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Does it? Is it really a meaningless art? Do adults really care if a coin from one hand travels to the other? Has magic become a kids' babysitter? Has magic been brought down to camera tricks? You know that those Blaine and Criss Angel specials are littered with it. It is so obvious. I am at the point where magic is boring to me. It has no meaning. With all these new tricks coming out each week it is really sad. Most of it is garbage and useless. It just ends up in the buy/trade sections of the various forums found around the internet. I don't know, but the way I see it, Magic is dying. The once heart-felt passion I had for magic is now all but lost. Seeing magic on TV or at magic clubs (oh gosh work on your act pal acts.) don't spark any interest in me. Maybe I should give it all up and sell all this magic stuff. Does anyone here feel the same way? What do you think? Can this interest be revived? Smile
Monte, as in the 3 cards.
Jonathan Townsend
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Nah, the stuff is worthless too, just send the junk to me. PM for my address. Heck, it's holiday season, I'll pay for the shipping. Just think of all the great things you can do with the space and effort you've freed up in your life and household.

Sincerely (written with tongue in cheek)

* Looking to others for validation often leads to self sacrifice at strange alters. * all the coins I've dropped here
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Monte, put your magic away and take a break. Sounds like you need one. If the fire doesn't come back, do one effect for a kid and see the look in his eyes when you do it. Let us know after you see the look in his eyes if the fire is still burning. Good luck.
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Interestingly, in the Las Vegas Review Journal, there was an article on the state of magic in that city, and if it's on the way down after the shutdown of Siegfreid and Roy. You can read it here:

Here's my $0.02 as someone relatively new to the art:

I think there's a kind of "changing of the guard" going on with the decline of the likes of Siegfried and Roy, and the rise of David Blaine. More edgy, street magic rather than the showmanship of the past. Don't know if that's good or bad, but that seems to be the case.

I was recently doing some tricks for my family, and my brother said, "You know, there's a real difference between seeing a magician on TV and seeing one live." I think magicians are in a position that they have to take magic to the people and show them it can still be entertaining, even without the beautiful assistants and large props. I think most laypeople don't realize how entertaining the close-up magic can be, and, IMHO, that's where magic can grow.

(As a side note, that's why I was really bummed about the closing of Caesar's Magical Empire. I saw that show three times, and they had a great venue for close-up magic, and some very strong talent.)

Peter Marucci
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It sounds to me like you are ready to get into bizarre magic!

Basically, that's story-telling magic for adults.

Not kids; adults.

You might want to check out the site at the Magic Café (Bizarre Magic) or elsewhere on the 'net: Bizarre ( or Dragonskull ( or my monthly column Bizarre Bazaar in the online e-zine Visions (
Peter Marucci
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On 2003-12-18 09:44, Peter Marucci wrote:
It sounds to me like you are ready to get into bizarre magic!

That or Mentalism. Many fine mentalists tried their hand at various types of magic just to land well into Mentalism. I don't think Monte needs a "bigger" challenge as much as a "different" challenge.

Keep searching.
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Monte, you seem to contradict yourself. You say magic is dying, yet you mention the plethora of tricks coming out each week and the TV specials, etc...

Magic is as big as its ever been. Not everything can be great. When quantity goes up, quality on the whole goes down (maybe that's what you mean by dying).

My advice: Be extremely careful when buying any new effect. That's why this site is great. Secondly, quit wishing for the next miracle gimmick or miracle method. You won't find it. The downer with this hobby is that we soon learn the best stuff is the classic stuff we already know about. It's hard to beat thumbtips, Invisible Decks, and the double lift. Yet we somehow think we must find newer and better methods. The one thing we can do to make magic more exciting for us (as performers) is to constantly craft a style and patter that fits our personality and makes the biggest impact on an audience.
Sugar Rush is here! Freakishly visual magic.
Mr Amazeo
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I also think you should think about whether you're just into fooling people, or if you use magic to express yourself artistically.

If you can find an interesting character and develop an "act," you might find the art a little more fulfilling.

I think we all buy stuff just out of the curosity factor, but if you have a true character, effects will find their way into your act and people will find you more entertaining. Then you might begin to enjoy magic more.
Stuart Hooper
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Being only at the end of my teenager years, I am sometimes prone to the youthful symptom of getting bored, or changing my mind, etc. Generally though, if I ever put my magic things away for awhile, someone usually comes along from a trip and asks me to do some magic. That usually gets me going again, and these days, I am usually doing magic pretty often. I guess it's because most my magic is done for adults.

These are people who have traveled the world, and done interesting things, and not all of them even like kids. So the fact that they keep asking me for more really gives me an inspiration to do magic for everyone. I do understand the feelings you mention though. Sometimes you realize, "jeese, I'm taking people's time and/or money for a bunch of card tricks and coin slieghts." Sometimes I get tired of jingling pockets, and it all seems meaningless. But when this happens, remember that the ends justify the means. If you are doing magic properly--it doesn't matter what you are using--the audience doesn't see past it! A deck of cards isn't just a deck of cards. We use it to do all sorts of things which were principles in magic of legend. Finding someone's cards is a credible Divination, changing cards around is Transmutation, we can get into conjuration with coins, cards, silks, etc. Again try to see remember what the audience sees! Whenever I perform a silk to T.T. vanish in the mirror and say, "I still can't believe they don't see that, it looks so fake!" all I have to do is think back to the first time I ever saw it done and didn't know how! It was MAGICAL!!!

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Do good with magic. Do charity work. For example, perform for charity fairs to get donation for orphanage, poor house, etc.

When I see my magic can help people, the passion flares.
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Bravo, Platt!
Right on the money! Smile
Bill Hallahan
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Magic is doing fine. I recently went to show by the Pendragons. It was sold out. I understand they sell out all the time.

I think you are burning out on fast food magic! I like fast food now and then instead of a good restaurant, but I wouldn’t want to live on fast food. I’d never get sick of eating in a good restaurant.

Magic is the theatrical art of presenting impossibilities. To be good art, it requires writing a good script, acting, as well as technique. All the elements that go with putting on a play are involved.

To many, magic has been reduced to just doing a quick trick. That’s ok, even appropriate in certain situations, but it isn’t great magic, nor great art.

The bottom line is that it's about entertaining people with effects in a way that gets people emotionally invested in your performance. If you can do that, you’ll have as much fun as them, maybe even more!

So I don’t leave you with the false impression that I know what I'm doing, I only recently learned all this from reading the book "Our Magic", by Maskelyne and Devant, and also from posts in the Café. I was a quick trick magician. I'm working on getting better. It won’t happen overnight.

I second the comment to perform for charities for free. That's great advice.
Humans make life so interesting. Do you know that in a universe so full of wonders, they have managed to create boredom. Quite astonishing.
- The character of ‘Death’ in the movie "Hogswatch"
Reis O'Brien
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So quit, or be the one who steps up to the plate and takes it up a notch. But with all due respect, whining won't fix it. In fact, this forum alone is packed full of people who have loved the craft for most of their lives. They have honed it and nurtured it and to declare it as "dead" only cheapens what we, as a common interest community, have worked so hard for. Sounds like like you just need a little soul searching.
Homo vult decipi; decipiatur
kihei kid
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On 2003-12-18 09:09, JonTown wrote:
Nah, the stuff is worthless too, just send the junk to me. PM for my address. Heck, it's holiday season, I'll pay for the shipping.

Don't listen to people like this, monte. Send it to me instead and I'll pay double the shipping.

Monte, listen to Platt. One of my favorite things to do is to take the oldest effects around, re-work them or use them as is, and end up amazing people.

I can't help but laugh inside and think to myself just how many more times can I entertain someone with something that has been around forever.
In loving memory of Hughie Thomasson 1952-2007.

You brought something beautiful to this world, you touched my heart, my soul and my life. You will be greatly missed.

Until we meet again “my old friend”.
Steve Hart
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Can I make a prediction?

I predict magicians will re-invent themselves and their magic. They will specialize their magic and the markets they work in.

As magicians mature as artists and as businessmen, they will build strongholds within their chosen markets such as the Food industry, Children Educational Programming, Travel industry, Product Promotion, Film and Special Effects industry, Toy Industry, Financial Industry, etc.

I predict magicians will transform their magic into educational tools, exhibiting visual illustrations, and product branding.

Magicians will become educators, speakers, consultants, salesmen, creative engineers, spokesmen, and experts and at the same time still know how to entertain with their magic.

Watch the growth of "motivational magic," mentalism and the bizarre magician.

In the future I predict we will see the increase of magic as a hobby. I predict that live entertainment will come back in new forms as the baby boomers move into retirement. They grew up watching magic and they will enjoy it in their retirement. But only in new forms. ???

It has been said that magic has now begun to die off in popularity with the loss of the S&R show. I am not sure that we can measure the popularity of magic based upon Las Vegas. The entertainment in Vegas itself will change.

(I have to stop now and put away my crystal ball. My powers have drained me.)

Are there any other soothsayers who see the same things as I do?

Steve Hart
Cape Canaveral, FL USA
"Motivational Magicians are some of the highest paid magicians, find out why?"
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Personally, I felt that too Monte. Magic is just too trivial (did I get that right?). It doesn't get the respect it deserves and 50% of spectators don't get it that I am trying to make them happy and not fool them.

I am starting to pull the 'ala Kurtz' and go more into mentalism. Go for it. Mentalism has a much better effect on people. However, I can't kill the magician in me. Rather then convicing people I do 'magic,' I prefer to present the magic tricks as tests of "Perception." This allows me to get the astonishment of magic and present mentalism in the same routine.

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Please don't let let the magic die inside you because once it does no one will care.
Keep the faith, dude. What we do is extraordinary and remembered. (My first memory is a coin vanish.)
Flow with the scene and stay ahead of the game.

Rehab is for quitters.
Bill Palmer
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Only Jonathan Townsend has more than
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We all go through stages and phases with our magic. Maybe you need to check out a different field, such as Bizarre Magic. Or perhaps you need to lay off a while.

You might need to sit down and work on one or two sleights until you completely master them.

Or maybe you should take up macrame for a while.

But whatever you do, you will come back to magic.
"The Swatter"

Founder of CODBAMMC

My Chickasaw name is "Throws Money at Cups."
Steve Dela
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Hummmm.... I have been reading everyone's replies and can relate to nearly everything said.
I think magic is growing in popularity but not always in the right way. For example, ever since David Blaine supposedly threw a card through a window, just because I can't do it on demand, suddenly I am not as good as him. These were comments made by some spectators!!!

The more 'Fake magic' (and I mean things that can't always be performed live in every circumstance) that appears on TV the less amazing the magical entertainer at the party appears!

And I don't like the fact that a new trick comes out every 5 days. As 99% is unworkable for most of us in a working situation, I am pretty sure magicians are releasing just to make money, whereas they would be better off using their ideas to make their own act original.... So why don't they? Well, in some cases--and I stress not all--what magicians will buy, the creaters won't use! It really is seen as a money-making opportunity! (Once again this doesn't count for everyone!)

That's all I can say at the moment. ;@)
All the best
Steve Dela
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Ron Reid
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Hi Monte:

I don't think I'd stress too much about this. Hey, most folks who get into field are magic-transients. They lose interest after a year or two, and then go on to a new hobby. Maybe that's you--no big deal, and nothing to lose sleep over. Maybe you'll come back to it and maybe you won't.

I can tell you that the core of it all is performing for real people. It is a performance art and most who have a life long love of it are performers to some extent. Without performing, it's like collecting stamps or building model trains (both worthwhile and fun hobbies).

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