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The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes) Printer Friendly Version

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Magic shops back then were scarce here in the Philippines.

As far as I know, I bought books and made my own gimmicks.
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utica, ny
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Profile of vinzo7217
My first products as an adult just starting out were:
scotch and soda
nickels to dimes
tt and silk
light flite
Svengali and stripper deck
Maro Anglero
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My very first trick at the age of 13 was T.V. Magic cards, then all the ones mention above.

For the Magician: The hard must become habit, The habit must become easy, The easy must become Beautiful

Doug Henning
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I got the whole "Amazing tricks with..." series on VHS along with Scotch and Soda and a Svengali deck. The following week I got Doc Eason's Bar Magic Vol.1 - this was way to advanced for me at that time..

...As long as i`m not a world-champion at anything, the great reactions of doin` magic will do just fine.....
The Person With A Username
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On my first few visits to a magic shop, I bought an invisible deck, sponge balls, and nickels to dimes. One day I was at Disneyland with my family, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a magic shop there. The demonstrator showed me the linking rings, and I was astounded as I saw the metal pass through metal. My mother bought a set for me, and once I read the secret I was dissapointed at the simplicity. Now, several years later, I use them to close my show. Many of the new tricks I buy are seldom used, and many of the "Begginers" tricks mentioned are my favorite effects.
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Profile of tbaer
Scotch and soda, thumb tip, dime and penny, pen thru anything, and hot rod.
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Opelika, Alabama
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Profile of sunnydolan
Lets see...

Bite out quarter (Don't use anymore)
Pen-through dollar
Scotch and soda
Ciggerate through quarter (Don't use anymore)
Mark Wilsons Complete Course in Magic (Use almost everyday, even after 5 years of doing magic...)
An amatuer practices untill he gets it right, a professinal practices untill he can't get it wrong.

Don't wait for oppurtunity to knock, throw open the door, grab it by the throat and drag it inside kicking and screaming.

Magically yours
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Profile of forrestlim
Sponge balls
Svengali Deck
Paddle coin
stripper deck
Royal Road to Card Magic
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Profile of lockedroomguy
I used to go to Morrisey's in Toronto, before I was actually practicing magic, and ask for some cool self-working tricks. Herb Morrissey always sold me something with a m****t that made me happy.

Then I asked for a marked deck and he sold me the Deland.

When I actually started practicing I bought

Invisible Deck
Vanished And Gone
Stars and Hexes (laughed loud and long when I saw my first TT)

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Profile of lelo
Not counting my early magic sets (Blackstone)...
1. Scotch and soda
2. Svengali
3. Mental photograpy
4. Invisible deck
5. cups and balls
Jim Mullen
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My first magic set was Gilbert's Magic Set Number 2 (circa 1949), which probably would be worth a lot of money had I kept it intact. My recollection is that it had some good tricks but also some that were too difficult for a first grader to appreciate:

(1) Handkerchief pull
(2) Billiard balls (about 3/4 inch, wood with metal shell)
(3) Rice Bowls with plastic bowls and clear plastic gimmick
(4) An optical illusion using red and green cardboard arcs of identical size. (When the green one was displayed above the red one it looked smaller, and when the red one was displayed above the green one, it looked smaller.
(5) Three flesh colored handkerchief balls for which there were no directions. (One had two holes evidentally for the died silks; another had a gut loop for concealing it behind the hand; the third had a single hole as I recall.)
(6) A cardboard flat slide into which another cardboard piece could be placed for a sort of poor man's Sawing the Woman in Half
(7) Several silk handkerchiefs
(8) Several puzzles made of chrome covered wire pieces that could be linked together if one knew the method
(9) A length of rope to use for several tricks in a small 6.5" x 5" pamphlet called Gilberts Knots and Splices
(10)A set of eight 6-inch Linking Rings
(11) Some fake cards that had multiple card images printed on a single card--I don't remember the trick for which these were used.

I still have the pamphlet, Gilbert Knots and Splices, published first in 1920 by Alfred C. Gilbert. It shows dozens of useful, standard knots that are not related much to the art of magic. It also teaches a lot of knots used in magicians' performances, including the Davenport knot used by the brothers Davenport in their demonstration where they are tied up in a spirit box but are able to play musical instruments from inside the closed box. There are a number of hand ties and chair ties from which a magician can escape. The Keller and Excelsior rope ties are explained. The Ten Ichi Thumb Tie is also shown with good illustrations. Finally, Chevalier's Phantom Rope Escape is explained.

Again, the set had a lot of stuff that was useless to me at the time, and it included a lot of items for which there were no directions. I got the impression that there had been a pretty good Gilbert Magic Set Number 1 and that for the follow-up version, the creaters simply cleared out all the stuff left over from their warehouse and called it Gilbert Magic Set Number 2.
Jim Mullen

Lake Tahoe
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Profile of MagicB1S
I have been in this business now for 24 years and you guys are describing my act to a tee. and this is suppose to be beginners magic.... wow... Maybe I should up- date my routine.
"There are Tricks To All Trades.... My Trade is all Tricks"

"An amature practices until he gets it right. A Professional Practices until he can't get it wrong"

Parson Smith
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I can't remember the first trick I bought.
I was taught by an old magician.
First tricks were...
appearing handkerchief
Handkerchief pull
Dictionary word test
Vanishing and Appearing eggs(Blew my own)
An egg bag that my mother made for me
Ropes through body
Cut and restored rope
Professor's Nightmare
A Die Box(gift)
Linking Rings (gift)
Arm Chopper (gift)
Instant rope escape

With these bits and a few more, I paid for a college degree.
Most of my book lurning on magic came from the library.

I doubt that many would believe it, but a pretty good living could be made using nothing but Bill Severn's work.

Here kitty, kitty,kitty. Smile
+++a posse ad esse+++
Stephen Ward
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The first things I purchased was:

Royal Road to Card Magic book
2 Decks of bicycle cards
Set of sponge balls

When I learnt some basics I got rice bowls, linking rings and an egg bag
Long time ago now!
There is one thing better than magic and roller coasters. That is doing magic on roller coasters!
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Color monte!!
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On 2006-06-03 17:45, MagicB1S wrote:
I have been in this business now for 24 years and you guys are describing my act to a tee. and this is suppose to be beginners magic.... wow... Maybe I should up- date my routine.

No, you don't need to update your routine . . . people just need to stop underestimating beginner's magic. When it comes down to it, magic is magic is magic, to an audience. As an entertainer, we entertain using magic of whatever complexity (since the audience ought not know the complexity of the method). Anything more complex is for self-satisfaction. (Not to say that I don't, in my more masochistic moments, work coin tricks with an extra coin palmed or clipped, just for the challenge of it. But then, that's me . . . )

Okay, now to my beginners' tricks:

Nickels to dimes (still a dandy! I'm going to buy a couple more one of these days.)
Big Schtick (a paddle)
the Klutz magic book (had a rope, ring, tt, silk)
cards (I've always worked cards)
coins (likewise . . . )

Other than that, books. I've never used many packaged effects.
"It is February, and time to take ink and weep.
One must always write of February while weeping."
-Boris Pasternak

"That night something of youth and beauty died in the elder world." -H.P. Lovecraft
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Profile of Shakey
The first trick I saw was a silk vanish using a TT

I made a visit to a magic shop and purchased:
Royal Road
Cig Thru Card
Rainbow Suprise.
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Profile of Midwest_Magicians
1. Chop Cup (pocket)
2. Rising Cards
3. Svengali
4. Stripper
5. Invisible Deck
6. Scotch & Soda
7. TT with silk
8. Really Rabbits
9. Lite Flite (killer)
10. Cartoon
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Profile of orleans97
First thing was my dad purchased Bobo's Book and since then it has progressed to aggravating friends with always losing money....hahaha..That and no one will let me play poker. It's not my fault they keep dealing Royal Flush's to me...hehe
Geoff Weber
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My first exposure to magic was through the TV Show: Mr Wizard. mostly sciency type tricks, that you could do with things around your kitchen, I remember learning the trick where you pick up an ice cube out of a glass of water using a piece of thread.

I also had the Fisher Price magic set, which had some cool things like a flower wand, and a vanishing box.

Then I had a couple little booklets, like the type you could get from the Scholastic book club, like 101 E-Z magic tricks. The tricks were pretty simple. Most of them were only described with a small paragraph.
The Magic Cafe Forum Index » » New to magic? » » When you first started out, what were your first 5-10, "beginner" tricks that you purchased? (1 Likes)
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