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Thanks for the eye-opening thread for my previous question. It took some really interesting directions.

So, some follow up questions

2) Given the same two scenarios (two years of learning gambling sleights or two years of learning legit poker strategy), which do you think is the more difficult to learn?

and, I hope the next question isn't too presumptious

3) Given your replies to questions 1 and 2, do you feel like the time you spent learning gambling sleights was worth it?
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All is a matter of abilities. Do you learn fast? Have you already got some background? Some people are gonna do a lot in 2 years, some will do less. It's hard to say which is more difficult to do/learn, as is depends on your abilities.

If you want to become a good Poker player, I personally think that's it's a long road to follow today. Good knowledge is available everywhere, books, DVDs, websites. You can watch pros on the TV everyday, you can access dozens of videos of the world best tourneys, etc. But at the same time, the average level has increased a lot! It's still possible to find low level players, lol, but I'd say guys know how to play cards today.

For me, learning sleight has been profitable, at my level, of course. But unless you are teaming up with accomplices, the fastest way is certainly to become a good Poker player, to have a deep knowledge and a good understanding of the game. Years after years you'll learn about psychology, how to read guys, etc. Don't expect to be good in just a few weeks!

Cheating is not always a matter of sleight of hand. Gimme 3 partners and I can assure you we kill any 8-players table without any sleight of hand technique Smile. Collusion is a veeeeery powerful technique, almost undetectable. Bring in a marked deck and you'll get some fun too. Don't forget that the average player knows about nothing about card cheating.

Another good way is to be hired as a permanent dealer. Here mechanics can free their skills!

The best way, nevertheless, is to mix both worlds, knowledge+cheating Smile.
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Using youir phrase, " learning legit poker". Wow.

Poker goes a lot deeper than how shall I call it learning. First their is the basics of the game. What beats what and what are the chances of catching a certaiin hand with the cards you are initially dealt. I will be referring mostly to Holdem Poker.

Just to name a few things you must learn. Position, chip stack stradgety, combining both position and chip stack stradgety when you are going aganist a player who is tight and one who is loose. Are they desparate? Is their stack so low that they cannot be bluffed and have to call. How good a player are they? Remember there is no sense in trying to bluff a dummy. How close are they from finishing in the money if it is a tournament? Have they just had a hand where someone sucked out on them? I am just touching on the tip of the iceberg the list of questions and decisions one must take into consideration is almost endless. Did the tournament just start and are they willing to put up all or a goo dportion of their chips on a hand that at this time is probably favored but only slightly. When you say learn legit poker it is not if you have (A) you do (B) and (C) is the outcome. Honest it does not work that way.

Sleights on the other hand as AMcD says some people learn quicker and easier than others. But learning a sleight and performing it and using it in a game are two different things entirely. I cannot and will not attempt to give any in depth on sleights because I would only make a fool of myself. I can do a bad bottom deal a good double lift, control top stock enough for lay people and bring cards to the top for lay people but in a game I would imagine some of the cards would fall on the floor, those would be the ones that did not fly out of my hand and land on the table.

I would imagine if one is profecient at sleights it is easier to win at poker than it is if you are a profecient legit pokeer player because the sleight artist decides who gets what and when. Also if it does go south for some reason you have the opportunity to correct the next time you deal. In legit you have to take advantage of situations and hope they work out and if the cards are aganist you "that day" you lose.

Just a warning. Thi spost may be somewhat incorrent in spots as I did not proof read it just posted it quickly.
If I were to agree with you. Then we would both be wrong. As of Apr 5, 2015 10:26 pm I have 880 posts. Used to have over 1,000
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