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Hello, this is actually my friends sons question. I thought you guys might want to help him out a bit:

Hey guys, Im a 16 year old boy from London. I have some pretty good skills in card tricks, ranging from sleights to shuffles, to all sorts. I can pretty much do a lot of false shuffles, double lifts and on tops, Im actually a very good actor so my presentation will be bang on every time.

I go to School, and right now I'm on my holidays. I was wondering - when I start School again, I want to impress some girls.. and the boys and just get a name around the school as a cool magician.

How do you think I should approach this?

Im thinking of doing the I.D trick first to a girl to start with.. but how would you approach this?

Imagine I am sitting in a classroom, and we are just doing some group work. What would you say? How would you approach the trick?

Give me some tips please.. and also any tricks you would recommend that I should buy which would "impress" the girls. Im not talking about simple, basic self working card tricks. I want tricks which I could buy which would be worth buying. Ive already got the ID.

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Something with pulling coins out of ears or a nice spongeball routine involving others might be a good idea, in my opinion.
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A student can get in trouble for overdoing magic in school. Forget about being the next Criss Angel or David Blaine in a school.

Ask the principal about performing for the school. The is a good way to get a head start.
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Less is more. One great trick that stuns the other students will leave a greater impression than 10 quick tricks. Also, don't do tricks every time others are around, otherwise you will get a bad reputation - "oh no, here comes Joe with his stupid card tricks".

If you follow the first part of my advice you will be ASKED to do magic - always a better position to be in.

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I'm practically the same as you. Except I'm from Hampshire. In free time you could do some magic if people seem bored. Maybe suggest playing a card game and do some magic halfway through. If anyone asks you what your hobbies or interests are then say you do magic. Often people will say "Show me a trick" and there you go.

I find that the I.D gets better reactions when used at the end of a routine.

As for tricks you can buy I would recommend getting some non-card tricks. Something I have only just started to do myself. Sponge balls are a good idea along with coins. And one note, there are some great self working card tricks. You just have to find them Smile.

And finally to impress the girls well... Try making one girl the centre of attention. Do more tricks with her than you do with others. But don't be overbearing.
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There is a video tape called "Flirting With Magic". It is old. It is no longer being produced. It has a lot of tricks with picking up girls.
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Let me know guys if you know any other tricks which would work well on girls.

What about WEB, the trick where the spider is on the hand..
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I would learn a nice three card monte. I mean, it is teasing the girls at the same time as stunning them.
There is no better combination!!! Smile
Evan Jay
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Seems like so long ago but I remember doing magic for some friends at the end of class once and the teacher comes over and asks, "Oh, what's going on over here?" To which another student replies, "He's doing magic." The teacher then says, "Oh, I'll show you a magic trick, now you see the cards, now you don't!" and then placed my cards in his desk. Smile Moral of the story, it was right then that I learned to next time be prepared to make the cards go blank and just say I'm playing with blanks! Smile
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A student. Well, magic is a pretty savvy way to hook up. Not the bad. The humilation part when you fail is hard though.

Currently practising coin magic. xD
Amateur. Learning. In Progress
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I remember many years ago performing at school and after a couple of bad experences it actually put me off not only performing but magic in general.

I was almost bullied by a headmaster to show him a trick after he heard I did magic. Well he worked out my simple card trick and had great pleasure in outing me infront of at least 20 pupils on a school trip.

Another time I attempted to do a tick when I was in my early teens I had my cards thrown all over the school yard after telling someone I thought was a friend the simple instruction "Pick a card".

Don't get me wrong I'm a stronger, better performer for this, my point is be careful who you perform to at school, both teachers and pupils.....
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Don't approach, just do.

At lunch/break, just do your thing. It'll get attention, believe me.

DON'T do it during class, assembly or any other time you SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION TO YOUR SCHOOLWORK.
Education FIRST, magic SECOND.

Also, don't try to 'get chicks/girls' with magic. That's just... gauche'.

And now I'll hop off my fatherly podium.
"All you need is in Fitzkee."
Dr Art
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"Hey, you want to see something weird?" Good opener.

Only do it for one person or two at a time. Then they will tell someone else what you did and you will get asked. Don't impose yourself all over the place, kids can get jealous of your attention.

If there is a school talent show type thing, do your magic act and you will have a reputation.

You will impress girls more if you do tricks that involve them or some magic that happens in their hands. Make them think they did the magic along with you, rather than trying to fool them.
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You can learn some cool flourishes to help with your finger dexterity. When someone sees you doing your thing, they'll approach you themselves
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I want to impress some girls.. and the boys and just get a name around the school as a cool magician."

If that is why you are drawn to performance magic -- you are doomed to failure in the long run.

Try getting good grades, earning a scholarship and commanding respect in the way that you treat others.

Magic is one way of creating astonishment -- just one way. Using ego to interrupt the educational process is not one of them.

Some magic words to remember -- "It is not about me!"


Is there a place for performance magic in the classroom? Certainly! Work with the instructor to support their plan. Your job is to learn. There is no "free time" in the classroom. Some schools have an after-school magic club. Maybe you can start one.
"the more one pretends at magic, the more awe and wonder will be found in real life." Arnold Furst

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Well... I would suggest 2 things on "impressing the girls" with magic at school. What I used to do was bring up magic in the context of a conversation and then they would ask to see something. Then a mental-like effect is perfect. Otherwise I would do something ABSOLUTELY cheesy to grab their attention and get them to laugh... even if it was at me. Then I would say "Wait a second! Check this out!" Then do a levitation really quick. And I would explain it by saying I noticed I could do this one day... what do you think? And in the middle of their answer I would interupt and leave and go back to my friends. That will get word around that you're a magician and the girls will all want to see something..... hopefully. ha ha
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Learning magic to get girls? I was a radio disc jockey for precisely that reason. I'm too .damned ugly, otherwise.

What I found out was: girls are not worth it... Smile

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Good luck with the show.
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Try this one:

You won't need a real deck of cards, so the teachers cannot take it from you. Smile
You DO need a cellphone though, and so does the girl. Only do this trick during lunch break, or before/after school.
“Magic is the only honest profession. A magician promises to deceive you and he does.”
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I am exactly like you... 16 in London and I do perform at school but if you perform to people you don't usually speak with and have your cards out at break or lunch just doing flourishes and stuff you will get asked, that's what I do. And don't rely on tricks to impress girls it comes from within! So in the end you lay the bait out with a couple of tricks then the next day just start doing flourishes or fancy shuffles and someone is bound to come up to you.

It works for me and I hope it does for you too, you are kind of like me!

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