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JB is so right! Borrowed bill tricks at the end will give you the tip you deserve. And... as long as you have good manners, good tricks and are well respected by the spectator you will not look like the greasy magician that most magicians view other table hopper who semi-"solicit" tips. It's all in good fun and why not do it?

"The experience of astonishment is the experience of a clear, primal state of mind that they associate with a child's state of mind." ---- Paul Harris
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Aye Ben, that's a great point!
I should have said that actually, I never ask for the tip, nor do I expect the tip, I just provide them great quality entertainment and close with a borrowed bill, that is usually enough to net me the tip Smile

With as expensive of a hobby/profession as this is, every little bit helps! Smile
Jay Buchanan
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I am still not sure about tips, however, the way you put it, it sheds a new light.

Thanks again everyone
Matt Graves
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As for five favorite tricks . . .

Coins Across
As Easy As Spelling Your Name
Coin Through Ring
Handkerchief Through Arm
Sponge stuff . . .

and a bonus . . . I really like doing Coin Through Pocket . . . people always amaze me with how much they like that one. . . even if it seems simpler.

And I agree with the statement about not getting upset with anyone who tries to disrupt something . . .

The world has an overabundance of people with very short fuses. Magicians are supposed to be different, in my opinion. If you're going to put yourself in that position, to be the one to bring wonder and joy to people, you should have a joyful attitude and not always be on the defensive -

I've seen that a lot, and I used to have a big problem with it, but it really doesn't set the right mood for magic at all.
The most important thing, I think, is to just to treat your audience like you want them to have a good time and that you are sharing something very special with them.

Once again I have to say . . . watch Garth Brooks's concerts, if you have a problem with showmanship. Watch how he connects with the audience. Especially in his Central Park concert, you can see his nervousness when he comes up onstage - but he gives the audience his best, and when he talks to them he is always very appreciative of their response. And in return they treat him very well - heck,

I even saw one concert where he laid down in the audience and they passed him through the crowd over their heads! How many people would actually have that much rapport with the crowd? Anyway . . . I'll hop off my soapbox right quick, but just remember, as you would have the audience treat you, treat them that way. I'm becoming more and more convinced that that is the key to any performance.

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Serling, that is some great advice!
And Garth is a showman for sure!
Jay Buchanan
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I have never heard of or seen "Hankerchief Through Arm?" Could you provide a reference for it?
The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance; it is the illusion of knowledge.
~Daniel J. Boorstin
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hmmm. sounds like an effect with a reel? I remember Berglas doing something like that.
Andy Charlton
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Hnadkerchief through arm is in Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic. (IMHO Best Value magic book on the market.)


"Keep that smile on your face, that excitement in your eyes." - Don Driver

Check out
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Hmmm, 5 favorite tricks for table hopping...
Mine would be:
1) Coin flurry or a coins across routine... using my own coins of course, so nothing is borrowed yet and coin manipulation also shows that you are a magician...
2) Pen thru bill... i know its borrowing currency, but i always have it on me and get great reactions from it
3) Card Warp- you show the 2 cards but quickly explain it is not a card trick but an illusion using 2 ordinary playing cards, and go from there (i present it as an up close mini version of sawing a woman in half)
4) Invisible deck- I have a 52 in one card in with the other cards and pull out the 52 in one card and ask someone to try and name my selected card. After some build-up, i finally allow them to see that they indeed were right by showing them the gaffed card. It gets a few laughs but nothing magical has happened until i call attention to the closed deck on the table, explaining that i earlier turned one card upside down, and suggest how interesting it might be if their previous "guess" happened to be the same card ... Thats how i present it.
5) Coin in Bottle a la "Vacuum Packed" from John Bannon's "Smoke And Mirrors" book... it is a very nice coin in bottle routine with the added feature of visibly removing the quarter from the bottle with a pair of tweezers(after having pushed it in there through the bottom).
Those are my current top 5, i would say... "Vacuum Packed" being the latest addition which i have performed in a table hopping situation, it went over very well (amazing what solutions some people come up with) but you have to be careful of the angles just as you do with lots of effects.

"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
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Sponge Bunnies, Lethal Tender, Scothch and Soda, Pen thru Anything, Card on Ceiling and The Brain Wave
Mickey Cohen
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I personally hate to watch card tricks. But my audiences here in Las Vegas love them . I have to disagree with Mr. Marrucci. I always open with a card trick ,3 card monte.In Vegas cards have a different meaning I think than in other places.They are metaphorically symbolizing wish fullfillment. Here in Sin City fortunes are won and lost on the turn of a single playing card.I hate card tricks .Not doing them but having to watch another magician do them . I have a low attention span and card tricks demand me to pay attention.I don't understand it .Sometimes Im hired and told that all they want to see is card tricks.I can't even convince them that maybe a coin trick or something else might also be interesting . I lost a gig once for just suggesting that.So I work in Las Vegas and I have to do card tricks. I open with 3 card monte and I get paid well so why tamper with success.As magicians we become jaded and sometimes lose sight of what the audience wants. Who knows.So I'll continue forcing myself to learn these cardtricks.In my heart I will always be a coin man.
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"Hankerchief Through Arm?"

Isn't that effect in Tarbell #1 as well?

Yes, I just checked, "Al Baker's Hankerchief Through The Arm" also be found in Tarbell vol. 1 on page 385. Smile
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