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Sure, but that is not actually a sponsorship, rather a paid booking.
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Holy Crap Guys... dat' be some killer, real deal stuff! WOWZER! Danny, MindPro... guys... WOW! - Too, thanks Devious for the tip of the hat buddy!

Here are some thoughts as well. May be a bit long, this is some info from one of my things, so read it if you want to, otherwise feel free to pass. Sup to you. - - Humbly sumited:

The Money Making MAGIC of Sponsorships!

The notion of ¡§SPONSORSHIPS¡¨, for most, has been one the biggest mysteries in this whole ¡¥marketing success thing¡¦ we do! Yeah, we LOVE to do what we do and it seams as though all this marketing stuff is just some ¡¥necessary evil that simple must be done¡¦ in order to do what we LOVE to do with our success, yes?

The GREAT NEWS IS; ¡§Sponsorships¡¨ well done, is truly a WIN-WIN-WIN Success Team Outcome! Again, if, NO, ¡§WHEN¡¨ done correctly, ¡¥sponsor relationships¡¦ are easily some of the most FUN and fruitful relationships that we can apply to our over-all mutual success!

REMEMBER: Because we ascribe to the ¡§Success Solutions Paradigm¡¨ where the GOAL of any success re-elationship is simply to SERVE the successful WIN-WIN outcome of our business relationship outcomes on a consistent basis. What that means is, EVERYBODY WINS or we don¡¦t play. It¡¦s that simple really!

So WHAT IS a ¡§Sponsorship¡¨ and why do business and individuals look for opportunities to participate in these WIN-WIN relationships?

The truth is, there are more real sponsors LOOKING for opportunities to synergize than there are smart professionals making any effort to facilitate such mutual wins in the marketplace!


Simple; a perceived ¡§Return On Investment¡¨ (We¡¦ll call it R.O.I.) for their investment just like ANY professional community, marketing and/or public relations effort! Pretty simple when we look at it, isn¡¦t it?

By the way, when I say ¡§perceived ROI¡¨ I mean what is IMPORTANT TO THEM and their desired outcomes! That doesn¡¦t always mean that they want or need immediate cash returns for their investment. Sometimes they don¡¦t want MONEY directly at all! Fine, but we must KNOW this as we develop our individual sponsorship relationships and individual agreements if we ever hope to win in this arena!

Just so you know, I will outline some of the little known insights regarding ¡§sponsorships¡¨ and how and why they work or don¡¦t work.

Regardless of how ¡¥academic¡¦ this short section may be, you will soon discover that this time will be some of the best time invested in your success and relationship education process. When you finally UNDERSTAND why it is that sponsors invest in programs as well as why they don¡¦t you will not have to flounder around, making more timely financial mistakes if you don¡¦t take the time to do your due-diligence in this very lucrative relationship marketing outcome that will (and has) produced thousands and even hundreds of thousands of real dollars for our mutual business wins!

Those that ¡§GET¡¨ this already know that Millions upon Millions of real dollars are out there, invested into this very type of mutual success outcomes for all parties involved! Don¡¦t take MY word for it, just look at the media and just about every single large entertainment event to see exactly what I am sharing with you is 1,000% TRUE!

Lets take a quick look at some of the sorts of information that I have personally discovered in my own success outcomes helping my sponsor relationships get more of what they want, need and desire!

Assuming you KNOW what they want is a HUUUGE mistake and will cost you valuable time, talent and treasure! (...yes, REAL MONEY!)

When you READ and UNDERSTAND correctly what is about to be revealed to you for the first time ever, you will find money in all sorts of delightfully unexpected places!

Sponsorships 101: ¡Kand THIS is just simple overview HERE for the sake of clarity on the BASICS! (NOT the core of this system!)

Some of the different types of basic ¡§sponsorship¡¨ arrangements include, but certainly are not limited to: (or in combination of...)

„« Traditional Marketing Outreach and ($) Returns!
o Traditional Advertising/Recognition and RETURNS.
„« Philanthropic/Public Perception & Relations Campaign!
o A specific aim to bolster public relations and perceived public/community image. By the way, this does NOT always mean they WANT to be perceived as a ¡¥philanthropic force¡¦ in the community! Real World Example; Our own ¡§Public Utilities¡¨ (Power & Water) and ¡§Public Transportation¡¨ (Busing Systems) agencies both give and support our communities (via sponsorships) and DO NOT WANT the ¡¥public perception¡¦ of being a ¡§giving company¡¨ due to the public negative impact of public perception that suggests that their RATES go up if they give their money away for community causes. (Even though it¡¦s NOT true¡K perception is KING!) So do not ASSUME why or what they actually want in return for their investments! ¡V WE know this an so we create WINS for them where others have failed so miserably to do so because others failed to ASK and responsibly build the relationship WINS... see? POINT: Give Them What THEY Want! NOT what you ¡¥think¡¦ they want!

„« Sampling:
o Product Flow, Introduction or Injection into a specific market Share!
o Retail venue bounce-back relationship and awareness!
„« Couponing:
o Access to target audiences to support and advance market results and often marketing & retail outcomes with ¡§COUPONS¡¨ and trackable, targeted offers and opportunities!
„« Alignment and/or Presence In/With Specific Markets!
o The desire to gain ¡¥access¡¦ or be ¡¥present¡¦ in a specific demographic, psychographic and target market share with their product, presence or message.

...and MORE! Clearly you get the idea. ASK what THEY want in a perfect outcome relationship and how you can serve those outcomes! - - NO MORE GUESSWORK!

What does that mean to you and me?

Again, SIMPLE: Our JOB, if we understand that SUCCESS SERVICE & SOLUTIONS PROVIDING is our prime directive, then mutual wins is the ONLY real possible outcome when we make these mutual success relationships so IF you can, in fact DELIVER one or more of those specific RESULTS for them, (and you learn to ASK) you will be successful in ¡§Powerful Pre-Paid, Profits¡¨ Success!

The sooner and more effectively we learn to FIRST, simply ASK and then support the highest gain and good of our business relationships, the more and effective we will be in wining trust (and sponsorships) in such arenas!

You will hear me say this time and time again throughout this system, and that is, it is part of job to offer end provide SO MUCH VALUE to make it ¡§Fiscally Irresponsible¡¨ for others not to pursue a ongoing success relationship with US! (You, me and everyone we serve!) The mutual success win is this:

¡§The More VALUE you Create,
the More Money You¡¦ll Make!¡¨
...THAT you can literally put in the bank!

Hope That Helps...

I am at Your Service and In HIS Service,
~ Deano in Reno
Dean Hankey, *M.D. - The Dean of Success Solutions!
Serving & Supporting YOU and Your Success!
"Book More Shows... Make More Money... SERVE MORE PEOPLE! - Not Necessarily In That Order…"

(*Marketing Doctor) Smile
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Inner circle
Reno, Nevada
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Dang! Sorry for the artifacts in that last post... was in a hurry, so I just pasted it in and didn’t notice. My Apologies… Sorry.
Dean Hankey, *M.D. - The Dean of Success Solutions!
Serving & Supporting YOU and Your Success!
"Book More Shows... Make More Money... SERVE MORE PEOPLE! - Not Necessarily In That Order…"

(*Marketing Doctor) Smile
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Great post Dean and MindPro. You really brought home the point well. Sponsors want to hear about measurable returns on investment.
I do a lot of sponsor work, in fact mostly. Listen to any one of those presentation, you find your show or cause seem almost incidental. Humbling to the ego but very profitable. My new approach to restraint magic is far more oriented to promotions for the restraint then my magic. I work to learn there sale goals and how I can effect that. Thus offering a package that is entertaining and making them more money. Many things are also off sight promos to presell there brand for the year.
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Wow, Thank you so much everyone for your input. I'm sorry it took me this long to respond but life caught up with me for the last few weeks. I definitely have my work cut out for me and a lot of reading and research to do. I appreciate all the help from everyone and wish you nothing but the best. Thanks again.. Cheers.
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