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Kevin Ridgeway
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Indianapolis, IN & Phoenix, AZ
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Latest news is the show has been cancelled through Christmas. I had really hoped to hear he would recover faster than that.
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My local news station said that he was in "Beyond Critical Condition", so Scott's title was correct at the time he posted it. Smile
Jonathan Townsend
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Eternal Order
Ossining, NY
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My thoughts turn to S as well. Having to manage with his partner in the hospital...wondering about what happened and how to continue around the cats. all the coins I've dropped here
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The thing is that both these gentlemen are professionals and they realize the danger of working with such animals. I am confident that when Roy is feeling better and has rehabilitated 100% that both he and his partner will continue to work with the cats and other animals in their show. They may, however, train more personally with the cats to form a more trusting relationship.
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Scott Cram
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  • Roy had more surgery this afternoon, including brain surgery to fix broken veins that take blood to the brain. Doctors are saying, "pray as hard as you know how to pray."
  • The Mirage is considering closing the show permanently.
  • Roy wasn't attacked randomly. According to many audience members, the tiger, for some unknown reason, was headed into the audience, and Roy threw himself in the way. Roy may actually be a hero. (Even if this isn't the case, it's nice to know that this is how some audience members will be remembering it!)
Mya Angel
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On 2003-10-04 04:27, Steve Brooks wrote:
Like any living creature, cats are often unpredictable. They, like people have various mood swings, can become uneasy or frightened for a variety of reasons.

"Tiger training is like race car driving, like boxing," he said when he announced his plans to retire. "You have to be really on top all the time. It's not possible to feel not so good one day... There has to be the time to say, that's it."

"Every show is always a risk for me," he said. "How long can you take that? There are always young tigers."

Gunther Gebel-Williams
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M. Perk
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Hilton Head Island
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Last night Fox News had one of their Fox News Alerts and the reporter said sources close to Roy said he was beyond critical. I believe that changed in the morning.
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OK, to clear up any confusion about the show being the tiger's first show, that is not true. This was reported by people who saw the show, because Roy told them that the tiger was nine years old and it was it's first show, but that's only part of the act.

It was a veteran tiger, which is actually a lot scarier, because I'm sure it's done that show hundreds of times. As far as the show goes, the latest I heard was that it was cancelled indefinitely. It's really quite sad. I remember seeing them when I was about eight years old, (around the time I first started to get into magic).

*EDIT I just found out that it was his 59th birthday on the day that he was attacked. It's really sad.
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Thanks for the clarification on his "beyond" critical.

It sounds like the media was using that as their tease for the story.

Still in poor taste if you ask me to do a play on the name of the show in this situation.

But thank you for the clarification and again, my prayers to SARMOTI.

Robert Bloor
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dAvId tOnG
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Regular user
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I felt really sad over such incident in Las Vegas. S&R is one of the shows that I hoped to watch when I am in Vegas and I really pray and hope that Roy will recover soon and they can continue to perform in Mirage.

Let us all give him our prayers for his speedy recovery...
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Veteran user
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It is too bad it happened. I hope he will recover quickly. My heart goes out to all who lost their jobs as well.

These are wild animals and this animal went for the neck just as if it was attacking prey. You can not breed out this instinct.

This is a sad reminder that they can never let their guard down. Sadly this must have occurred. On that one SARMONTI special you see they treated their animals like house cats allowing them to roam free. I am sure they were aware that the big cats could be playful one moment and dangerous the next. I will never fully understand how they adapt to show business with the lights, the pyro, and the noise of the audience. One would think they would act out or get freaked more often.

I feel they have used the white tiger for their financial gain for too long. Who would they really be without all those tigers in their show? Ask anyone who they are and most lay people will say, "Those guys with the tigers right?"

I am not saying these two do not LOVE their tigers. They have great respect and put a lot of care into those big cats. But the claim that they were doing it to educate the public and save an endangered species, never sat well with me. It is hard to believe when you see their home/lifestyle and the cost of admission to the show. They have profited from the use of big cats in their show. The truth is that they could NEVER save this species in the wild. Any cat raised in captivity, especially white tigers, can not be reintroduced into their native habitat and expect to survive.

Discovery Channel just ran a special on releasing Asian tigers into the African lands but they had no clue what to do for the first few months to survive and had to be "taught". But for a "white" they would be "done in" by humans before they got a chance to learn how to survive on their own. These show animals that are raised at birth just would have a slim chance to be reintroduced.

I have not heard of any programs Siegfried and Roy were involved in trying to reestablish the wild population of white tigers. It would appear they only have been breeding them for the use in their shows and zoo. I am not saying they were not planning a preserve or something, but all these years I have not heard of what they were doing besides breeding to save them in the wild. I would have liked to hear about their efforts if they were. Not hearing of any plans, it felt to me that they were profiting from the rarity over being humanitarians.

It is a controversial thought. Does one save a species from extinction even if it means the animal can only live in a cage to be looked at, or a preserve much smaller than its native habitat? Or was it just the species time to vanish and nature should be left to take its course? (Darwin)

Did anyone see the Simpson’s episodes where the tigers took their revenge on the duo for making them do tricks in the show? They have been assuming this would have happened years ago. I think I have seen at least three episodes that have S&R in the show with angry tigers (and white at that).

Get well soon Mr. Horn!
Ian Rowland
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I think this is a great tragedy, and I can only express my sincere wishes that Roy is able to recover from this terrible incident. It must be a wretched time for Siegfried and for all concerned. Let's give them whatever kind of support and good wishes we can. It all helps.

I saw S&R's show when I was in Vegas in June. I'd heard so much about it for so many years. It was easy to see why it was hailed as the biggest and most spectacular show of its kind, and the huge audience all had a great time.

This is very sad indeed. . Working Magic.
Corey K
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Rhode Island
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I couldn't believe it when I heard this news from my mother. I immediately went online and to my disappointment the rumor was true. I am truly saddened by this news, I just saw the show in July while at the S.A.M. Convention and to think that this happened really breaks my heart. My support goes out to the SARMOTI family in hopes for a speedy and full recovery.
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Snohomish, Washington
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According to the trainer of the tiger that mauled Roy, the most likely reason that the tiger went for Roy's throat was that Roy slipped to the floor, making the tiger tower above Roy's head. Evidently when working with the big cats it is a sign of subordinence if the cat's head is above the handler, therefore, Roy was no longer in charge but was now in a submissive role.

I do know that working with birds (I have one) the handler, when working with a new bird, should keep the bird's head above their own in order not to make the bird feel inferior or afraid of the handler. My only thoughts at this moment is for a full recovery of Roy and my heart and prayers go out to him and his loved ones.

Iven Smile
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delta, pennsylvania
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While we all are praying for a speedy recovery for Roy, and the power of prayer is an amazing thing in itself, we should also consider the many people of the Sarmoti family who kept the show running, the stage set, and the props working.

According to the CNN news this morning and MSN today they have been told to look for other work. While they were behind the limelight, they are never the less still without jobs at this time. Steve, would you be willing to take up a collection for these people through the Café? These assistants are not under big contracts, in fact they only get paid when they work, and right now they could use some help. We can not forget the assistants and backstage workers even though we are praying for Roy's speedy recovery.

All the Best
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Regular user
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I couldn't believe this when I read it in the paper this morning.

My thoughts are with Roy and his family.

Apparently, now that the tiger has a taste for blood, it is very likely that it will attack again. They may have to put it down or something.

Chris Aguilar
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Veteran user
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I was reading a newspaper report that said that even after the attack, Roy was admonishing the handlers not to hurt the tiger. Even critically injured, his class comes through.

Get well Roy.
Dennis Michael
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Inner circle
Southern, NJ
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I heard Roy will recover, there are a lot of news sites that carry this story.

Our prayers are with you Roy!
Dennis Michael
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I do wish Roy a speedy recovery, but I hope that the tiger is not put down. That is punishing an animal for being itself, they are not domesticated animals like dogs.
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Profile of dpe666
On 2003-10-05 17:47, Moffmo wrote:

They may have to put it down or something.


This is a WHITE TIGER. They won't put it down (and I DON'T mean by saying "Bad Kitty!"). First of all, it is endangered, and second it is worth WAY too much money. Smile
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