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Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China
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It was a gig on a silver platter...
an easy show, no restrictions (except for magic that wasnt suitable for the dinner table)perfect.
In China its hard for someone who isn't famous to get on one of these gigs, there were Korean and Taiwanese popstars performing and I was the closing act...

I was so excited...the act I decided to use, performed it many times before and it hits hard considering I speak English mostly with Chinese keywords mixed in (I find trying to speak full chinese during my shows can be very distracting and make me forgetful of certain details since I have to focus on what it is I want to say and how.) but more so I was happy I had such a large stage..with a catwalk.

my "liason" was most unhelpful. every requirement that I needed, he was supposed to get for me no questions asked.
I found him trying to look in my magic box when I stepped in to the washroom.

on top of that after spending all day on a train going from my city to where I was to perform I was rushed from the train station to the venue, no time to shower or relax.

I had to get cross with them to bring me everything I wanted prepared before I arrived.
They told me I am on stage in 20 minutes so I should prepare everything that needs to be prepared. I did just that.
and I waited by the stage for 90 minutes afterwards worrying if my CC on my WN was going to stay strong even after 90 mins.

normally if I prep 30 mins with the brand I use its long enough...however this worried me.

after the fashion show the singers and dancers came on.
Watching the popstars I was concerned about the audience as every time they fished for an applause or fished for a vocal response from the crowd (who were sitting at their tables eating dinner) they received little to none of what they were looking for.
the stage was set and it was time for me to go on.

I was greeted with some dropped jaws (not very common to see a foreigner in a small city) and applause...
I had people laughing and ohhhh's and ahhhh's, it was going as smooth as butter (butter that's been left out mind you...not fridge butter)
here is where my story takes a dive, I had conjured a plate of roses and the audience was practically fighting for them as I threw each one off stage...same with the candy. all of my routines thus far had gotten the exact response I wanted.

Except when It came to the rope routine...half way through the routine I noticed the rope was getting more slippery and instead of a bright and clean white it was now blotched all over with red.

this concerned me quite a lot since I had no idea what was going on, until I looked at my hand which was covered in blood.
I barely made it out of my rope routine. turns out I accidentally stabbed my hand with the scissors I was using to cut the rope.
I didn't even notice it. The crowd had stopped their favorable responses. Now I could tell they were as distracted by my injury as I was.

The sight of blood doesn't really bother me but when I am losing that much that fast I was quite concerned and distracted.
I'm sure the audience was less entertained by this.
some of them thought this was a trick. However I know better than to do something gruesome intentionally at a dinner party...

I was afraid of my final act, ring in walnut with a slippery bloody hand that would not stop no matter how many napkins I used.

The good news: I finished my act without technical error and my methods were protected.

The better news: I got paid my full price.

The even better news: I got applause afterwards and then 5 girls with their boyfriends from the audience caught me outside on the way to a cab and wanted to take pictures with me, they also had nothing but positive things to say about my show.

the bad news: I am not entirely sure if this organizer is going to call me again. Accidents do happen but first impressions are everything I find.

In the end...I feel I did the best I could do with my situation...and I feel happy with the fact that I didn't stop my show and walk off stage.

one little side note that annoyed me was while I was offstage a doctor in the audience tended to my cut, I caught an older 'gentleman' trying to look through my box...that annoyed me quite a lot. Especially since the box was closed and he had to open in to get inside...

some good, some bad...I needed to get my voice out to the community, perhaps a vent was needed
that's my story...I'm sorry if it was a bit long winded.
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Spokane, WA
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That is so WILD! Sorry to hear you were injured. And hard to believe how disrepectful those guys were trying to examine your box!

Occupy Your Dream
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Hi Veirs, I enjoyed reading your story and applaud you for being a professional magician and finished your act in a calmly manner. From my personal experience and observation magic acts in China right now is very popular due to Lu Chen. However, Chinese people could be a tough audience because many of them treat magic as an IQ challenge. So instead of enjoying the wonderment of a magic performance they concentrated on trying to figure out how things were done. I think that was why people were trying to dig through your stuff.
Herr Brian Tabor
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West Virginia
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Interesting story, and way to work through it. Just as a tip, I installed a lock on my boxes Smile
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I have a magical friend that I have known for decades. He is one of the best stage entertainers that I know. One day I caught him as he was packing for a show, hobbling about with his leg in a cast. As he prepared to leave for the gig, I told him "I would ordinarily say 'break a leg', but seeing as how you have already done that, and 'good luck' is a theatrical curse, let me just say 'have good fortune with your show'".

He went to the show knowing that one of his stage hands would not be there, for, as an EMT, he had been called in to work. My friend got to the show and everything was going to plan. Then he started the cut and restored rope routine, and like Veirs, cut himself with the scissors during the routine. For such a small cut, it was bleeding rather profusely, quickly turning the white ropes red for an unscheduled color change.

Whether the color change brought it about or something else, there came to be a disturbance in the audience. Come to find out, an older gent in the audience was having a heart attack! An ambulance was called, and lo and behold, his friend, the EMT ended up at the show, regardless!

Murphy is un-relentless once he sets his sights on you.
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