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Chris Piercy
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Hi everyone,

I am releasing my latest eBook "Fresh and Chris P" - this is a varied and interesting selection of card trick which come straight from my working repertoire.
The eBook is professionally written including 49 pages, nearly 15,000 words, 86 images and includes 12 tricks and 3 sleights.

Contents -
FOUR OF A KIND PRODUCTION - A simple yet flashy of producing an apparently freely selected four of a kind.

BOND'S SEVENS - The perfect follow-up to "four of a kind production" or perfect as a stand alone trick - this is an easily mastered but incredibly deceptive twisting the aces routine.

BLANK ASSEMBLY – Ace assembly with blank cards, super convincers in this trick leave laypeople blown away.

KNIFED IN THE FACE – With one hand a card is spun into the air and caught directly next to a spectator's selection - no breaks.

CATCH IT QUICK - A quick coincidence meets the above effect

VOODOO FIRETRAP – A Voodoo effect where damage is transferred from one card to another in the spectators hands.

IMAGINA-TORN – A blank card has the corner torn off and placed to one side. A card is selected from the deck and an image is drawn onto the rest of the blank card. The magician then transforms the torn card into the selection but not only that the corner from that was removed at the very start has also changed.

IMPRINT – A signed blank card transforms into a thought of card in a spectators hand.

HOTSHOT ACES – Four Ace production from a shuffled shuffled deck.

THE CRADLE CONTROL – Previously released card control, taught in this eBook for two of the routines.

POCKETED REVERSAL – Three Phase Two Cards to pocket routine.

THE KELLY OUTJOG CONTROL - A convincing control with no spread that hides the back of the card also.

MARKED CARDS – A stranger card routine under the guise of a marked card, which turns out to be true!

APPREHENDED THRICE – Based on James Brown's "Caught 3 times" with a kicker ending that will leave your spectators dumbfounded.

All of this for just £9.99 - this can be sent to me directly as a personal payment on Paypal
The first 20 buyers will receive my eBook "One Step Further" as a bonus.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me.

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Mini review – Fresh & Chris P (PDF with 12 card effects and controls)

Bias rating – I don’t know Chris, but got this as a review copy (free). I have worked through all the effects (except where bottom dealing etc. is required!). I am a regular working part timer with probably intermediate card skills (cull, palms, dls, counts mainly, not big on gambling moves or flourishes).

PDF Quality – Well set out with clear instructions supported by decent photographs to assist with learning. The manuscript has obviously been proof read as the flow is logical and it is not awash with typos.

Comments on some of the contents:
BOND’S SEVENS – Twisting the aces with variety (my initial favourite)
APPREHENDED THRICE – Based on JBs caught 3 times (I really liked the idea of this, except the need for a table which prevents me from working it, so may tinker with the handling / explore the concept)

Type of material – This is quite obviously aimed at the worker, as it lacks a 75 phase oil & water! There is a broad range of direct, easy to follow plots, none of which should be longer than a couple of minutes / 3ish phases. Some items are un-gaffed FASDIU, some need a little set up or some stranger cards.

Quality of explanations – Generally, all the effects are taught reasonably clearly. Not all sleights are taught.

Skill level – Some effects are relatively simple (e.g. Bond’s 7s) and need only basic-ish sleights, however some effects use bottom deals, seconds, and similarly challenging (to me) sleights. If you are a beginner / self-working type of person, I can’t really recommend this. I would suggest that this would give the best value to intermediate to advanced card workers, or at least those that like a challenge in their material.
Note – Chris does give alternate (easier) handlings for some effects / moves.

Working environment – Some effects need / are best done with a table. Some can be done in the hands, strolling.

Initial thoughts – It is quite interesting that John Carey has written a very nice forward to this e-book. However, the material here does not always follow John’s apparent ethos of simplifying the work in an effect to make it as simple to perform as possible. I mean, c’mon, bottom and second deals..?! (I don’t do / use bottom or second deals). There are however, simple and effective, high impact effects such as Bond’s 7s, which I tried out for friends and family with very good results.

Further thoughts – At around the time I received this manuscript, I also picked up Tom Crosbie’s Recall, to see if it would inspire me to bring back memdeck work back into my working repertoire. Anyhow, during one of the effects, Tom uses a second deal, which got me thinking. If you use sleight of hand with cards, some of the most essential moves (imho) are the cull and palm. If you can cull and palm, you have an out for nearly any situation…
..Hang on a second, how useful could a convincing second deal be? As an alternative to a DL, a force, a control etc… After all, I spent a lot of time learning moves such as the cull, palms (including the DPS)..

So to actually get to the point, this has inspired me to consider putting in the time to learn the second deal (probably via a Jason England download).

In summary – What you get here is a broad selection of plots and effects for ‘real people’. Most (but not all) of the material will take either a skilled card worker or someone prepared to put in the work.
There is more simple (and still very effective) material about, but if you put the time in, or if you have the skills already, you will have some strong effects to add into your arsenal. Also, you could re-work some of the trickier pieces or use Chris's suggested alternate and easier handlings.

As for value, if you adopt just one or two of the effects (and they are not all knuckle busting) into your regular repertoire, I would suggest that £10 is money well spent.

Worth a look.

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I already posted this in the Latest and Greatest Thread.


Let me begin by saying that I have received a copy of this manuscript as a review copy. Also, I am not associated with Chris in any way.

With that said, let me share my thoughts:

First of all, the manuscript is quite clear. The effects are well explained. I did have an issue with figure captions as they were not cross-referenced in the text and I had to go back few times to double check that I got things right.

Also, bear in mind that this is no manuscript for beginners. One needs to be familiar with basic card handling and should be comfortable with standard sleights. I would also say that knowledge of gambling moves (seconds, bottoms, etc...) will help a lot, though only a necessity in some routines.

Now clearly Chris has worked these effects and as John Carey puts it,"visual is the key word with Chris's work".

What follows is my opinion about the effects explained in the manuscript:

Four of a Kind Production: this effect is a bit tricky. You will either use it or simply ignore it in my opinion. Personally, it is not something I would do because it does not fit my style and I have other ways of producing 4 of a kind. The effect is actually highly personalized and will depend on one's style and abilities but Chris did outline his way of performing it which can be of use to some.

Bond's Sevens: a variation of Twisting the Aces. No extra cards and no multiple lifts. What I love about this is the very visual aspect of the effect. Chris blended some very strong moments of visual magic. But will I leave the version I currently perform? I am not sure. I will have to try it out but this one has lots of potential but I doubt it will fit me.

Blank Assembly: Another assembly! And it has some interesting subtleties (I would not call them super convincers). However, this is not an easy routine. It will take some practice and personally I do not think I will be performing this (due to my lack of interest in perfecting the sleights). However, if one is comfortable with these sleights, I will say that this is a very streamlined and direct version of the assembly and it does have an interesting visual aspect. I would like to point out that I do not think Chris is the first person to use blank cards in an assembly but I cannot be sure at the moment. (Anyone can hopefully chime in). Nevertheless, a very direct version; but one I will not be using.

Knifed in the Front: A very interesting 'acrobatic' effect. It is 'knacky' and will require serious practice but the effect is a flashy one. It can be used as a standalone piece or integrated into a longer revelations routine or even a multiple card selection routine.

Catch it Quick: A very nice adaptation of an Ackerman routine. It dresses up Knifed in the Front nicely.

Voodoo Firetrap: This is one of my favorite routines. It reminds of an effect by Nathan Kranzo but I like the visuals on this. It can be adapt4ed to one's style and Chris notes that by offering differnet presentational ideas.

Imagina-torn: A very nice presentation. Again, a very adaptable effect. I would love to perform it using a pseudo-hypnosis angle. Very well thought out effect.

Imprint: I love this! Very simple, direct, straightforward, and it uses minimal sleights in my opinion. Or if any part is 'challenging', it can be easily substituted for an easier option. This effect reminds me of Imagine by G. A signed blank card turns into a chosen card with the signature still on. In fact, if you have Imagine, one can come up with an interesting presentation and routine that uses both (thus, one method cancels the other).

Hotshot Aces: Personally, this is more of a principle to be applied than an effect to use. Chris does describe the reasons for that as well and I perfectly agree. If one loves to perform the hotshot cut, then this will be something of interest. It is meant to be part of a revelations routine and/or a multiple selection routine. Of course, it can be used in other ways depending on one's imagination.

The Cradle Control: Another control. It has its uses. It will require practice. It is another weapon to be used. Personally, I am happy with the current controls I use. I find this one a bit angly for my own personal use. Chris discusses how to make this move virtually invisible. But still, I would rather opt to other controls I am more comfortable with. Note however that like any sleight, this has its own set of applications and one is only limited by their own imagination. It is just not my cup of tea.

Pocketed Reversal: A 3-phase routine with 'card to pocket' theme. I am not too keen on the first 2 phases. The 3rd phase is something I enjoyed. But the true gem for me was a control described in the 3rd phase of the routine. I was not familiar with that structure and I loved it. It is something I will use for my own routines, that is for sure.

The KO Control: An added subtlety to the Kelly Bottom Placement.

Marked Cards: An interesting routine centered about the concept of marked cards. Multiple magic moments and ending with a nice souvenir. I like the choreography. It can be used as a variation of Red Hot Mama.

Apprehended Thrice: My favorite! A variation of a James Brown routine. Moment after moment with an amazing ending. It is heavy on sleights but the sleights are not hard. Basic sleights routined in a very logical and well structured way. One can substitute sleights they are not happy with for others they are more comfortable with. The ending is simply amazing. I love this!

Credits and Thanks: This is a comprehensive sections explaining for each effect in the manuscript the credits, inspirations, sleights and gaffs used, Very thorough and shows Chris's dedication to the art.

Final Thoughts:

This is not a manuscript for beginners but surely it has something for everyone. One will easily find one effect (most probably more) to include in their own repertoire. I like the dressings of some of the effects. I like the streamlining in others. I will not use everything. In fact, I may use only one or two effects.

One final note that many of the effects will require a setup but nothing like stacking a full deck. The setups and/or gaffs are easily manageable. After all, these are effects and routines from Chris's working repertoire and he has honed them over the past couple of years.

Overall, good job Chris. Smile
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REVIEW: Fresh and Chris P.

Tom Frame
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As mentioned above there is some great working material here, I have taken some of the ideas on board and twisted them into my own style, chris has a great mind for working effects.

Great stuff chris, keep up the good work.

Recommended, it was a joy to read.

All the best

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