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Hi all,

It's well documented that having a couple of beers, or whatever's your poison, before certain events (i.e. chatting up someone you like, best man’s speech etc.) can both give you a bit of 'Dutch courage' and also calm any nerves.

When I perform it is usually in a bar/pub environment, only for friends and family at the moment, and I like to have a beer before going starting.

Clearly if you were to attempt to perform drunk, not just magic but any art, you're more likely to make mistakes/mess up completely
I was wondering if any of you have any experiences or advice on the matter. I'm sure if you pace yourself and have a strict limit on how much you drink you should be fine but I’m fear one day I’ll get bladdered and the cards will come out... Smile

"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, none will suffice."
<BR>- Joseph Dunninger -
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Well, Its better than something else coming out!!!!

I like to have a couple Smile but have always been able curb the desire to perform when the couple become a couple more.
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I think it will depend on personal preference and exactly what sort of things you'll be performing. My experience of this so far comes from music rather than magic though.

Personally, I'd usually have a couple of drinks before a gig quite happily but tend not to have more than that. Once the gig has started I'm free to drink as much as I like because I know that, in practice, I've got such little drinking time available (between songs or in sections where I'm not playing) that it's actually almost impossible for me to get any more drunk. Interestingly enough, while I'll happily drink before a performance I never drink before practicing as in that case I care about getting every little detail exactly right in a way that's not so vital in a whole performance.

I think that the technical difficulty of what you're trying to do will have a bearing on this. A guy I used to play jazz with would drink four pints or more before a gig (he found the extra creativity this gave useful and didn't miss the loss of technique enough to make it a problem) but wouldn't touch a drop if he was playing classical music (the loss of technique was a big issue for him in this case).

Just a few loosly connected thoughts...

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I don't tend to drink before I show anyone anything as I am paranoid abour messing up a move. I guess it depends on the technical level like Mipple said. I would be really p****d off if messed up moves cos I had a little bit too much. Plus I found recently, just this weekend in fact when performing in venues where the drink is flowing freely you can get away with more as everyone else is on their way. I was really nervous, did a invisible p***, was so nervous I didn't turn the card back to face down and they still didn't see the move. Mind you reading what I just read I think I have defeated my own argument because then you could drink a few and still get away with stuff Smile
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In my experience, just like when playing pool, there's a magic amount of alcohol where you become invincible and everything just works. The trouble is, just like with pool, that stage lasts for maybe 10 minutes and then things go rapidly downhill Smile
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I screw like every trick up when I am drunk and performing. So id rather be sober.
That being said, I'm dutch so I already have the courage and don't need any beverege Smile
"He must be content to rank with the common herd." - S.W. Erdnase
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I don't drink so I always perform sober. I've never been drunk nor under the influence of alcohol so I have no idea if a couple of drinks would be benefical in any way.
"America's Foremost Satirical Magician" -- Jeff McBride.
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Just say no.
You know why don't act naive.
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I have done a show while drunk before, which is a rare occasion. I was at my mates housewarming and we were all on the spirits and had a LOT to drink. It was only about 7 or 8 guests.

Because I have been doing my show for 8 years, everything has been practiced down pat so I had no trouble at all. Not one mistake. It was a lot of fun.

But I wouldn't recommend doing this for a paid gig! Or if you aren't well rehearsed.
"Great Scott the Magician", Gippsland
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The rule of thumb I use as a musician is one beer per hour and no more. You should not get drunk with one beer per hour.

Magnus Eisengrim
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It's not today's drink that is the problem; it's the cumulative effect. As a part-timer, your worries are less than if you perform every day.

For me, I would never let a client smell booze on my breath.

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.--Yeats
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Cheshire, England, UK
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Thanks for all your replies guys.

Hopefully once I get more performances under my belt then the condifence will rise and I won't need any "dutch courage"!

I'm a hobbyist at the moments and don't have any clients so it's not a concern right now. Obviously if I move in to performing voluntarily at schools/carehomes etc. then I definitely won't be having anything to drink.

Anyhoo, enough chat I'm off to the pub Smile

"For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not, none will suffice."
<BR>- Joseph Dunninger -
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Trying to learn to BP a duck in
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A beer an hour is a good rule. It takes the edge off but you don't have so much that it messes up your performance. Plus, it's a bit healthier. Stealing a line from a musician friend, I always encourage others to drink: "The more you drink, the better you'll like my magic." Always gets a laugh. And it works.
Octopus Sun
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Wiggle Wiggle
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Booze does not steady your nerves...FACT!

That is the big LIE!!!

Only people who drink alcohol think it steadies the nerves whatever, but
proof positive is the FACT that a person who is drunk high touched a little by the drink does not have a steady hand. under the influence you may think you are calm etc, but in reality those who don't drink or are not touched can see the effects of the alcohol that one who drinks is blind to see or wants to admit.

Alcohol Sucks!!!
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If you are on a paid gig, don't drink. No exceptions. In most jobs, people are fired for drinking onthe job. Why should magicians be any different? Unless you don't think of magic as a profession ...

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I agree with the non drinkers. If it gives you confidence each time could you ever perform without it. Then there is a problem forming. Feel the fear and do it anyway. It becomes easier and probably is more fun. I never drink before but after is a very different thing!
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