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Here is the latest in news for AOL users: Click here!

We love you Roy,

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Steve Friedberg
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On 2003-10-07 19:44, Billgussen wrote:

It's a little more balanced than the article, but since I have never heard of New York Newsday, I'm not sure we should trust this source of information either.

Bill: The link you posted does not lead to a story. BTW, Newsday is a very reputable metropolitan daily in the NYC area....kind of like the Oakland Tribune, in that it doesn't carry the name of the main city in the area on its masthead, but practices good journalism.

"A trick does not fool the eyes, but fools the brain." -- John Mulholland
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For the record, newsmax is generally NOT a good source of information—they're lacking in the area of journalistic integrity, and are more of a right-wing tabloid.

However, on this occasion, the story is corroborated by PETA themselves on their website:

It's a shame that an organization can profess to have such high ideals, but can be so utterly sadistic.
Scott Ocheltree
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ABC News is quoting Siegfried in an interview with the German magazine, Bild, as saying their show will go on.

On Monday night Larry King had an interesting panel, including Penn Jillette, discussing Roy's attack. You can read the TRANSCRIPT HERE.

Siegfried is scheduled to be on Larry King's show tonight (10/8/03).
Hopefully he will have good news for us. Smile
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A Message From David Copperfield.....

I'm still stunned, and enormously saddened about this incident. Sometimes, ours is a dangerous profession. For decades, Roy made the truly dangerous look easy and safe. I understand that the last thing he said before he lost consciousness was that the tiger must not be harmed in any way. Amazing. In the middle of a life-threatening crisis, his concern was for the animal. It's a heart-wrenching glimpse of Roy's enormous humanity, and a testament to the authenticity of his dedication to his animal sanctuary. Accidents are an inescapable part of life, unfortunately, and I join the magic community in praying for Roy's speedy and complete recovery.


LAS VEGAS, Oct. 8 — The co-star of the Las Vegas duo “Siegfried & Roy” said in an interview on Wednesday their show would go on despite his partner’s severe mauling by a tiger. Siegfried Fischbacher, whose partner Roy Horn was mauled on Friday, told Germany’s Bild newspaper Horn had given him a V-for-victory sign when he visited him, although doctors say it is unclear if the performer will make a full recovery.

THE GERMAN-BORN DUO’S popular “Siegfried & Roy” act would continue, Fischbacher told Bild.
“I’m sure he’s going to make a complete recovery,” said the 64-year-old illusionist. “He’s over the worst. When I went to visit Roy he gave me the victory sign.”
Fischbacher said that he and Roy, who was born in the northern German town of Nordenham, were not quitters and that they would come back fighting.
“What happened does not mean it’s ended,” Fischbacher told Bild. “Our show will go on. We’ve always been fighters. The history of ‘Siegfried & Roy’ is nowhere near its conclusion.”

I pray that this is true. If you would like to read the whole article:

Click Here
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I just wanted to reiterate what Scott has already said. Siegfried will be on Larry King's show tonight. It's his first TV interview since the terrifying incident. I think we should all try to tune in.

I would also like to add that I think all the assumptions and forwarded hear-says(rumors)posted in this thread are downright **** and in VERY POOR taste. It SHOULD be unbelievable in this world we live in, but, it's not. It happens all the time. Sad indeed.

My prayers and well wishes go to Siegfried, ROY, and all their family members, loved ones, and crew. May GOD bless and comfort you all.

Signed with a heavy heart, Lee Foley III. Smile Smile Smile
In December of '06 I was diagnosed with a very rare cancer, Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans. One in a million people worldwide are diagnosed with this type of cancer annually. Sarcomas account for 1% of all cancers. Knowledge is power!
Scott Cram
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Steve Wynn was just being interviewed live on Channel 8 here in Las Vegas. He gave the full story as to how exactly the accident happened.

Steve Wynn Gives Exclusive Interview
Gary Waddell, Anchor

(Oct. 8) -- Casino mogul Steve Wynn is one of the people who know Siegfried and Roy best. He is one of the duos closest of friends and hired the illusionists when he built The Mirage in 1990. He even built a special theater just for their show.

Wynn gave an exclusive interview to Eyewitness News Anchor, Gary Waddell on Wednesday. He says that what happened Friday night was a fluke, something that never should have occurred. And something that no one could have foreseen. He continued to say that Roy --- even as he was being carried off stage by the tiger -- was saying he didn't want anything to happen to the cat.

Wynn was in Idaho on Friday night when the incident happened on stage. But he was one of the first people called. He flew home to visit Roy in the hospital on Saturday morning. And then began the task of trying to figure out how something like this could happen.

Wynn said for sure that Montecore did not attack Roy Horn. He said that reports that Roy was attacked are false. That Montecore would never attack Roy. That in a way, the tiger was trying to protect him following a string of unfortunate events that led to the tiger carrying Roy of stage as if he were a cub.

As Roy was leading Montecore out to stage front on a leash, the cat became fasinated with woman in the front row of the audience with a bog hair-do.

Montecore moved closer to the woman who reached out to try and touch him under his chin. At that point Roy tried to re-gain the tiger's attention by pulling back on the leash and saying, "No, no, no, no. Come on, get up".

The tiger apparently wanted to continue looking at the woman with the hat. He then gently put his mouth in-between Roy's elbow and wrist as if to say, "No, I'm not ready to do what you want me to do yet." This behavior is similar to how a housecat might react -- a gentle warning -- without hurting the person it loves. Roy commanded the cat to release its grip by saying, "Release, release," several times.

Roy continued to pull on Montecore's leash not realizing that the cat had put its big paw behind one of his legs. He then fell backwards, lying flat on his back on the stage. Montecore then picked him up by the neck as if Roy was a wounded cub. Wynn says Montecore was acting to protect Roy.

Backstage, the cat tried to carry Roy into hits cage but stagehands managed to release Roy from the tiger by using a method with a fire extinguisher.

Wynn explained that during an actual lethal attack, a tiger would violently grab its prey by the neck, vigorously shakes its head snapping the neck of its prey. This is not what happened.
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I just finished watching Siegfried on Larry King Live. I found it to be a great interview. Very Emotional, however. It was good to hear from Siegfried.

I do have a question, however. As Larry King was ending, I quickly flipped channels and saw Rick Thomas finishing up an interview on MSNBC. I'll I heard him say was "Thank you," and then it ended. Does anyone know what he said? He is one person I have been curious to hear from, as he has tigers in his show. Did anyone see this interview?
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Scott , great post.

It seems this is what everyone is saying that is close to Roy. Siegfried also said it's true that Roy had a stroke. I also think Siegfried is a class act for saying he'll never do a show by himself or with anybody else besides Roy.
Mark Rough
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I just finished watching Siegfried on the Today show this morning and find my self sitting in my classroom having a hard time not crying. (And that's saying a lot for me.) I find myself really lifted up by his optimism. My wife does call me the eternal optimist though.

I just wish there was something to do. I find myself incredibly p***** off at PETA, who I normally find myself aligned with, tired of the rumor mill, and wanting to do something productive. So obviously this is hitting me harder than it should. AAAAARGGH! Guess all I can do is keep praying.

Thanks for letting me vent.

What would Wavy do?
Kathryn Novak
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Poor Roy. I never met S&R, but Roy is easily one of the bravest men I've heard be carried off in a tiger's jaws and be worried about the tiger's safety! Roy must have been in a world of pain, and all he cared about was the tiger not getting hurt.

Montecore obviously cares for Roy as well, he just thought he was taking Roy out of a dangerous situation. I saw Siegfried last night on television, he said that Roy has the will of ten thousand men. At least he's moving and communicating with the doctors. Here's all my best to Roy for a speedy recovery.
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Lee Darrow
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Swift recovery, Roy! Montecore's a beautiful creature. It would be such a waste to see him put down for trying to take you out of what he considered a dangerous situation—if, indeed, that's what he thought he was doing.

And I trust your partner's word on that, for certain.

Lee Darrow, C.Ht.
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Evan Williams
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Very sad indeed. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but I have found out some new news about why the tiger did what he did. They are saying that when some people came onto the stage, this was not part of the act and it startled the tiger. The tiger then dragged Roy off of the stage to protect him, not to attack. They are saying that if it was an attack, Roy would be dead.

Smile Evan
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I watched the Larry King interview as well and I feel that Siegfried and Barry at times were really fighting with tears, so I hope that the situation is not more severe than it already appears.

All the best to Roy and his partner Siegfried!
Kathryn Novak
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OK, I'd like to put all of this into a nutshell, with the correct facts about what actually happened. So if what I post next is wrong, will someone please correct me? Thanks in advance. Smile

Roy was doing the show onstage. Roy slipped and fell. Roy accidentally put himself in a submissive position, whereas he's usually in a dominant role. Mantecore gets concerned about Roy, and thinks he may be in trouble, so he picks Roy up in his mouth and carries him off the stage away from the trouble. Correct, or am I wrong?
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Yes Kathryn,

I have talked to some animal trainers and they are in harmony with you. The tiger tried to save Roy but he was not trained to do so. If he attacked Roy as you said, he would never have survived and nobody—even Siegfried—could have saved him. He left Roy to Siegfried in order that he may help Roy, Siegfried did not save him from Montecore...You are really right about it...

My best wishes are for Roy till he recovers.
Magically Yours,


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I found this article written on October 8th to be a very detailed description of the events that unfolded in a very short time. It's from a TV station in Las Vegas.

MagiCat Smile
Review King
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Siegfried is saying the tiger tried to save Roy. Damage control for the future of the show is in full swing.
"Of all words of tongue and pen,
the saddest are, "It might have been"

..........John Greenleaf Whittier
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I read Roy said his "first words" after being taken off breathing support. I hope and pray for his fast recovery, and this is great news.
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I firmly believe you will see him again on the stage at least one more time. Smile Smile
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