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Tehmagic1, I think the reason some people have such strong opinions, here, is that while magic tricks are merely something you do, becoming a hypnotist involves a completely new way of thinking. It becomes part of who and what we are. Saying I'll learn about it, really, some time is like a challenge to a person's religion.

That being said, there are just a couple of things I'd suggest you consider:

Learning to hypnotize is a skill. You have to practice. But unlike magic, you can't practice in front of a mirror for hours. You have to practice with others. Without someone who is trained observing you, you're quite lost. Are you doing it correctly? If you did something slightly different would that change everything? Further, if you use friends and relatives, they know you as a friend or relative, not as what Anthony refers to as "THE HYPNOTIST." They are one of the hardest groups to practice with.

With hypnosis, the easiest way to learn is with a training. Even a brief training. You get to have a trained person observe. You get to work with other people who only know you as "THE HYPNOTIST" and with whom you're more likely to be successful.

Respectfully, although a few people (the exception, not the rule) can learn from a book or video, I'd say learning hypnosis from a book or video is like learning sex from a book or video! The real thing is often quite different and even easier.

Finally, about your age and challenge to getting around.
Yep. Those are good and valid reasons. There's another word for "reasons": excuses. Yep. Those are just excuses.

Get a weekend and after-school job. Save all the money. Pack a lunch instead of buying one. Save that money. Don't go to movies or spend money on line. Save that money. In two or three months you'll have more than enough to pay for training and for cab/bus/train and even a room. Perhaps a parent or relative might like to learn hypnosis, too. They could go with you and help you save money. Perhaps a trainer offers a student discount.

There are all sorts of ways to get the money and the time to take a good training. Instead of focusing on why you can't, focus on what you can do. Be creative.

It will be great!
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Tehmagic1..Just to add a personal point of view. I trained & worked as hypnotist. But there is a big difference between working with an individual over an hour or more per session or with a small group in a therapeutic way & doing it on a stage.
When I trained we were told that hypnotising family & friends is not a good idea as a novice, as it is not as easy to achieve. I do not know if the facts back up this advice, but would suggest they probably do. so it makes learning to hypnotise via a DVD or book unwise. Although they do make good further training sources.
I am now starting to become interested in the stage side of things & it's a whole new world from what I am use to. There genuinely is an awful lot to learn & being able to induce hypnosis is only a part of it.
Discount Magic are selling Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill for £25.52p. It is an excellent book & covers all aspects of the art & is the best book I have found so far...I just wish I had only paid £25 for mine.
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Ronning has a course coming up in vegas next year it would be the best money you ever spend simply because it covers not only the hypnosis but also some of the business aspects of it.
Having said that I learned first from books then from dvds and have never taken a live training and I have been performing for five years now, not a long time but I am not a rank amatuer either I do about 80-90 shows a year and live pretty comfortably. Why not more you ask simply because I like to be lazy.
The biggest problem most people really have starting out is confidence to go out and do the shows forget the street hypnosis garbage most are trying to sell you learn stage hypnosis they are two very different things and a good stage show will earn you more than panhandling on the street.

Learn how to build a bigger business at
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Been a while since I posted this, but I found a local hypnotist and he's been pretty much been teaching me. I've noticed a huge improvement in success of subjects going under with the handshake and other inductions! Live training actually does help a lot. Thanks for all the help and advice Smile
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Well done. Glad it is working out.

I got live training last year, after fifteen years of guesswork. My success rate improved substantially! But I was able to do fifteen years of shows without training. It helps immensely, but so does reading about the subject. Keep up the good work.
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On 2011-12-06 20:29, tehmagic1 wrote:
I just got into hypnotism after watching a lecture on it at a convention I went to. I tried some inductions on my friends at a party and surprisingly, it worked! I even tried some simple suggestions! One thing the lecturer mentioned and I saw in a dvd was the "Handshake Induction". (No, not that "ZAP" thing.) Whenever you go to shake someone's hand you immediately take their hand and bring it to their face and say "sleepy" words (I'm not sure of technical terms I just started lol) But I do know what to say and the tone of voice to speak with. So I started trying it, and It never worked once. :/ Two things happen: They either resist and say "what are you doing?" and give me a strange look. Or I bring their hand to their face, I say my spiel, nothing happens then its just really awkward lol. I understand it probably just takes practice, but anybody who has used this induction have any tips? Variations? Also, what could I possibly say to be as little awkward as possible lol. Thanks in advance!


Well, first off, just going at a subject like that completely cold and armed with not even the bare minimum of knowledge on hypnosis should have been your first alarm bells moment. Whilst going at it cold COULD work, it's best to create an environment for the subject that will create the path of least resistance for you. In other words, you really need to first begin with having the person be on board with you. Going at it cold on your friends like the way you've described is basically a recipe for disaster. It's most likely that your friends already has a preconceived notion of "Oh, this guys always trying to show me things, this is just another one of those." Right away, with a subject that has that mindset, they might not be resisting you but they are not really on board with you at that point either.

Best advice? Learn how to introduce yourself first to have your subject be comfortable with you. Second thing to do for beginners is to learn some suggestibility tests like the magnetic hands and also learn how to do get some light paralysis phenomenon going and how to test for it. From there, once you get a good feel for the subject, you can try to go at them with some inductions. After you get familiar with these baby steps, then you can go on to the next level of going straight for inductions (but I personally like to throw in some simple tests or at the bare minimum, throw in some covert tests to make sure that my potential subjects at the bare minimum are able to follow simple directions and do so willingly).

Oh, I see that you've found a mentor, that's good too, you must've learned what I've suggested already Smile
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