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I have been practicing magic for 3 1/2 years now. My daughter is 5, she watched me float a dollar bill and when she tried it hopelessly fell to the ground so she cried and said I WANT TO BE MAGIC JUST LIKE YOU DADDY. So I taught her how to take off her thumb. Now she is asking to learn other magic but idk what to teach since she has tiny little hands. Any suggestions for magic for my daughter to begin her journey through this amazing art?
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Sorry. I haven't found a tricks I can teach to a 5 yo but there may be some. They just don't seem to understand about concealing the slight or misdirection.
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Jumping rubber bands on your fingers are easy to do, easy to show and easy to understand.
What if the Hokey Pokey really IS what it's all about? Smile

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Octopus Sun
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Right now my 4yr old is trying to classic palm a penny, so so for a minute,
and he's is learning how to hold the coin in Vinny and MB's crimp now, he tries to
do the crimp change, it's sweet to watch him shake his hand with a penny and dime.
He thinks he can do a retention vanish. flashes the dime, closes his hand, says All gone as he
tries to steal it away. love it.
He watches everything I do, and we sit together in the mornings playing with coins.
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There's the trick where you make a knot instantly appear in a short length of rope just by shaking it.

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Depending how fast they want results - since practice can take time and it is tough to teach patience sometimes - you can go coin magic. My kids (8 and 5) are learning the finger palm - both using coins that fit. My five year old uses dimes.

So, between the coins and rubber bands, you've got something for her to do. It would be important also for her to choose what she wants to do. If she likes coins, great. If she doesn't, she won't want to practice. My eight year old is also learning with cards - mini ones ( ).
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Nickels to Dimes and other self working effects would be a good starter. You could then help her more with the presentation of the magic.
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Melissa and doug magic sets are
geared toward youngsters of that age group.
and the kits are top quality also.
Mary Mowder
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My partner Tom learned a paddle move with a carved popsicle stick at 4.

His Mom says it actually fooled her.

-Mary Mowder
mind monger
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Why not buy her a magic set? I had a Paul Daniels one at that age Smile
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Teach first graders and have much success teaching these and many more tricks/ Budda papers / dice bomb/ chinese sticks /floating match on card/ 3 card monte / find the queen in 5 card spread/
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Gday mymagician,

I think it's a wonderful idea to teach your daughter some magic tricks, it will be great bonding time for the both of you! I have taught young kids magic before as apart of my work with Families South Australia and what I found works best is very simple self working tricks and little gags. I usually get kids to just focus on the presentation side of things and get them to engage in their beautiful imagination! Great to see you are sharing your passion with your daughter.

All the best mate!
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My daughter is three years old and she had two slices of ham - one in each hand- at the breakfast table the other day. She did something that looked like the Erdnase color change and said "Look dad! just like you do with the cards!" Quite funny!

I also did a floa***g card the other day and her comment was "Why do you have a hair in your hand?"
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andre combrinck
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Nicholas Einhorn's Illustrated Compendium of Magic Tricks has many great tricks for a 5yr old. It is really a fantastic book. Try it, you won't be dissapointed. And to top it, it's about 500 pages long.

Good luck.
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My daughter is 6 and she can now do some simple card tricks, of course being a beginner myself I can't for the life of me remember She pickes it up real quick and loves doing it. She actually did a card trick today and had the wife asking how she did it, it was to cute wife says "Honey how did you do that" daughter replies "I'm sorry mommy but a magican must never reveal there secrets". I couldn't stop laughing.

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I have taught kids around the age of 5 and 6 a simple sponge ball trick. Use the smallest size sponge ball for the young ones. Easy to teach and cheap. Once they learn that I teach a French drop with a dice or something small. That gives enough for the child to try and get creative. Amazing to watch the child try and vanish other objects.
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I love kids (couldn't eat a whole one though) but I hate doing magic for kids, it's just not me, but when needs must then you have to deliver something. Fortunately for me I didn't get into magic until my own son was quite grown up and he's just about to turn 17 now, and he has absolutely no time for my magic ... understandably so when you consider that either him or his Mum are the first people to get shown any new material that I have. ;-)

On flip side, from the experiences I've gained from my four year old nephew I don't think you should get too hung up on what to teach, but just the subtle motivation is enough to get them going with their own ideas - and for a child the strongest ideas are the ones they develop on their own. What Octopus Sun alluded to really sums it up. Sometimes it doesn't matter what or how they try and perform their own effect, the fact that they spend the time trying to immitate you at all speaks volumes and it is incredibly sweet.

For instance, this xmas we went visiting family (as you do) and my 4 year old nephew gets quite excited when his 'Magic Uncle Phil' comes to visit. Naturally if I'm ever encouraged to perform an effect for children I avoid cards and such things and stick with the more organic every day things such as coins, candy and household objects, and keep it simple - just vanish stuff and make stuff appear. I bought a whole load of old english pennies on flea-bay some time ago and I happened to have a bunch on me, so I gave him four and without any prompting he proceeded to immediately dream up his own magic act which completely evolved around these four coins. In order for him to accomplish his vanishes we were asked to 'cover your eyes .... count to five .... open your eyes' and somehow whilst our eyes were covered (and admist the sound of his feet running to some other part of the room) they had mysteriously vanished ! Seriously, we were lolling our butts off, it was completely hilarious. Whats more, the more we laughed and applauded the more it encouraged him to come up with a new and more adventurous location.

You wouldn't believe the places he kept thinking of to keep making his coins reappear, it was hilarious and he kept us entertained for ages. Sometimes when he felt bold enough to perform his vanish whilst our eyes were actually open he would walk around the room and keep talking to you, keeping eye contact so you wouldn't see him slyly drop coins into his Mum's handbag, or down the back of the couch - dunno where he picked up that tecnique from but his attempts at deception were fantastic, and also perhaps revealing about the nature of the little devil lol. I've never shown him how to do a single trick, but he thought he was the best magician in the world and absolutely any match for his uncle. Even with all the xmas toys and electronics gadgets all around him nothing seemed to keep him engaged quite as much as these four pennies - he even went to bed with them and kept them under his pillow. His parents tell me the coins have gone everywhere with him since boxing day.

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Working ina magic shop geared towards kids we have several tricks that someone her age can do. A great beginning trick for them is the flower from wand trick. It is very simple to do and is great for kids. Another great one is Ball and Vase. Its very simple and with just a few minutes of practicce with her she can do it in no time! The magic coloring book is great for kids too. Another fun and easy to do trick is the peeny to dime trick. Takes no practice at all and she can do it over and over. Another great one is nickles to dimes. That is a very simple trick that she can do. Along with the coin slide and zig zag rope. There are tons of options and tricks that are self working and great for her age. Kids don't want to really practice, they want the instant satisfaction of being able to do magic. All of these tricks that I have suggested are tried and tested with kids in my store on a daily basis and they pick them up in less than 2 minutes. Hopefully some of these suggestions are helpful to you and your daughter.
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My son loves performing the breaking wand trick and playing with the oversized wand where the caps pop off, although he's just turned 3, so he still needs to work on his angles Smile

Mind monger's suggestion of a childrens magic kit is a good one although I would research it beforehand (there's some rubbish out there) and learn the tricks yourself so you can help them with the moves.
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The disappearing salt/pepper shaker is easy. I learned it when I was about 7 I think. all you need is to bee seated at a table with a napkin and have a shaker at hand. I believe you can find the trick on youtube.
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