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Dennis Michael.
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Denver, CO
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Perhaps you could make your speech about the real magic in your life. What is most magical about your relationship. No trick you could pull off could match the magic of your relationship etc.

I got married a little over a year ago and chose not to put magic into the speech. Glad I didn't. I agree with Frank...There's just too much already going on.
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Dennis Michael
Denver Colorado
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Hamilton, NZ
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I think including a short (note the word short!) bit of magic could make the day more special. If it is something that is a big part of your life, then to share a bit of it with the most important people to you (as I assume your wedding geusts are) is only natural.
Something bold and quick, with no associated patter I think would fit best such as the production of a rose, or a full glass of wine for the toast or something.
Just make sure you do run it past your future wife! You don't want the cold shoulder on your honeymoon!!
The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead, and his eyes are
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LosAngeles, Ca
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First of all, congratulations Mark !
You got some good ideas here and you have Franks point to consider as well. Good luck with whatever you decide.
In the meantime I will be doing some checking to see if and where any MA's (Magicians Anonymous) may be located.
"A miracle is something that seems impossible but happens anyway" - Griffin

"Any future where you succeed, is one where you tell the truth." - Griffin (Griffin rocks!)
Alan Munro
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Kentwood, Michigan, USA
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Sponge bunnies!

It gets a great response and there's not much that can follow it. That way, you can spend more time enjoying the wedding reception.
Larry Davidson
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Potomac, MD
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Bunnies? Hopefully you're not getting married because the rabbit died (am I revealing how old I am?)
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I have danced upon
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Double dove production, what else?

Seriously, I was best man for my brother's wedding and our family liked the simple champaign glass production, but the other family did not. So perform at your own risk!
Nothing would get done at all, if man waited so long that no one could find fault with it.
Jon Allen
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What about something magical happening that is unexpected?

Reading from your notes, you look up and look around the room and the notes instantly catch fire and vanish. Slow burning flash paper.

I didn't do any magic in my speech either and I gave 5 reasons why I didn't. One was that I couldn't afford myself; another was that I asked my wife and she said "No!"

Maybe go that route of explaining why you are NOT doing magic when everyone is maybe expecting it?
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How about a message trick? At a wedding I MC'd I did a newspaper tear and the restored paper had a congrats message. It's quick and visual and can have a message like "Thank you all for coming!"
Frank Tougas
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Minneapolis, MN
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There is your life and then there is your magic. If you want both to be enjoyable, never forget the two are separate.
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St. Louis, MO
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I think you should do something spectacular, say, put your new wife in a box, make here dissappear, then replace her with the brides maid and walk off. That'll certainly cause a stir. Then again, this kind of thinking may be why I'm not married.
But seriously, congrats and it's your day, do whatever you, and your lovely bride to be, want.
The opposite of bravery is not cowardice, but conformity.
-Robert Anthony
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middle earth
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Best wishes to you and your bride.

Here's the act:

1. Do some quick/flashy costume changes for both of you.
2. Metamorphosis
3. Float her and pass a hoop around her.

That should do it! Then you two can get a gig at Vegas, let us know and we'll come see you.
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Greensburg PA
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Look into the ring Leader routine from Gregory Wilson....If you could patter a marriage theme into it could work real well for you....
The last thing you ever expected, should have been the first.
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I will agree with those that sugest doing no magic at all. First of all.. CONGRATS!!! what a fun day your in for.
Magic at your reception or ceremony could really be a disaster. For a few resons:
1. As someone said.. this is your bride's day, not as much yours, and if it ends up much different from the picture in her mind, your in trouble!!
2. ITS SOO HECTIC that you may just forget completely how do do the effect. Believe me, you can barley remember your name by the time the reception comes around.
3. Finally, this day's focus should be on people contratulating and celebrating you and your wife. You should be waited on hand and foot and do nothing but enjoy EACH OTHER. That doesn't leave much room for you being the entertainment!!!

Our centerpieces were Tophats upside down with silver easter grass in them, and then a deck of personalised playing cards spread around the outside. This led for an ample chance to do a few tricks for individual tables during the require "Schmoozing" time.
IF you want to see pics of the centerpiece stuff... I think there are some at http://www.adamandnicole.com/gallery under wedding.
Adam Shake
Vice President of the Peoria Magicians Assembly
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Magic Geek
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A) Congrats
B) I'm not experienced enough in magic to offer a magical suggestion.
C) I've had 22 years experience in marriage, enough to notice that I don't believe that you have answered how your bride would feel;) It would be worth considering.
James Harrison
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Ontario, Canada
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Ok, first Congrats.

Second make sure you check with the boss first (wife)

After you have,

Doc Easons Anniversary Waltz might be a nice idea

Two different cards becoming one.

both signed, I'm sure you could come up with some great patter for it.

But again, like the many posts above, check with your wife, I'm sure she would roll her eyes and make you suffer for it if you didn't.
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Laurel, Maryland
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Perhaps you might consider doing some magic that honors her parents and doing it not at the wedding reception, but at the rehearsal dinner the night before.

I have trick I use at wedding receptions (where I am the hired entertainment - not when I am an invited guest). Two people who have been married a long time apparently read each others' minds. One ends up with a card missing a pip; the other is holding a penny with the pip cut out of its center. It's called A Penny For Your Thoughts and it's not yet on the market, although I have published it in the E.G.

E-mail me privately if you like and I will send you a set as a wedding present.


PS A bubble-catching trick is also nice as a way of illustrating your desire to make the temporary permanent. Again, not at the reception, but at the dinner the night before.
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