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Ed Marlo "High Rise Assembly" in Apocalypse (In fact there are quite a few dice effects scattered throughout Apocalypse) This is perhaps the matrix effect with dice alluded to earlier.
Aldo Colombini's Two in Hand One in Pocket from the Ganson Teach In Series (available at Lybrary.com) of course can be done with dice
Get the book Kort, written by Stephen Minch. One third of the book is devoted to Milt Kort's dice work. (Kort used casino dice. The work is NOT easy but the effects are ingenious)

I also want to "second" Magiguy's suggestion that you get Marlo's booklet "Shoot the Works."

Think outside the box! Many effects that use small objects obviously can use dice. How about doing Paul Gertner's Cup and Ball routine but substitute dice for ball bearings? Many coins across routines can use dice, etc. ...

Casino dice are necessary if you get the Kort work and if you want to do dice stacking and if you want to get into serious sleight of hand that is devoted to dice specifically. Casino dice have a matte finish and sharp corners which facilitate and are even necessary for certain sleights - regular game dice that come with Monopoly are more slippery and have more rounded corners.

Earlier in this thread a member mentioned Dr. Sack's Dice routine. This one is a classic and was re-released in the 2000's. The difference is that the original (published in The Phoenix) was ungaffed and the re-released version adds some possibilities because it is gaffed. I think that the remake I am talking about was not the Bob Sheets one but the one by (I THINK) Sol Stone. Not sure though, it could be the Bob Sheets version. Regardless, it's a great effect, highly visual and really impossible looking.

While not strictly dice only, Aldo Colombini has an e-book devoted to card effects in which dice play a significant role in the effect. Everything Aldo sells on his site is a mere 10.00/item!

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Dice No Dice from Kingdom of the Red

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Mark Leveridge has a cups and balls style routine called "Wild Dice" that can be excellent in the right circumstances. It's a great, small, self-contained alternative to cups and balls.
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"It's the rules", by Bob Sheets.
Fantastic non gimmicked dice routine.
After much soul searching about a signature, I decided not to have one.

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Perfect Dice by Magic Wagon


Carpe Diem, Seize The Day!
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Sol Stone's is Radical Dice, using special dice. A great alternative to the Dr Sack routine.
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Can't forget the classic 'UFO dice' I have the pro brass version.. a really great trick!
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I never knew they had a brass "ufo dice".I would have bought one a long time ago.The plastic one works well though and is a favorite of mine too.
Hugh Entwistle
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This isn't exactly a trick involving dice but it is more of a mentalism trick. COrinda has an excellent way of forcing a number from shaking 6 dice in a glass and adding up all the numbers. - can be found in 13 steps
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Die Namic from Ken Allen which was the precursor to Lunaballs and Squeeze Play. Die Golly, also from Ken Allen which was a two in the hands one in the pocket routine culminating in the change of the very small dice to a Jumbo Die. Die Golly was cleverly conceived and made possible the change without the use of a switch.
Shrinking Die from Royal Magic
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This is really easy and neat Dice trick that I teach in all of my magic classes...uses just regular dice that I get from the dollar store, usually the colored dice..
Tell your audience of poker buddies or friends you can do remote viewing. Explain what this is for those with puzzled looks on their faces.
• 2
Pick one person and give them a pair of dice. Turn your back to the person with the dice. Tell the group you'll have the person generate a random number with the dice and then, with remote viewing, magically determine the number
• 3
Instruct the person to roll the dice. Tell her to add the two numbers on the dice together in her head, but not to say anything out loud.
• 4
Have your friend pick up one of the dice, turn it over and look at the number. Tell him to add this number to the total.
• 5
Ask the dice roller to roll the dice she picked up one more time. Then, have her add this number to her total as well.
• 6
Turn around to face the person and the dice. Look at the dice, add the numbers showing together and then add seven. By adding seven, you'll always come up with their number no matter what the number is.
• 7
Make a good magic presentation of the dice trick. Tell the person to concentrate on his number and pretend to go into a remove viewing trance. To add to the dramatic effect, write the number on a piece of paper and reveal it to the group.

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"If you ever write anything about me after I'm gone, I will come back and haunt you."
– Karl Germain
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Die Transposition from Rink's Magic
"If you ever write anything about me after I'm gone, I will come back and haunt you."
– Karl Germain
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Which tricks would you recommend for loaded dice? I bought a pair of dices (one loaded, one normal) recently for some reason, but haven't found so much use for them. Of course you can gamble with somebody using shuttle pass etc., but... it's not very magical...
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Another vote for Bob Sheets - It's the Rules. Can't go wrong.
Dale J. O'Neill
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I know Badlands Bob was mentioned but Viking also has some more great dice effects:

Loaded Dice - by Alan Wakeling


and I think I got this last one from them but I can't remember.

Die-Abolical by Steve Cook

Magically misdirecting you, one effect at a time.....

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Mini Die Lema
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There's a chapter on dice effects in SW Table Magic by Karl Fulves. There are also a few in Dunninger's Encyclopedia. The original Dr Sack routine - which is a stunner - is in Bruce Elliott's Classic Secrets of Magic.

Antony Gerard
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Die Pene Tration by Rick Johnsson

"Dicey" by Bob Ostin

Shrinking Die

Whip Cup and Dice (My favorite!)

Carl Bremma had a mini, single dice holder (cube), that worked like a Boston Box

Plus, I have two dice effects that I have on the market. The first is, "Dice-Paddle Prediction" that includes routines and ideas with dice and paddles and the second is "Red Hot Dice" that is a pair of dice that at the end of a routine melt into a half pool. The die is half way there and half way melted into a puddle.
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Diamond Jim Tyler has a nice invisible dice routine in his lecture.

"The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it"...J.M. Barrie
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