the owner’s philosophy was the reason the place is no more. You see, when I entered the first time, I was bug-eyed with all the wonders available and wanted to purchase a few of the items but he asked me - “what do you want to do? Do you just want a few tricks to fool your friends or do want to really learn magic?” When I answered that “I really want to learn magic“, he refused to sell me any of the tricks and instead sold me Bill Tarr’s “Now You See It, Now You Don’t” saying that once I learned what was contained and could show him such, he would then sell me the tricks I was interested in. That man changed my life. Unfortunately, it seems there aren't many like him around. I think we know why - bad business if one is depending on the quick sale.

The first 5 non-book magic purchases were the “Sponge Balls“, “Multiplying Sponge Balls”, “Color Monty”, “Hot Rod“ and a “Split O’ Nickel”.
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Profile of JohnDoh
Svengali Deck
Cheap Handcuffs
Cups & Balls
Deland's Automatic Deck
Nickles to Dimes
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Profile of locas
Stealth Pen
Invisible Deck
Stripper Deck
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Profile of InZen
Complete card magic Vol 1-7(Which covers all my card tricks)
Stealth Pen
Dynamic Coins
Royal Road to Card Magic
3 Ring Circus
Whose afriad of invisible thread
Bill Thomas
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Profile of Bill Thomas
Sponge Rabbits
Scotch and Soda
TT and silk
Cups and balls
Nickles to Dimes
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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Profile of magicHart
My first tricks were from a little novelty/magic shop on the boardwalk in Ocean City NJ.

1. Color Vision Box
2. penetration frame
3. cups and balls
4. Svengali deck
5. snake can

one other that just came to bind was Adam's Ball in Vase. I loved that....amazing that no one else has mentioned it here!
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Taipei, Taiwan
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Profile of Daoist
I love how similar all of our lists are.

Here's mine:

1. Rope to silk
2. D'lites
3. Disappearing Deck
4. Penny to dime
5. Glorpy Enchanted Silk
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Profile of leapinglizards
Not sure I can remember that far back.....

Hmm, aside from magic sets (I was 4 when I started) I would have to say:

Mirror production box (cardboard)
Finger chopper (I guess I was a sick kid)
Chinese sticks
stripper pack
Leaping Lizards!!! Who knew it was possible.
Chad C.
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Profile of Chad C.
Mark Wilson's Encyclpedia of Magic
TT and silk
Twisted Sister
"Tree" Card Monte
Sponge Balls
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Profile of stormchaser
Nickels to dimes was my first trick, but right after that I started getting 20.30 dollar stuff, so They shouldn't really be listed here.
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The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes)
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