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My always with me gimmicks are the Bat and the m******** coins that it uses and of course ITR plus a copper/silver coin. Smile
Billy Andrew
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Scotland U.K.
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I only own 3 products at the moment that can be called gimmicks or fekes.

Expanded shell
Invisible deck
Golden Key

All three get great reception although the deck is used less often because it's a little more suspicious.

the golden key is great, people ask to see it, you give it to them and they're even more impressed. I wish I could make my own, if you gave it away at the end of your presentation (implying it's nothing special) the effect would be even stronger.

As a matter of fact I'm off to another coffee table to seek advice.

A journey of one thousand miles starts with the first step
Garrett Nelson
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On 2002-05-23 18:25, Paul wrote:
Gimmicks and fekes are simply useful tools, one should learn to entertain without them, then maybe use then as and when required. Use too many initially and you will come to rely on them.

I agree. You should be capable of entertaining without them. BUT...when you need to do something that really is impossible, I think it is a grave mistake to brush them off. It seems many people work so hard on their sleight of hand they get an ego about using something "fake". Then they pride themselves on not using any gimmick.

My favorite example is this; I was doing several tricks for a friend of a friend. I did 5-6 really good effects using only sleight of hand. Then I did the Invisible deck. Later he offered me money for the secret to just one effect. You guessed it, the invisible deck (no, I didn't reveal it). He said everything was at least possible except for that. I was astounded.
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I do not think that the laymen can catch a gimmick, only you make them to catch it... I have been using TT and still using it and I have never been told that I have that. So problem is not in the gimmick, it is in the handling. Smile Smile
Magically Yours,


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I only use gimmicks when the effect can be accomplished as desired.

In other words, I use them A LOT. When they do the job, use them. When they don't, don't use them.

I recently saw Henry Evans, a recent FISM winner do a lecture where his favorite line was, "don't kill me, but look at this..." and he showed the gimmick that just blew away about 150 magicians who had no clue!

Using a gimmick doesn't mean that you aren't skilled, it just means that for that effect, or situation, a gimmick is the best way to get the job done. Someone else called gimmicks tools. And I second that. The right tool for the right job, and the result will be pleasing to everyone.

If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.
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I use Scotch and Soda, the feke, and got backed into a wall, they wanted to see it agen!!! So I used Petter Marucci's version. with the gimic coin (I had no time to reset)
this changed the trick just enough that boy did I look good.
Funny thing is... every time I do the feke. They say it is sleight of hand, when I use sleight, they don't???
The Adventure cont...
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That's a good example of why I try to avoid gimmicks, I still use them on occasion, but avoid them. If someone asks to do it again...which we all know we shouldn't do right!!..we're not backed into a corner for a reset.

the only 2 gimmicks I have are the Scotch and Soda and Vodka and OJ. But I like to let the spec's examine the props when I'm done and I think that letting them inspect the gimmicks is risky. Ever dropped the half dollar!! Doesn't sound right. I think the spec would figure it to be a fake.

Now to find that ungimmicked S & S routine mentioned earlier...where did I lose it...
Garrett Nelson
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On that same thought, I wouldn't repeat my ungimicked effects, either.
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The ones I use the most are the TT, ITR, Coin Unique and The folding half.
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Echoing Peter Marucci, I think Scotch and Soda is a little tough for a walk-around performer. I have decided to switch to Silver, Copper, Brass transpo. to get a similar effect. I also get an almost instant reset, which is so essential to doing walk-around.
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My favourite gimmicks are my Paul Fox style
long salt pour Gimmicks,
Phillip Smile
John Clarkson
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On 2002-05-23 09:06, Bernard Sim wrote:
For coins, I like Scotch & Soda and Hopping Halves. TT is also very useful. Smile

I agree, but if I had to choose just one, Hopping Halves gets my vote. If you total the amount you'd spend for all the gimmicks in this one set, you are way ahead of the game by buying this set. I like it so much, I had Johnson make a custom set for me using the old (real silver) Franklin Half (the ones that were around in the year of my birth...)
John D. Clarkson, S.O.B. (Sacred Omphaloskeptic Brotherhood)

"There is nothing more important to a magician than keeping secrets. Probably because so many of them are Gay."
—Peggy, from King of the Hill (Sleight of Hank)
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Just a word of advice. Gimmicks are good in their own respect but you are not a true magician if you rely entirely on gimmicks. The true skill in a magician is seen by their effectiveness in sleight of hand and misdirection. Take regular spongeballs. There is no gimmick, but the effect is just as powerfull if not more than effects I have seen with gimmicks. So don't get carried away with gimmicks but dont rule them out either.

Hope my words were of help.
Lance R. Wilson
Magic is the psychology of the audience.
-Lance Wilson
Uli Weigel
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Hey Lance,
have a look at the Siegfried & Roy Show. No sleight of Hand but gimmicks and trick boxes galore.
Michael J. Douglas
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I usually stay away from gimmicks. They're too much to carry around. But if you find a good one...miracles can happen!
Michael J.
�Believe then, if you please, that I can do strange things.� --from Shakespeare�s �As You Like It�
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Madrid, Spain
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I only carry one. It´s an enormous and very powerfull neudium magnet that measures 5x5x2 inches. It is so powerfull, that I can have two steel core coins stuck together "1 meter" far away. Smile

The bad thing is that it ruins all my credit cards.

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Broomfield, CO, USA
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Profile of tglund
On 2002-08-28 03:42, AngelMerlin wrote:
I only carry one. It´s an enormous and very powerfull neudium magnet that measures 5x5x2 inches. It is so powerfull, that I can have two steel core coins stuck together "1 meter" far away. Smile

The bad thing is that it ruins all my credit cards.


Probably doesn't do good things to your computer media either, unless all of your stuff is on cd's Smile
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I like TT's and Invisible Thread. Also the flipper coin.
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I don't think theres anything wrong with gimmicks,but as already mentioned,their great tools! I use a regular deck of cards,but also have a invisible deck. For coins,I can do a coins across without a gimmick,but when I do it using a shelled coin the reaction is even greater. I'm still using sleight of hand,(classic palm,retention vanish etc)but the shell is a tool.

Same as when I use a copper/silver/brass set,sleight of hand using these as my tool. Plus,I think its best when your using a gimmick,to be able to end clean. Using both the shell and CSB,I end totally clean and BOTH can be examined,very important if using gimmicks,IMHO.

As for using a TT,check out Close-Up Assasin by Richard Sanders. His routines are truly killer,and he uses both sleight of hand and the TT.
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When I started I leaned heavily on my marked and stripped deck.

My current favorite card gimmick is Peter Nardi's Extractor. Its a bit expensive but you can build many different really impossible looking routines around it. particularity if you combine it with some basic slights.

For coins, I think my favorite gaff is Mr. Tango's Ultimate Coin, although I just got a coin funnel and I'm having a lot of fun working out a routine for it.
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