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ParaLabs - Thomas
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As I mentioned in another thread there are apparently interests in discussing sideshows – even if personally I'm rather interested in contents. But either my corresponding remark was too subtle to be realized or this playing field is needed for whatever reasons.

So those members who devote themselves to non-contentual topics may stay there; but let’s talk about contents here, OK? I like to solicit the mods to keep at least this thread free from deviating posts. Obviously I have no issue with deviating interests or opinions – but please open a separate thread for this.

Now for Neal’s book on readings isn’t released yet, unbiased reviews are not possible at the moment. So all informations content-wise can only be provided by the contributors. And for the contributors have no financial advantage from this book, you could see all corresponding posts as pure information – no more, no less.

Rainer and me will offer an initial overview of our contributions – keeping our informations as objective as possible. Obviously we’re biased anyway, but we’ll try our very best.
Maybe other contributors feel comfortable to join and introduce their creative work too.


We share three different contributions in Neal’s book – and in all honesty all three offers are works close to our hearts and they were not shared publicly before.

  • Our first contribution is a proven little procedure to practice readings. We developed this method as a kind of training-wheel for clients in the context of reading lectures and coachings. The procedure allows newcomers in readings to get self-confidence and to find an initial ‘flow’ during a reading performance.

    The method is one which offers a suspenseful, flexible and situation-based ‘telling’ as a kind of warm-up in the beginning, but which can very easily be developed into a genuine empathic reading in a convincing manner later.

  • The second contribution deals with the topic of offering appropriate answers to questions or a sitter’s personal issues in readings.

    During a reading it is pretty common that we have to deal with a particular issue or problem that a sitter faces and that she is struggling with. This may be consciously realized and openly mentioned by the sitter during a kind of Q & A performance, or it may be just implicitly present, captured by our empathy. And obviously answers, suggestions or even ‘advices’ have to be provided very carefully, modest, unobtrusive, responsible-minded and cautious.

    Now whether you are an experienced reader or a novice, you will agree that this is a tricky situation anyway. If you shy away from providing an answer, you cast doubt on your trustworthiness as a reader. On the other hand if you challenge yourselves with offering an answer, you have to have ethics, carefulness, modesty, responsibility and cautiousness in mind.

    So our second contribution offers a way to deal with this situation. A way which is as practicable as it is sensitive, caring and (last not least) poetic. It provides an interpretable allegory of the participant’s situation and by this it offers a wonderful and poetic way to end a reading with a metaphoric answer to a question she is struggling with.

  • Our final contribution is a particular ‘reading tool’ that we have used for many years with great success. It is not meant to be applied for ‘entertainment’ purposes primarily. Even if technically you could add parts of the premise to readings as parts of (stage) shows, that’s not what we prefer or intend.

    The reason for this is that the situation we induce using this technique is a very intimate and private one by nature. So we prefer to use it in one-on-one settings primarily.

    We developed this technique out of groundwork that originally came from a systematic solution focused therapy, which can also be found in system-orientated coaching. We gladly use this technique in our readings as it offers our participant a ‘virtual world’ in which endless options are opened up and by doing so it allows us a deeper insight into her inner most desires and hopes.

    Explicit clarity about one’s own wishes when they have been released from the usual constraints of the ‘conceivable’ or ‘possible’ is quite a revelation – a revelation that one rarely indulges in. So the process offers a manifestation of the deepest desires and dreams of our participant. And again this is something that should be guided very sensible, caring and responsible by the reader. An aspect on which we emphasize in no uncertain manner in our contribution.

So those are some contentual informations about our contributions to Neal’s reading book. Maybe other contributors feel comfortable to provide some informations on their sharings as well. I personally would be very interested in informations like this.

Please keep this thread free from any unproductive quarreling, OK?

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HI Thomas, great thread Smile
I am happy to write something here about my contribution to the book.
In Neal's book will share for the first time my "Mystic Touch".
The Mystic Touch is a different way of connecting with your sitter during a reading, it is deeper, it is more intense and it has a special meaning for your client.
The mystic touch starts with a reading, in which you will be able to visualize her thoughts (for real) and it ends with a cleansing/empowering session using a quartz crystal.
Is a FULL EXPERIENCE, very deep and has been my favorite from many years.
Everything is written in details and a full script is included (as I always do in my works)
This is something very close to "the real thing".
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My one contribution allows you to deliver a reading via the tarot despite never seeing the cards drawn, yet also leave them with an unique tarot card as a gift...its a hybrid piece in a way; very simple to do, very visual and is a good way to give your contact details out too...

the first time I did this for someone (around seven years ago) - the lady in question still has it framed on her living room wall...
I've asked to be banned
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The following I copied from a post I made in another thread. It describes my contribution...

My article touches on an approach that is useful in a down economy, using a specific type of reading. One big terrorist strike, one national disaster, one more economic contraction...any of these (or other) events and the entertainment market could essentially vanish. I address that with an approach that won't make you rich but will keep things moving along, even in an area with a moderate population.

I also received permission from a working pro to include something he shared with to crack the affluent market. If you have ever wanted to be psychic to the rich I offer one approach. It isn't plug and need to be in or near a large population center and need to be A+ in your readings and presentation. Most people simply are not there, or their family/life situation might not work for this. Working for the rich isn't for everyone but if that is your goal I offer one path.
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Since I was a kid I was fascinated by crystal scrying -the most revered tool of the soothsayer. The most mysterious, the most ancient, the most intriguing.

In many years, despite being a Tarot reader, I always remained attracted by that dimension -pure intuitive insight, with no pre-defined signs and meanings.
But my preferred ways of scrying -I am an adept of either crystal and 'wax in water' scrying- are not easy to do outside a private room, and are very time-consuming procedures, if one wants to do them for real.

The peculiar method and technique for crystal scrying I devised over the years -I have called it PiCS- is something the intuitive reader can use in settings so different as a psychic fair, a corporate gig, a wedding, a private psychic party; and in a manageable timespan.

PiCS is an intuitive insight tool never before released. You'll find it under my name in Scryer's Band of Readers.
'People who lean on logic and philosophy and rational exposition
end by starving the best part of the mind' -William Butler Yeats
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I appreciate you all sharing your contributions. It only makes me want this book more!
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Neal also invites me to contribute some of my ideas regarding readings using my experience in psychotherapy as well.

What a great honor.
Hopefully the readers will find something interesting in my thoughts.

Performer and Author

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TJ Halford
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On 2012-11-07 06:21, gypsyfish wrote:
I appreciate you all sharing your contributions. It only makes me want this book more!

couldn't agree more
TJ Halford

"Imagine what is Possible"
ParaLabs - Thomas
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Thanks a lot to those friends who already offered a small peek into their contributions! Smile

I'm always excited to see the diversity of approaches, techniques and philosophies even in such a delimited topic area like 'readings'. And exactly this diversity and variety makes a collection like this so instructive for me.
Even if I personally have anything else than an esoteric or even spiritualistic approach in readings (I'm rather pointedly relying on empathy and intuition) I always learn so much from approaches that deal with classic oracles - even if I don't use them but adapt particular insights and ideas to my personal approach.

Looking forward to read more sneak peeks into contributions for the upcoming book. Smile

Thanks a lot, guys!

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This is an enjoyable thread to read and I look forward to more posts based on content.
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My contribution is called the Book of Crows. It is a rather... novel... reading system. I will say no more. Smile
Voodini - cold reading, past life regressions, remote viewing, Q&A, palm reading, bizarre & seance...
ParaLabs - Thomas
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Paul, ... please! Smile

... just a small peek inside your mind won't hurt, right, ... Smile

Come on, ... !
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I sent in a work called Lapis Philosophorum - The Philosopher's Stone-An Alchemical work on the metaphysics of light. Which when put into use will allow its uses to get results unlike anything you have ever seen. This work can stand alone or be used with a sitter before, during or after a reading and will yield extraordinary results if properly used. Once it's is fully understood by the user, that is.

In all honesty there is only a few works that I have crafted that sometimes scare the h*ll out of me when they are employed. This is one of the works that can be of great benefit or cause problems, the likes of which many have never experienced. I do however recommended that this work should be used (if used) with great care.

That's all I am going to say about this at this time.
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Our friend Tony Razzano has stopped visiting the Café of late. He asked me to relay his contributions to "Band of Readers." Included are:

"1. Psy Cards. These relatively new cards have replaced Tarot cars in my repertoire.  I explain how to give 3 card readings, which I use at college and some corporate events. The 3 card readings take about 5 minutes and are great for the 4 hour reading gigs. I also explain my full readings with them. They are very well received.
"2.  A reading on the back of your business card. I teach you how to do a personal year reading on the back of your business card. All the numerology you need is explained. Its a good way to get them to keep your card.
"3.  An essay on palmistry. I maintain that most people don't want a personality reading. This includes how to turn a personality palm reading around a bit so it's more of an intuitive...ok...what the hell...psychic reading. Agree or not, I hope that you enjoy!"

I've seen Tony in action with Psy Card readings and it is really strong stuff. This should make for some interesting reading.

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I like the pay cards very much...readily intuitive and fun to use...Tony will have some real ideas I am sure...
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I'd really like to get this book, Its the only Scryer book missing from my Library.
My Mentalism Products:
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Psy cards are great. I've seen Tony give some readings to people and they are spookily dead on in giving answers.

Looking forward to his essay on palmistry as well.
by EVILDAN....
"The Coin Board Book" - moves and routines with the coin panel board. -
"SLASHER - A Horror Whodunnit" - a bizarre close-up routine based on Bob Neale's "Sole Survivor."
PM me for more info.
"Zombie Town" - a packet effect about how a small town turned into zombies.
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What a great list ! , and what an honor to be part of this.

I just send my contributions:

a. 2 Ideas for A-Z
b."Psydraw" , a reading system of mine, and
c. An short essay about Psychotherapy and Readings.

Hopefully the readers will find something interesting in my thoughts.

Performer and Author

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Darrell Mac
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Hi Guys, I've would have posted a little taste sooner. However I was having internet issues.

It is a Great honor to be a part of this wonderful collection. Thank You Neal & Richard.

Im giving just a little peek into what is, "TOUCHED BY AN ANGEL"

Since Angelic guidance is becoming increasingly popular, with more people believing in angels.
Angel readers tap into the angelic realm to bring messages of healing and wisdom.

As more people find themselves drawn to angels, an increasing number of psychics and mystics are offering angelic readings,
which can bring messages directly from angels and spirit beings.

The purpose of this Three phase Angelic Session is to bring you peace and clarity at this moment. It may be for spiritual guidance, insight into a decision you need to make, or how to follow your hearts desire and dreams as well as a full on Cleansing. (this is just a look of what was added) I do not want to tip the Cream just yet. (its all in the book)

So I hope you all will enjoy, as to there is a lot of wonderful contributions from a lot of wonderful people in this book.

I very Excited about the release.

Blessings to You All
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Lakeland Fl.
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I have just spoken with Richard Webster and will be contributing a piece from my Riding the Rainbow book of Color based readings. Very happy to be a part of this book.
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