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Dale A. Hildebrandt
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As well as it being Thanksgiving today is also my Birthday. I've released a short but powerful ebook manuscript titled "Three Experiences". These "Three Experiences" will appear in a future book, but you can get them as of right now. The page count of actual material is about 10 pages. The cost is $32.00 since I am 32 years old now. You can find "Three Experiences" at the following website:

Dale A. Hildebrandt
Tony Iacoviello
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Happy birthday, Dale.
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Happy Birthday Dale and much success with your new release sounds great.
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Happy Double Celebration, Dale!
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Hey Dale...Happy Birthday - may you have many more Smile

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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday Dale Smile

I had the pleasure of reading a pre-release version of Emotional Empathy, and may I just say that it is a beautiful piece.

It takes some creative courage to step out of the "norm" when it comes to drawing duplications, however, as has become a trademark with Dale's work, he regularly walks outside the superficial boundaries dictated by the traditional mentalism community and draws on some inspiring creativity to manufacture something truly UNIQUE.

Emotional Empathy is exactly that, it creates a highly impactful, transformative and memorable experience for the participants involved. Dale's work is outside anything you have ever experienced in mentalism and his work is worthy of study, as many who have purchased his previous work would vouch for.

Well done Dale on a wonderful contribution to the art.

If I speak forth, many a mind will shatter,
And if I write, many a pen will break.
.....and when I consider my own self, lo, I find it coarser than clay!
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Happy Birthday!
Magical Dimensions
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WOW, 32 years old! You are getting old as dirt! LOL

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Your birthday was on thanksgiving day, awesome! Smile
Dale A. Hildebrandt
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Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. As for "Three Experiences" I have reduced the price significantly from $32.00 USD to $10.00 USD. This should make your holiday shopping for yourself a bit easier LOL! I've also added in a fourth piece titled "Thought Teller Process Notes" that many people have found of interest.

You can find the ebook at:

Dale A. Hildebrandt
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Smile Hook, Line and Sinker ... thoughts coming soon
My work and the Mtangulizi here featuring work on drawing duplications, a fiddle-free billet tear, bar mentalism, pendulums
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Great work from a genuine and thought-provoking man...

really glad you added the thought-teller process notes to it too...(owl sound)

not had much time recently to read and catch up with stuff...this was very good indeed...
I've asked to be banned
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CANNOT believe that just cost me 10$ .... Dale, buddy, when I see you I'm gonna grip my joystick and spray you with love.
My work and the Mtangulizi here featuring work on drawing duplications, a fiddle-free billet tear, bar mentalism, pendulums
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For $10 this is a great buy thought provoking and is worth getting!
Fraser Parker
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I LOVE your new book. Although this deals with the heavy use of suggestion, I feel the sense for why you are using specific words or language patterns will be able to be picked up by most people, who wish to perform this.

There seems to be real magic at work here, as you use presentation as the main secret to creating an effect which is both memorable and transformational for both your audience and those taking part. This is the realm I wish to take my presentations of Magic into. You have helped show one of the ways this can be achieved.

I know you know the importance of holding the belief that what you are doing is going to work. This is your silent script which brings to life your very magical performance, in each effect. Your attitude is the real secret here, often missed by performers who are newer to this type of magic. The audience will perceive the magic to be whatever you communicate it to be.

Those who doubt that these effects can work simply have to try them for themselves and have their own experiences using such material. If a certain part of the “trick” is not for you, then simply leave what you don’t like and take what you do like.

I will no doubt be using what is taught here in various ways, in the future.

Thank you for inspiring me and for sharing your ingenious methods with me. I am looking forward to reading more of your work, some other time.

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If you are interested in suggestion in mentalism or in creating powerful and memorable experiences I think you should get this ebook.
Seriously, it's only $10! I've spent a lot more money on stuff that I thought was less interesting.

So what do you get?

Well the add says it's ten pages and you get three experiences. My copy is 16 pages and the first pages (which also include the cover and a copyright page) include some special extra stuff for readers or anyone who wants to create a powerful, personal, magical experience.
This "bonus" is great. I probably won't be using the whole entire thing at once, but it seems to me to be modular and I will be including parts of it for sure. Some of the stuff I already have been using and I really think that it adds a powerful level to readings.

"leg numbing" is interesting and gives plenty of food for thought (for the thoughtful) on creating all sorts of experiences you may not have thought of.

"Wheel Power" is particular interesting to me. I don't necessarily plan on doing it (although I may well do it at some point, it's a pretty powerful concept) but it definitely got me thinking in ways I hadn't thought of before. Here you use "leg numbing" to create a an incredible moment. This moment, it seems to me, can be quite intense indeed. In addition to the presentation giving me all sorts of ideas, the source of the method is something I have never taken very seriously, so it was particularly interesting to see it used so effectively.
If that's not enough, Paolo Cavalli lends a few thoughts to subject.

Seriously now, isn't that worth more that $10 right there!?

Then there is "emotional empathy".
Great stuff. Again, this is about building a powerful experience for you participants and for the audience first and foremost. It is also, again, a great source for inspiration and getting the gears going.
It's kind of a drawing test, but it's much more. In fact, if the drawings don't match you can end on a very powerful not indeed; and if they do match then obviously your set as well!
But wait, there's more!
Just as we got some helpful tips on "Wheel Power" we get some great thinking added to "Emotional Empathy" by none other than Jerome Finley!

So why haven't you ordered it already?
It's ten freaking bucks! Just get it!
Seriously, did you read my explanation of what you get!?

"Love is the magician who pulls man out of his own hat" - Ben Hecht

"Love says 'I am everything.' Wisdom says 'I am nothing'. Between the two, my life flows." -Nisargadatta Maharaj

Seadog=C-Dawg=C.ou.rtn.ey Kol.b
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Hey guys, this is an email I just wrote to Dale about this ebook - a little late, but I thought you probably would find it useful as a review anyways.

"Hello Dale,

sorry I'm only writing back so very late. I hope you're well!

I've read through your "Three Experiences" a few times by now with mixed
feelings. Let me explain why.

All in all, I believe the book is great. Especially the Thought Tellers
Process notes are very valuable to me and I like them a lot. However, I
imagine some people or mentalists - or rather, mental-magicians - will or
can not appreciate this kind of notes. Especially the energy-work pieces
you're picking up all the way through your book(s) might scare some people
off. Nevertheless, personally I think they're great. What fascinates me a
lot ( in "Three Experiences" once again ) is the way you manage to connect
psychology and enery-work to create strong and deep-going effects without
ever using trickery. "Emotional Empathy" from this book is a great example
for this. The out you give really impressed me - once again, certain people
will be scared off as there will be no 'sick as effect, dude!' as such, but
rather a gift, or magical moment or a nice shared memory
about a lesson.

Wheel Power first seemed like a good idea to me, however, later on I
realised that for me this is too obvious. Also, I think the theme
surrounding this effect is too critical for me. I wouldn't want to offend
anyone when presenting this. It's a nice idea though and I'm sure if you
actually want to do it there will be a lot of empathy - just a hint: when I
first read through this I thought off doing this with the theme of
blindness using an eye lock. As you know, I won't present it, but I thought
you probably could make use of this.

Mind Numbing/Leg Numbing includes some nice advice on wording but I don't
quite get the sense of this effect ( apart from in combination with Wheel
Power ). So this will not be for me as I'm not one to randomly make some
legs go numb in my show. It works though and I took some of the wording
advice you gave and adapted it to some of my routines.

Well, back to Emotional Empathy - the chain-idea is SO wonderful, I love
it. Instantly fell in love with it, seriously. This is just me and it fits
perfectly - also, the script you gave us is great - the 'joystick'metaphor
is one I love, too, especially as I'm pretty young and therefor am working
a lot with youths. I'm impressed once again with this!

Now, for the biggest part I wrote you this email so you could use it as a
review and I just decided I would post it myself - I got a lot of thoughts
and ideas and this book that would require to reveal some methodology in
this email, so I didn't write them up here. If you're interested in hearing
about them, please tell me and I'll flick you another mail.

Thanks and all the best,

"But overcome space, and all we have left is Here. Overcome time, and all we have left is Now. And in the middle of Here and Now, don't you think that we might see each other once or twice?"
- Richard Bach, 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull'
Dale A. Hildebrandt
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@Kam, Thanks. If you liked Emotional Empathy I think you will like "Tarot Tips(Appreciated)/Brad Gordon's Beautiful Gifts" in "13 Fridays ebook". PM me with an email and I will send you "13 Fridays" for your feedback/review.

@Iain, thanks for suggesting putting thought teller process notes in the ebook! Let me know if you want a review copy of "13 Fridays"

@WDavis, thanks, coming from you this means a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed What The Flux. Let me know a good email to send you 13 Fridays.

@Fraser, It sometimes feel as if we're both striving towards the same goals, but on slightly different, albeit sometimes intersecting, paths. I'd absolutely love to get your feedback on "13 Fridays".

@seadog, Thank you! Provide me with an email via PM so I can send the ebook `13 Fridays" to you as well.

@Timon, thanks for your honesty and your thoughts, they are both appreciated. My offer is also open to you if you would like to read "13 Fridays".

The reason I'd like you guys to see 13 Fridays is that it contains a couple pieces from THREE EXPERIENCES. There are also some other previously published works, and a couple unpublished items.

Gentlemen, please get in touch via PM or email soon! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dale A. Hildebrandt
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