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You must be ready for just about anything. It seems you would know what audience might ask you to do something like that so be prepared.
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Tell them that you haven't found the seventh dragon ball and that once you do you'll wish for better friends...
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Lots of good advice so far, but figured I would add my own real life situation to the mix.

When I have been asked to do something that I didn't have the "gimmick" for or what ever reason (sometimes I just don't feel like doing a certain trick) I have said things such as the following: That effect takes a lot out of me and I have done it to many times today, but let me show you something else that will surely amaze you.


I sold the rights to that effect to another magician, and I am not allowed to do it any more...

I usually wink after that one.

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Kent Wong
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Depending on what it is and who is asking, I have been known to "float" it in their drink.
"Believing is Seeing"
Tom James
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I would just start carrying an ITR or Loop. If you tell them you use IT they will think it is a joke.If they say that you are not a real Magician, then say the line from Lord of Illusions " the difference bettween magicians and illusionists are that magicians do real magic" look at it that way.

Larry Davidson
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Tell him to **** off, and then properly credit Jerry Sadowitz for that line. Smile


(Just kidding. I posted my real reply earlier.)
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Hi there,
if your are stuck on the spot say at a house party or some where with access to a bathroom all you do is go get some dental floss strip it down to a thin strand and hey presto there is some cheap mint flavoured i.t.r . and it is also quite strong hope this helps any one.

Creator of: Coffee Shot, Flash, Fickle and RE.
Stephen Barney
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Once you gain experiance you simply don't get your self into these positions I guess it must also be an age thing. I also suppose that when your as big as me no one argues with you Smile
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On 2003-12-16 13:21, Vibono Magic wrote:
I hold the item in my hand as I do the Balducci levitation.

That's my 'out' too.
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Dpeneding on the situation I often say "I'm not a ****ing jukebox."
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Yeah Axman! I never do requests, even when prepared. Not because of surprise factor, but because I'm not a Mariachi, I'm a magician. I try to create magical moments. Unfortunately DBZKID999 doesn't have the experience under his belt to disarm the taunts. In casual situations I have told people, "I've been working all week. Today is my day off from performing impossibilities." In performance situations I might dismiss the request by saying, "miracles don't happen on demand, they happen when the time is right. Let me demonstrate." I then move into something I want to perform. My guess is that DBZKID999 is dealing with other kids and kids can be downright nasty when they don't get their way. My advice would be to ignore the taunts and say, "I was about to show you something even more amazing, but you've ruined the energy of the moment." No more magic for you smart aleck!
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Well I use the most impromptu levitation on the market. The greatest thing about it is that it does not even use thread. It's called No Strings Attached.

Well at least that is what I was told!
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I used to do a floating bill with my ITR and it was the ONLY trick I could do (yes, my first magic purchase was ITR). And I was very succesful but had nothing to continue with. So, when people asked for more I politely refused. And if they asked why? I was looking them a tad accusingly and said "DO you understand how hard that is. I'm beat. If I do it again I'll get a massive headache". Instead of dissapointment I received symphaty.

On other points. DBZ... I would suggest you to think a lot about your personality and are you ready for the IT work. With all my respect and without any offence, you are still quite young. In my mind, one needs to have a certain charisma to do certain type of magic. Mentalism and levitation are two good examples where age can make a huge different. Audience is more willing to believe that a 50 year old can read your mind than a teenager. I believe the same is true with levitations. For younger performers card and coin manipulation may be a better choice as you are baffling them with your skill rather than "real" magic. For your audience, it is really hard to believe you can do real magic (your previous posts are evidence on that). Now, if that happens a levitation effect or a mentalism effect is ruined, it lost the magic. But if people start suspecting sleight of hand in a card trick. So what? Let them try palming or side steal or any other sleight. Yes, the magic will be gone but there is still admiration of skills left. With IT effect, you loose it all if you blow it. Who's gonna admire a man that can put a thread between his hands?

But just as in mentalism I do believe that levitation requires that you can show something off stage or in a rather everyday environment. Carrying a loop in your wrist is a good idea, but do not show a great trick. Just a little animation (like the fork) or a little lift of an item. You can explain that you cannot truly concentrate and invite the person to see your next show when you are mentally prepared.
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What worked for me: Never do a trick immediately following the audience's request. Do something about it a bit later, and in your own terms. So if they ask you to float a coin, you may (after a few tricks) float a dollar bill using loops or float a cigarette (Steve Fearson's floating cig is my favourite) or I'd float my dancing cane. Believe me it worked for me very well.
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Anyone ever used this situation in reverse? You talk about an object floating but you can't make it happen for some reason. Hopefuly you'll get a heckler or someone will start laughing at your failure.
OK, we should never get a laugh at someone elses expense. but a heckler is a heckler and should be treated as one.. Smile

Whenever that person isn't looking, make something float for a moment. Let the audience react but the trick is over when ever the heckler looks.

I came up with this when I was performing at a bar. I made a cigarette float (Fearsons). Then this guy came up and gave me a light. You can tell by his actions and the look on his face that he was lighting my cigarette in hopes to prevent me from being able to make it float again. So he said, "make it float now." I said, "sorry, I can't now." He turned to toward the audience and laughed at me. I of course made it float while he was doing this. Then when he turned back to face me I made it float back to my lips. This was repeated a couple of times.
Finally, he went to sit down. When I saw he was looking again I made it float from my mouth to the ashtray on the table then went on to something else. You should have seen his jaw

Anyway, I know it's a little off-topic but this discussion brought that to mind.

Ron Jaxon

After regaining my ability to hear after 20 years of deafness. I learned that there is magic all around you. The simplest sounds that amazed me you probably ignore. Look and listen around you right now. You'll find something you didn't notice before.
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No gear?

Asked to float something?

Lick the tip of your thumb and do a TT card float.

Do it quick and finish.

Do not repeat it.

Paula Jay - Magic to Remember -
I once wrote a book on elephants, I think paper would have been better.
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On 2003-12-17 22:03, Dbzkid999 wrote:
But I was thinking,

If I would have said that, then they'll probably say "Oh! Your not a real magician"

Or something else…

Perhaps you're performing for the wrong people.

You've been here asking for advice for what to say when you get caught and what to say when you're not prepared to do an effct and things like that. Quite a bit, in fact.

Sounds like you have bigger issues and that is how to entertain people without creating an adversarial situation. Or performing for the right audience.

Your attitude seems a bit like it's you against your spectators.

Who are you performing for? The same people over and over? Kids your age?

Are you trying to impress them? It seems so.

Relax and go do a free show for a cub scout troop or some old folks at a nursing home.

A real audience is tremendously different than a pack of your friends at school.

I suggest never performing for anyone that is insistant or anything close to that..

You should be able to shake your head, smile, and say "No thanks. Not right now."

Anyone that cannot handle that answer should not be witness to your magic in the first place. They are just hoping to make you feel foolish.

I want to perform for those that want to see magic, not those that hope I make a mistake. Hand Crafted Magic
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Great idea Jaxon, I will have to try that next time. Although I am a great supporter of the don't-make-fun-of-people I still believe some of them are just asking for it. An eye for an eye.
Mike Wild
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RE: "I want to perform for those that want to see magic, not those that hope I make a mistake."

AMEN Frank. Great points.

On topic - I like Paulajayne's solution combined with Jaxon's execution.

<><>< SunDragon Magic ><><>

"Question Reality... Create Illusion"
Verno Inferno
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On 2003-12-16 17:15, Bong780 wrote:
A good quote from someone in the Café, "First time is performance, second time is lesson. And I don't give free lessons."

For the love of Nancy, please don't use this quote with a real-life, breathing audience. Why don't you simply say: "In magic, the tricks are easy to figure out if you see them performed twice. And I don't want you to figure out my tricks." You don't say that because: (1) it's revealing; (2) It's terrifically uncreative; (3) it's a boring explanation. There is no difference between my quote, and the quote above. Well, there is a difference: the quote above is the same as mine, only the one above is slightly more whiney and pretentious.

Can't just seguay into another trick? Can't hit em with a joke?

By the way, like magicman posted above, my first thought when I read the question: what to do when they say, "can you float this?" ---- drop it in their drink. "Nope, it sinks."

A bit inappropriate, don't ya think? But I still like it. One day I will do this to a friend.
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