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I'm looking for reviewers of a new eBook that I am putting out called "Mental Blueprints."

I am really excited about releasing this book, and my collaborators and I did a lot of research to ensure that we are putting forward quality, original, ideas in this book, and really making a valuable contribution to the community and published record.

So I am looking for a few volunteers to receive a free copy to review. If you are willing to read it this weekend and post your review of it here, please send me a PM. Also, if when you review it, you find anything that could be credited better, or is very similar to something that is already published (we did our best to research to avoid this, but we could have missed something), I'd be looking for your input on that.

Hit me up if you want a copy - I will give away a few today.

If you would like to see the product page, go here:

And here is the ad copy:

Mental Blueprints

Eight strong mental effects from the minds of V, Andrew S, and Saurabh include:

Foreign Thought (Andrew) - One spectator thinks of a card, while another is put into a ʻtranceʼ. The spectator
in a ʻtranceʼ is then able to divine the card being thought of. 100% hit. Borrowed deck. No setup or pre-show work.

eQueen (V) - An equivoque effect with an imaginary deck of cards. Get down to your card prediction with only two "choices" plus one totally free choice! 100% hit every time. The two "choices" are also very convincing and one uses a brilliant play on words.

Confined (Saurabh) - A spectator cuts a deck of cards and notes the card cut to. The mentalist is able to read the spectator's thoughts to divine the thought of card. Every card in the deck is different, and the mentalist does not touch the card nor deck after handing it to the spectator.

Colouric (V) - The performing artist asks a participant to choose one of three colours. He then reveals that he has successfully predicted ahead of time which colour the
participant would choose. 100% hit every time.

Induced Anomalous Trichromancy (I.A.T.) (Andrew) - A spectator is made to see in black and white, then gets colours confused. Finally, the spectator sees colours that no one else can see. An interesting piece of strange that you have to read to believe!

Northerm Nirvana (V) - Originally published in Thomas Baxter's "Open Prediction Project," this was V's contribution to the project. A prediction is written down. The spectator is then asked to deal cards face up onto
the table. Whenever they feel the urge, they deal a card face-down. It matches the prediction. This can be done with a borrowed deck, and the mentalist does not touch the deck nor the cards once the spectator starts dealing. Employs psychological methodology, therefore it may not work 100% of the time, but when it does, it is truly a miracle!

Cuppie Quickie (V and Saurabh) - The performing artist asks the participant to place an object under one of three cups for a “dangerous” feat. Amazingly, he knows exactly which cup the participant selected. 100% hit every time!

Septagonal (V) - Another take on an Open Prediction style effect, with an added kicker second prediction.
Steve Friedberg
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Vincent shared a copy with me, and I've had a chance to work through several of the effects here. Pure mentalists will find very little here that will float their boat. Card guys, however, may well say they can use several of the effects...especially when asked, "what else do you do besides cards?" "Foreign Thoughts" is a solid way to start off the set, although with a bit of thinking, you can make the effect more direct and involve multiple spectators. 'eQueen" has a lot of "B'Wave" incorporated in it, but it's a nice little card effect that requires no cards. Vincent's instruction on patter is well-taken, particularly for folks who want the advantage of a script that's fully laid out.

"Northern Nirvana" sounds nice, but I always wonder about an effect where the instructions read, "If all goes well," or, "it may not work 100% of the time." With a little thinking, you can adjust the effect to drive up the hit rate.

At $15, this is a booklet that card guys may like to expand their repertoire to ring in some mental magic.

"A trick does not fool the eyes, but fools the brain." -- John Mulholland
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Thanks for your review and thoughts Steve! I really appreciate them and we're going to include your thoughts in the book as well (thanks for that). I am really glad you liked eQueen, as it is one of my favourites!
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All, I have given away my quota of review copies, thank you for all the messages of interest and support! More reviews will be posted here soon.

P.S. Another review has also been posted here:
Stephen Young
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I have had a good look at Mental Blueprints

Here are my thoughts, but I have to say at the outset I am not a card guy at all.

So for me the most interesting effects from the manuscript were the two effects Colouric and Cuppie Quickie.
Two prediction effects using upturned cups
I could see me playing around with these two.

Northern Nirvana is the effect that I feel comes closest to pure mentalism.
If it works you could even go back and explain how you acomplished it. This would give "proof" that you can influence people so that when you go onto other effects that use more trickery than psychology they will still think you are influencing whatever outcome you want.

I can see that for those who do use cards then these effects would give them a way to spice up their regular card work with some mental magic.

Having said that I thought I.A.T. was a very interesting concept and it uses cards almost as an afterthought which changes it from being a card effect very nicely.
Also I'm a sucker for effects that use photographs.

I think the manuscript is well written and explained.
For those who are regular card users these would be very easy for them to incorporate into their repertoire.

I do think it would be worthwhile to also get some feedback from people who use cards regularly.

I wish Vinny much success with this venture. It is a reasonably price e book that those who use cards in their mental magic would get the most use from.
Even for those of us who don't use cards it still has some interesting avenues to be explored

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Thanks Steve for taking the time to review it and share your thoughts here, I am glad you found it interesting, that means a lot to me coming from you. All my best, V.
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Update: another review for Mental Blueprints was just posted here:
Thank you to all reviewers for taking the time, and I am pleased to say the feedback has been great so far.
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