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Moved to Seattle to see
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"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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Thanks for that post. She really is an inspiration to us buskers.
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I reject your reality & substitute my own

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Greetings and Salutations,

As inspirational a 14 minutes as I have had recently. Just sincerely ask ...


Joe Zeman aka
The Mage Ulysses
Magician Shaun
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The whole message regarding the relationship between the performer and the audience is so true. Her explanation of how she "made" people pay for music is great. It's part of what the record companies just don't get. I would be willing to bet if more artists tried to connect with their fans the way Amanda has there would be less of them complaining about piracy and losing money to it!
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Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing that....
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I've seen links to this posted in a few places and love where she is coming from.
D. Yoder
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Than you for posting the link. It was a gift today to watch it.

Darrell aka Uncle Yodie
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I love watching those TED talks. Gives you a lot to think about in short segments. Bob
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Earlier on one of the posts someone said 3 fly or coins across....and I said " what are you trying to accomplish with this effect" is it for building...

I have been saying this for years. Bring them in, get them close in the beginning. Ask them their names and know their names. forge a relationship. This is what I was talking about. It seemed that after I asked that simple question, "what are you trying to accomplish" the conversation died. This woman is telling you everything you need to know about working on the streets. Make them like you, develop a relationship with them.

For years I never understood what Cellini was talking about when he told the story of how he was sick, and he had this gig on top of this mountain, I think a resort. And he made his way up to the top. But when he got their he was too tired or too sick to do the show. So he sat down and just talked to them. And they loved it. He told stories but what he really did was earned their names, forged a relationship......he made them like him.....

This is what its about. don't ask about tricks, don't ask about building....focus on relationships and you will win.....not that anyone here will pay any attention to an old street guy like me.....no one will listen to the true secret.....
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False secrets sell better.
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Great video thanks! We have a great Busker fest in Toronto every year.. very inspiring!
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See....nothing....well no need to pet here any longer
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On 2013-03-20 16:39, yankay37 wrote:
We have a great Busker fest in Toronto every year.. very inspiring!

Cool. Any decent magicians at the festival???
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Hmmmm,...yeah, I found it Inspiring. Motivating. ,and I find Amanda super sexy. I would loved to have misspelled my name on her shoulder, JUST for the opportunity to erase it.

but, when I see a Statue, I also yell, "Get a job!"

AND, as much as I like her,... (and I'm sure, she sings for ME); I think she's wrong.

I believing in 'The Art of Giving'.

No demands. No expectations. No guilt, sentiments,..."sad eyes".

"This is what I've got,..developed,...learned,...came up with. Thanks for enjoying it. Understanding it.
Respecting it. Sharing the moment with me."

No commitment. Cold blooded Giving. ,now THAT's an act of Faith, Belief. Trust. Love.

Every,.. count 'em. Every Religion preaches, teaches; "...give and you will receive ten times more in return."

In one of the 'early' books on Street Performing, Carlo's "Juggling Book" (1974); he had this great bit in there about breaking the 'ego tensions', on both sides. He said, "...try to create this feeling like, 'Folks, this is part of the infinite variety of wunder in the Universe, come let's share it together.'"
I like that.

'Asking', puts folks on a spot. 'Giving', as well. But which spot do YOU prefer to be on?
(ha ha ha,.... I know, "With Amanda ASKING,.!.." ,but keep in mind WHAT she's asking YOU for.
,...and remember, she's secretly got the hots for me.)

partner in time,

p.s.: "yeah, romantic; but, does it work? I can't take the chance."
I'm scared every day I go out there and try it again. My Bank ain't getting rich lending me money, or investing my surpluses.
..,hmm, but I could die tomorrow and say, "It's been a pleasure. Thanks."
It's never let me down,... AND it's taken me down some side roads.
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TED talks are always a gift. She comes up with some great point of how to do things. I like it when people talk abut away of doing something and there the living proof that it works. Rather than here is something I have read and studied. My personal view is times are changing. There are issue with how the world society is living we cant afford it and it damaging the planet we call home. Basicly it unsustainable.

She has made things work for her. and a lot what she say is mentioned all the time in the side walk shuffle.

Give and receive fearleely- When ever we busk we do this.

Ask without shame- I think this is the problem I had with delivering hat lines at first.

When we see the real person we want to help each other- People don't like fakes. if your playing a charter they need to connect with a charter that is well formed. Gazzo is a great example he is a bit loud bit abrupt. But pepoel connect with him. He dose not hide anything. I don't know if he is really like this but this is what pepole see and feel.

Not how to make them pay, how do we let people pay- pass the hat.

Over the pass 5 years I have come to relise if you say your thinking of doing something Pepole will respond that's nice and good luck. But if you say your doing something and you need this and that people will come and help. My wife and I started a our own company in 2010 and things have really worked. And I fell the 3 main resons are,
1) Say your doing somthing, tell everyone,
2) we have a good product,
3) And this is based on feed back pepole like us.

I think waht she said is not new but we need to hear it a new way.

My reply as gone on for a while iam just processing what she said and formatting it for me. This might have not been the best way to do it oh well.
Enjoy your magic,

and let others enjoy it as well!
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She mentioned twitter and how much that helped her with her fan base and finding a place to eat, crash and people to show up for her shows. That's a good idea for a street performer. Set up a sign "@whatever" and develop a twitter base - it may lead to gigs even.

Quick story about Twitter, I use it and only (at the time of the story had 100 followers) I developed stage 3 Cancer in my left tonsil and it had already spread to my lymph nodes before it was caught. My company fired me ( there was no legal recourse ) and I lost my insurance. Wife made very little above us being eligible for state help so I was screwed. I reached out on twitter and facebook ( my 29 friends at the time) after starting a free website explaining my story and asked for help if they could. This led to a couple nice women who do a somewhat risqué podcast on Saturday night to get my story out there and followers and donations kept coming. Total strangers paid my cobra insurance premiums for my for 6 months while I laid in a hospital bed waiting for social security to kick in.

I would never had made it without the acts of kindness from total strangers. I now blog on the site, it is brutally honest about how bad recovery sucks and is often worse than the disease. Magic is my only hobby I ever really had and I did it professionally for a time but I was mostly an over the road truck driver for 17 years doing "free" shows for my dinner sometimes or a couple tips. Now it has become a large part of my recovery. Therapy if you will. I am alone at home 24/7 and don't really have any non truck driving friends to even go out and have coffee with. My most interaction with people is right here on the Café.

You can read my full story at http://www.saveshadowpest.weebly.com follow my twitter @shadowpest and I post there when I update my blog every week or two. I still take small donations to help with co-pays and my never ending meds. And I am lucky to have family and a couple good friends who get me some magic stuff once in a while for " happiness therapy "

All in all I think it was a great TED segment for the subject matter, not necessarily performing, but not being afraid to ask or take what is offered. Smile
Cancer Sux - It is time to find a Cure

Don't spend so much time trying not to die that you forget how to live - H's wife to H on CSI Miami (paraphrased).

Smile Smile
Curtis Alexander
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Thanks for posting. I love TED talks, and this is a great example of why. It looks like something I would never care to hear a lecture on and it turns out being very inspiring.
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Kozmo. I'm listening. And yes. That's the main stay of what not only works, but is important. Screw the trick. ( Olay I'm a clone.. But)... Screw the trick.

Great wee story of Cellini. Really touching. Thanks
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Thanks vernon....a pro comes through
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Thanks for the post
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