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How about Crazy Man's Handcuffs. Just need a couple of rubber bands.
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Mike Wild
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On 2003-10-03 19:23, Pete Biro wrote:
Avoid any routine that takes more than 90 seconds. Smile

Amen! I've been working bars (as a bar tending magician) for years. You have precious little time to get and hold their interest, so you have to make the most of it. The problems start when you get too much of someone's attention, and they sit there all night saying.. "Do it again!" "Do another one!" I know how that's done" "Let me show you a trick!".......

I've customized my own set of routines that use everything from C/S sets to 4 pennies and a drink chit. I've found that in-hand variations of Chinatown half, CSB, and coins across seem to entertain the majority people that stop in for a drink and an illusion.

All the Best,

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Frank Zak is a bar magician who lives in Las Vegas, and retails a lot of effects, using bar mats, cards, dice, jumbo coins, miniature cards (his effect using Gainsboro's Blue Boy is really nice) lippincott box, etc. which work well at a bar. I saw him lecture at the S.A.M. convention last year in Las Vegas, and he was excellent. He has just released a new CD which contains both sets of his lecture notes, plus a bunch of material that originally appeared in the Linking Ring. The price is only $20, available directly from him at imagic@cox.net.

Bruce Hetzler
Mike Wild
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Thanks Bruce. I think I'll pick that up.

<><>< SunDragon Magic ><><>

"Question Reality... Create Illusion"
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David Juraschek
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Eugene Burger's Gourmet Close Up video is a source of some good effects for bar use.

Lee Darrow
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Chicago, IL USA
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Don Alan's Nailed
Chop Cup
Shell Game
Benson Bowl
Fl!p Stick
Ring on Wand
Han Ping Chien
Cash Ladder - Harlan
Passe Passe Salt (TT )
Coins Across
Card on Ceiling
Chinese Sticks
Max Maven's Kurotsuke
Sponge Balls
The Loop (aka Dual Control - Ganson books on Close Up)
Mouth Coils
Pen Thru Anything
Card to Forehead/Glass/Pocket/Impossible Location
Slop Shuffle

Just to name a few... and yes, I do them all, but not in the same evening!

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
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Ive been working the bars for a couple years now and I find that (i know its been said) that quick, in your face card and coin techniques work the best, I try to avoid light objects like sponges and IT because people often get bumped in the bars, causing stuff to roll and fall or be given away -

I really like Dime and Penny, I like Here then there, Chop Cup with a Mickey Bottle End Load, and the classic Disappearing Beer Bottle (think ketchup, only with a beer bottle)

My Two Cents Smile
Of course I can float, - can i borrow a jet pack from the audience please?
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Maybe I missed it but Coin in the Bottle seems obvious. I used to take a packet of sugar and pour it into my hand, heat with a cig lighter, and produce a sugar cube. You can then do a one-handed vanish of the cube, reach into the air and pour loose sugar.
Alan Gold
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Just a thought, because I have not seen it mentioned here, but have seen it done....what about Cups and Balls with (for example) olives, and some kind of opaque glasses for the cups? Just a thought.

Also, what about quarter bite in conjunction with coin in the bottle? Also, it is not a trick per se, but there is a great routine involving three shot glasses where the magician shows a game of turning the shot glasses right side up, but the guest can't get it to work. More of a puzzler, but alas, I don't know the name of it.

Also, some that would seem to be obvious (at least to me) would be card under drink, card in beer bottle, or one I have seen done to devastating effect, card inside straw in drink. Yes, it is as amazing as it sounds.


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Any torn&restored bar napken,the fold a paper rose for the lady(make sure the bars logo ends up at the top.
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Doc Eason tapes are ok But please note the rule

G.T.F.M. which stands for "Get The _ Money."

Doc Eason tapes do not show real world bar magic because he never makes a drink. And that's the bottom line.

I don't know what the laws are in the UK but in Australia you cannot smoke behind the bar or have a cig within 1 meter of the bar.

Good tricks I use:(they are all good)
Ring on string (not a shoe lace)
Card on the Ceiling -a must have
Ring Trap (ring to rat trap)
Bottle Flair
Impromptu Coin stuff simple
TT Silk to Panties (pick your audience)

Skinner Ultimate 3 card Monte -(very easy to do)
Wonder pentatration (much better than the "Perfect Pen"

Waiters friend(bottle opener) throu the coat Great substitute for cig in jacket

Card Manipulations
Air Born
Mirror glass
Yep all those glass tricks like Hydro static, Chung Lee water suspension (sometimes)

Remember it's all about keeping them at the bar buying drinks. so your personality must be exciting, dynamic, and avoid the big time flirting.


David Welzman
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I'm suprised that no one has mentioned that you are at an advantage being behind the bar. If there is another bar tender, he can pass you stuff while you are doing magic. Not to take away from both of your jobs just to accomplish a trick, but at the right time with the right crowd you can produce some great magic.

Example: If you set a blank card (prediction card) under the close up mat (sticking out of course) you can ask a persons name, birthday, and have them keep their card a secret (of course the rest of the bar will see the card, including the other bar tender). Now during the trick you can have the other bar tender write his/her name, chosen card, and birthday and pass it to you so you can switch it out with the one under the mat and act as though that was your prediction all along.

Of course this type of thing only works when you have the entire bar watching and isn't something easily repeated. He can also load jumbo sponge balls, shot glasses as final loads, etc. etc.
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