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There was a solution that came up in the secret sessions forum it's called Plasti-Kote I think, and is used for dipping the ends of tools in to give them a plastic coating.

The Great Smartini
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Profile of The Great Smartini many things to do with the end of a about thoroughly dipping your wick!!
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I have to say that letting people examine the rope is half the fun... they say the strangest things.

I made two sets several years ago out of a heavy gauge core-less yacht rope. Its white nylon braid, and nice and limp. I bound the ends of each piece using a thin nylon twine.

Binding is easy and quick to do, and is the expected way to finish a rope that is actually being used for something, as you would find on a boat.

To do this, cut the end clean. Unspool at least six inches of twine or heavy thread and fold it over. Lay this loop alongside the rope at the end, and starting about two inches from the finished end wind the cord around the rope and loop. Lay each turn against the last and wind evenly (and pull tight) at least a 3/4 inch along the rope. Cut the cord off and thread it through the loop which should extend out from under the wrapping. Pull on both ends of the cord, but harder on the end of the loop such that the loop tucks the loose end half-way under the binding. Cut the cord off close to the wrapping.

I have never found any need for adhesives, but you could add a drop of superglue if desired. It should be possible to wash the whole assembly if needed.

I used a strongly contrasting color for the binding (the same on every end Smile ) because it helps give a false sense of security to keep the ends really visible.
Ross Berteig
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Does anyone know how to make the ropes Dan Fleshman uses in his routine? It appears his ropes are custom made with a "monkeys paw" knot at the ends of them. By the way, his routine is another great one to check out if you haven't done so.

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I came across a little routine in the public library I like. One starts with a length of rope with bands of scotch tape on the ends at points in the rope that you will cut later for Professor's Nightmare. I then do a short cut and restored rope routine and finish by cutting the rope into 3 pieces at the places marked by the scoth tape (cutting in the middle). You can then have the ropes examined if you wish and all the ends are already wipped with tape. I like it and clothesline rope is so cheap at Wal-Mart I don't care.

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So what if you have bad looking ends? I like to burn them. It is easy and cool, you can do it in front of the audience. The ends look brown but it fits there? what do you think. And I am using cotton rope and inside that is foam plastic. It is made in Finland ( I live here Smile) and we sell it to 20different countrys. 50meters 16euros
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I like the idea of cutting the ropes on stage. You could even then wrap the ends in electrical tape for the color contrast.
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Mr. Sanders and palmer hit the nail on the head. First why show the rope and second if you do a Syldini type rope effect you cut the professor's nightmare right in front of them.
Enough said
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I love the PN, have done it for years and always get a fine reaction. I also do not hand the ropes out. Why bother? It just seems to me there's even more mystery if they DON'T handle the ropes. People will come up with all sorts of explanations--each one farther and farther from the truth than the other. Which is just what I want--more mystery.
Jay Buchanan
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I love this stuff

Click here!
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I like to put ends in the top of a burning candle, to wax the ends and I use red wax for white ropes, that makes bright ends.
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I took some black thread, wrapped some around each end (about .5" from each end) and tied a knot. It actually looks very nice, and keeps the ends from fraying too much.

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Dave V
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On 2005-06-15 16:06, Pavel wrote:
I like to put ends in the top of a burning candle, to wax the ends and I use red wax for white ropes, that makes bright ends.

There is a red vinyl dipping solution at hardware stores that is used to cushion tool handles. It should work like the wax, and is much more durable.

Personally, I use Mark's thread idea. It's something I learned in Boy Scouts on how to "whip" a rope.
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John Long
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Dave, Mark:

I remmember wrapping the ends of rope with thread as a boy scout, but don't remember exactly how it was done. Can you refresh my memory?

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I've found electric tape works good.
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Antony Gerard
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I use thick white cotton rope that frays easily. I have found that "White Out" available from most office supply stores works GRRRRRRREAT!!!!!!!

Take care and take cards
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You guys are something else. I have learned so much in short order. As many different ideas as there are magicians. Keep it up - I need all the help I can get.
Simply Magic
PennyMagic4U by Jerry Penny
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I, too, have tried the "knockin" the ends in a variety of fashions but have always fallen back onto the raw ends as is.

I alow the ropes to be examined and the tempo doesn't suffer and any knocking gets the "hairy eyeball" so I decided not to use it.

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On 2004-02-26 15:27, Magic.J.Manuel wrote:
I like wrapping the ends of magician's rope in black thread leaving a half inch of rope to fray into a tassel look. There is an old Boy Scout method for starting with a loop of thread and winding the rest around for about an inch then putting the end through the loop and pulling it under the wrapping. It looks very finished and has lasted for years. The ropes get dirty before the thread comes off, but it can be secured with super glue if you like.

If I want a permanent set of ropes this is the method I use. It is called surging or whipping. This method will survive many cycles in the washing machine. Detailed instructions here:

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I think what type of rope you use determines how you seal the tips. For my PN ropes I use the very white rope sold by Fun Inc. I use Aleenes Jewel It Embelishing Glue. Works great holds fast, drys flexible and is washable if you are too cheap & or lazy to make new sets when needed. Yes the tips are hard but not so hard that they click when they contact each other.
Carlo DeBlasio
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