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On 2014-02-20 01:54, Robert P. wrote:
On 2014-02-20 00:38, duanebarry wrote:
On 2014-02-19 11:00, inhumaninferno wrote:
On 2014-02-16 00:58, duanebarry wrote:
I went into Home Depot, and while checking out did CMH to two young Hispanic girls that were at the register working.

Why do you highlight your audience's ethnicity, TCB?

Maybe you should also specify the ethnicity of the handcuffs effect: Would you call them Crazy White Man's Handcuffs? Crazy Hispanic Man's Handcuffs? Etc?

Hey duanebarry, since he described them as "girls" why didn't you call him out for being sexist? Should the handcuff effect be called Crazy Person's Handcuffs? Omg, he also referred to them as "young." Isn't that ageist?

There is a major difference between being descriptive and being derogatory/discriminatory. The mere mention of race, age, sex, etc should not be a negative trigger point.

Many white folks, when describing an interaction with non-whites, generally have a strong tendency to highlight that non-whiteness.

For some strange reason, that non-whiteness seems very important to them -- it's so important that they make sure to mention it.

And then they deny it's important.


Without knowing his intent, I think it is unfair to say that it is casual racism. I took it as just being descriptive, the same as if someone would say tall or short, white or black, fat or skinny, etc.

From reading your last reply, I wonder if you would have still made that comment if you didn't know that TCB was white?

I didn't take it as being racist either.
But I do wonder if the girls had been Caucasian, if he would have felt it necessary to be equally descriptive and have said "2 young white girls". My guess is he wouldn't have, but who can say?
Although I do believe it is a part of human nature to be more aware of things about people which are different from ourselves, I also know that it is very possible to have some racist feelings without being aware of them or without intending to be. Not saying that is the case here.
But it just got me thinking and I realized that I don't ever recall describing anyone by their race unless it was different than my own.
I think that's probably a normal thing but I'm not so sure it is a good thing.
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Now, back on topic.
I finally had a chance to watch the entire lecture. Overall, I enjoyed it.
Would have liked to have seen more questions involving stories from Michael's past rather than questions about what the future holds, etc.
I liked the Letterman breakdown a lot, thought that was a good idea. And I liked the concept of handing him a deck of cards and seeing what he would do at the spur of the moment and why.
I also would have liked to have seen more details included on the sleights included but I can understand that they wanted to keep it moving. Also would have liked to have seen the studio audience involved a bit more.
We'll just have to see what the future holds for these lectures and how they evolve. Also, a big key is always who they can book for them.
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I hate that the have a two hour window, It feels rushed and they have to cram everything in.
Craig Logan
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Sometimes the longer lectures drraaaaggggg on. I like the concise format. He taught a lot in a little amount of time, and we got some insight into his approach to magic. It IS different than the Penguin lectures, and that is not a bad thing.
"A wizard is not to be made in a day." -Professor Hoffmann (Modern Magic)
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Pretty nice lecture. I am have a little rubber band routine now. Pressure trick was cool.
Nathan Alexander
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Just started getting into the download.

Wow. Michael is in a class of rare magicians. There isn't much he hasn't thought out. He's enjoyable to watch, listen to and learn from. It's funny, because with all the "new kids on the block" releasing magic, as well as younger generations, that experience isn't always there.

I don't hold it against them, they're younger. But, it's like looking at a counterfit bill. You don't study fake ones looking for flaws, you get to know the real thing in and out, front and back like no other person so you can spot a flaw any other time. Michael just comes off as the real deal. That's hard to fake. I'm jealous of his experience.

Guys like him are legends in my eyes because they've lived it day in and day out for so many years. They have a lot to offer. I need to go back and watch the VHS tapes in my basement of this guy. Really enjoyable.
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For $1, this is the best magic gift I have ever received.

If I had paid full price, I would allow myself to add the following:

1) 2 hours was not long enough and it was mentioned that Michael had a lot of material he had prepared in his notes that he did not have the time to share. The performer should decide when he is done, when he is tired, not the host. Give the performer and the audience a 30 minute break and continue the lecture. Michael even said he was just getting warmed up. So was my interest.

2) I do not need to be reminded of what I have been shown, but I guess this being the first, there is some salesmanship going on.

3) I could have listed to 2 hours only on Vernon anecdotes.
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Pierredan - If you haven't seen it already, you should check out the Daniel Garcia lecture which took place yesterday.

At The Table: Daniel Garcia - Download

In my opinion, it was better than Michael's. Don't get me wrong, I loved Michael's lecture.....but he seemed to do a lot more talking and covering of past things (like the Letterman performance).

With Danny's, it seemed like we got a lot more EFFECTS that he taught and covered.....some of which were outstanding!

It should be online to view and download sometime within the next 24 hours, according to MJM Magic.
- EddieM
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Sweet deals. I gotta check the Daniel Garcia lecture out, thanks.
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