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After paying for her things at the supermarket one day, my wife was walking through the parking lot headed for her car. As she got close to the car, she noticed a woman leaning against the trunk of the car.

The woman had a thick accent and was difficult to understand, but she explained that her grocery bags were in the trunk of my wife's car! My wife thought she had misunderstood, so the woman explained again.

It turns out that the woman and my wife were driving identical cars - same make, model and color. The woman had mistaken my wife's car for her own because they were parked close together.

Also, she had recently had her trunk lock rekeyed after a break-in. So when she approached my wife's car (thinking it was her own) the key actually opened the trunk. She placed her bags in the trunk and went to get into the car but her key would not open the door.

That's when she realized she had placed her bags in the wrong car. But then she was afraid to be seen removing things from another person's car so she waited for my wife to come out of the store.


Anyone else want to share a coincendence story?
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Back when I had my Camaro, I was walking across the lot at a local mall and decided to use the keyless remote to ensure I had locked the doors. When I pressed the door lock button, the trunk on a Lumina about 10 feet from me popped right up.
Rob "Riff, the Magical Clown" Eubank aka RiffClown
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I was driving through a mall parking lot yesterday looking for a spot. Ahead I thought I saw one near the front, and from my viewpoint, it looked vacant. As I drove up I realized that there actually was a car in the spot I was going for (it was hidden by the large van in front of it), a car that was IDENTICAL to mine (make, model, color). For a moment I stared at it and considered the notion that the other car I was looking at was actually the exact car I was driving, and that I had somehow entered a time warp in which my other self had already found the spot and was in the mall and I had fallen behind a few minutes. Kind of strange. I laughed it off. That is until I saw myself walking out of the front entrance of the mall holding a shopping bag. Just then my car broke down. But luckily I was there to give myself a lift. Smile

P.S.- OK, the story's only half-true. Nit-pickers!
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Many years ago my aunt and uncle went to a racetrack and left early, started their car and began to drive home. They had been on the road for about 15 minutes when my uncle asked, "When did you get the new floor mats". My aunt answered, "I didn't buy any floormats." A search of the glove compartment found the registration and it wasn't theirs.

They drove back in a panic, expecting to see police cars in the parking lot, but found all was quiet. The parked the car where they found it, located their car (checked the registration) and nervously drove home.
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men [and women] to do nothing."
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This thread should be retitled "Strange Car-incidences."
Thought: Why does man kill? He kills for food. And not only food: frequently there must be a beverage.
Mark Williams
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Any of you folks ever seen the movie: "Gone in 60 Seconds" Smile
"Once is Magic!! Twice is an Education!!"
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Now this is rather a coincidence as I was going to post this topic the same day you did!!!

One of our major newspapers asked all their readers to write in and share their most unusal coincidence here's the one that I most remember.

A man arrived home to realize that he had left his housekey inside his house. Normally not a problem as he wife would arrive home aprox 1/2 hr after he did. This week however she was at a business meeting out of town. As he pondered what to do...the mailman arrived with the mail. He opened it and found a letter from a friend. The friend wrote to say he kept meaning to send the extra house key that he was given to use the year previously when he stayed at their house..and he apologized for sending back so late. Smile

Gotta luv that story!!

As for me I often have coincidences..especially those when you think of long lost friends and you run into them in some obscure place. I'm talking about those you haven't seen in years and years. Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it..that an couple mins either way on both your parts and you would have missed each other.

The two strangest coincidences that happened to me both involved childhood friends. One was a woman I met at a lecture. We struck up a conversation and immediately became friends. She invited me to her home and when I looked at the address I said "oh my mom lives around the corner from there." The following week I pulled up to the house and immediately recognized the home as my childhood friend "used" to live there. It turned out he still did after buying this home from his parents and marrying the woman I had just met the week before.

The other incident involved me running into a long lost friend whom worked for the movie industry building special effects. I was invited to his open house where the guest where shown his new workshop in what had been the previous basement to this house. Like the story above..when I pulled up to the house..I recognized this home as one of a childhood friend (from elementary school.) He commented that he found several children's initials carved in the wood beams and thought they were quaint and he left them. Gasp!! Mine was amongst them!!!! Smile
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Went shopping with a friend at a local mall. Half a day later, (yes she can spend that much time in there!) we return to the car garage, throw the bags in the back seat, strap on our seatbelts and she shreaks "Oh my god!". She realized it wasn't her car. The car color, model, and make identical to hers was a dozen cars from her own. Smile
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Here are two of my stories. I wish I had a better name than coincidence for this first one. From time to time I will come across a word that is either unusual or that I have never seen before. Within the course of a week, I will see/hear the word two or three more times. The most recent is the word "embelishment". While not extremely rare, it is not used commonly. I heard it on an Axtell tape for their Magic Drawing Board. Then a few days later, my wife mentions it in connection with her scrapbooking activities. Later at a costume store, I heard it again, instead of the word "accesories". It's like "deja-word".

The next story is about magicians I have seen either live or on TV. When I was an early teen, there was a "Cartoon Carnival" type show on my local station. It was a live, local show. Occasionally there was a magician on the show, dressed in a chinese robe. He was pretty good, but (being a kidshow) some of his stuff flopped - and then worked, but he couldn't figure out why. When I was in my late teens, I went with a friend's family to a nearby campground for a weekend. One night there was a magician performing under a picnic shelter. He was good! He did comedy, family-show effects, but he also did a "skill" trick or two to show that he knew his business. A few years later, I had moved about 100 miles away to go to school in Raleigh, NC and found that there was a magic store. I got to know the manager pretty well and he basically became my mentor.

All three magicians were the same man, George Vaughn. George had lived in my home town for a while, working at the TV station. He had an agreement with the owner of the campground; George performed in exchange for a campsite. George left the station and the owner of the magic store wanted someone to run it and he hired George. To this day, I am still amazed by this.

Ellen Kotzin
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I dunno if this is a coincidence:

My diary (from when I was 16) said:
"I will marry Mark and I will meet Harry one day".

At the time I had just broken up with Mark (my boyfriend from 1st grade to 10th)...but upon a coincidence mayhaps--I married a Mark.
Plus--13 yrs later, as you all know, I did meet Harry Anderson--as foreign and impossible as it seemed back then. Smile
"And that's the rest of the story!"

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Hold on to your hats but this one is true.....

My father is the seventh child of a seventh child.
He was born July 7, 1907 or 7/7/7
ON 7/7/77 his 70th birthday we took him to the home of the Preakness Pimlico race track in Baltimore.
The seventh horse in the seventh race was named SEVENTHHEAVEN
He put $700.00 dollars on this horse!!

Darned thing came in seventh... JUST KIDDING

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