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I know this thread is old but I think there is an important element missing in all the advice given thus far. There is nothing wrong with a single speaker. More than one speaker is either to distribute the sound in a larger space or to create the stereo effect of music recorded on two channels. Stereo is not a requirement to play music. A side from a beatles song with hard left right panned tracks you can get away with a mono or single channel PA setup. That could be one speaker or 4 or more. What matters more than size of speaker is quality of speaker and power amp. A large economy speaker has no chance against a good quality speaker in every regard. We are trying to reproduce the sound as it acutally is. A cheap speaker "colors" the sound by boosting low sounds mid sounds or high sounds beyond their orginal levels or omits them. That is what an EQ is for to correct the speakers or to compensatate for changes caused in a Hall or indoor venue. If you buy a good speaker it will be "flat" meaning it doesn't change the original sound you put into it. Without going to deep on indoor halls and gyms, and all the challenges of delays, etc., the room can change the sound too depending where you are in relation to the speaker and the surfaces in the room.

In the case of the original question, you absolutily do not need two speakers for 50 or less people within 20 feet of you at a park like your picture shows, If everyone can hear your music and mic clearly and your speaker is not distorting then you've accomplished your goal.

If you guys want to keep it simple and get the best sound out of a very compact, easy to carry speaker, one QSC K8 will handle most situations of 100 people or less. It's self powered with 1000 watts of clean power so the sound is loud and exceptionally clear. You can plug a mic and ipod into the back and be done with it. I have four of those and two of the 18" QSC subwoofers and I can do a large ballroom with full club level sound. By buying a self powered speaker the speaker is matched to the amp. In the case of the QSC it has realtime active EQing so that it adjusts itself to the sound you put in to remain clear, loud and won't distort at full volume 127db. QSC K series are not cheap, they are top their class, but people actually come up to me and comment on how good the system sounds. People who otherwise are not typically concerned with sound quality. 27 lbs, 17.7" × 11" × 10.6" / 105 degree dispersion meaning wide coverage and louder and clearer than a lot of speakers larger than it. QSC is made in Costa Mesa and they do big concert sound.. it's a true professional grade, not consumer.

So the bottom line is, can you walk around the area of your spectators and clearly hear your music/ mic. If you can then whatever you're using is correct. Also, some mixers let you sum the right and Left to a mono mix so you don't lose any parts from the right side.
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I met Michael in person. I knows he knows what he is talking about from his experience with posting. I learned some great technology skills from him in certain threads. I especially like the idea he gave me of how you can hook up a battery back to juice a microphone's receiver when no outlets are available.

George, if you are a professional working magician I will give you credit.

Now let us not forget about the specifics. We are different when using our diaphragm and lungs to speak. If a person wants to take less breath I can understand more dealing with speakers are their style. I like taking deep breaths. I really don't need a speaker in most of my performances. Because I have gotten hoarse quite a few times I rely on my Happie Amps. I feel the relaxation when using that PA. I fell in love using them inside homes (for the music too).

When I have one outside show to do where no outlets are near, I use both of my Happie Amps. If I have multiple shows to perform in the same situation, I use one Happie Amp at a time to help save juice for more following parties ( I did buy a power converter to plug in my cigarette lighter recently so I can charge my Happie Amps traveling gig to gig).

The distance range to the audience varies. Sometimes we have rowdy audiences. Some gyms are bigger than others. Some buildings carry an big echo. At times the adults are in the back socializing. We might have to compete with other sounds, for example a motor from an inflatable. So I see no wrong or right as long as the magician is a professional entertaining his or her audience.
On Feb 7, 2015, MM2714330 wrote:
I know this thread is old

After reading that line I checked when the thread was started. I noticed in January. I asked myself what this guy mean by this thread being old? After I posted my previously post I re-read his line dealing with this as an old thread. I looked at the post before his and noticed it was posted in 2014. LOL
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The best price in the uk for the bose l1 compact is £699 ( haven't look back since I purchase one
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After much deliberation, I have recently invested in the Lucas Nano 600 series from HK Audio.

It's about $1,000 but has an integrated multi channel input so I don't need a seperate mixer anymore.

I like it because the two satellite/top speakers clip together and are stored in the back of the bass unit, making it very portable.

The set-up comes in 3 configurations.

1. The top speakers can be connected (as an inline stack) directly into the top of the bass unit for a hard connection (no cables need to be plugged in).

2. Or they can be mounted as an inline stack onto one speaker stand.

3. Or seperated and used as two stereo speakers on two stands.
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In the end I went with the Bose L1 compact system. It is serving me very well so far, and so it should with its price tag. The only downside and really I don't see why it is not included inside the setup, is that it doesn't come with bluetooth and for what I paid for it I think it should have. Apart from that I have no complaints.

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Interesting discussion - I've used a one speaker system for the last 30 plus years (!) - less to lug around, and it does the job. Don't do discos though (do have the equipment - with 2 speakers - should I decide to change that though!)
Amazing Magic Co
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Check out the Anchor Beacon: . Similar in design to the Bose but with more power, good battery, internal wireless UHF mike system, Bluetooth and built in cart. It is a bit more expensive but you just roll in, turn it on and go with enough power to cover any venue. It may be more than you need for smaller gigs.

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On Mar 20, 2015, Amazing Magic Co wrote:
Check out the Anchor Beacon: . Similar in design to the Bose but with more power, good battery, internal wireless UHF mike system, Bluetooth and built in cart. It is a bit more expensive but you just roll in, turn it on and go with enough power to cover any venue. It may be more than you need for smaller gigs.


Yes it is really good

I use the Go Getter
And I only use one unless outside
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Does anyone have experience with Mackie Thump 12. I have looked at the Bose L1. But there is such a difference in price and wonder if the Mackie would be a better buy.
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I bought a Mackie Thump 12 but took it back and exchanged it for a Mackie SRM350. The Thump just did not have enough power and clarity for both music and voice.
Arthur Stead
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One thing I want to point out is the opening angle of the speaker. I do a lot of sound and light engineering at my school and in most cases watts aren't the most important factor when choosing a speaker to human voice. Most of the speakers open about 90 degrees but we have also ones that open 40 in our school and you can really tell the difference as you need two 40° speakers to give the same decent coverage as one 90° speaker.

Bose L1 is a great speaker to use without a pair (even though I've never used it myself, just listened) because it gives nice wide coverage. Another suggestion I have is Yahama Stagepass 400 or 600i, they are great allround speakers. I think the newest i-models also have a subwoofer out-connection in the mixer so you can give some punch to the bass if playing music in a disco.
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On Jan 19, 2014, stuartmagic wrote:
I find myself in a bit of a dilemma. You see I always thought you should use 2 speakers to balance things out but I just wonder if I am using an extra speaker when I have no need to and can use just 1 instead.

In your situation there is no wrong or right. It all depends on what makes you feel more comfortable. If your type of crowds can hear you clearly with 1 speaker that is good. If you want to bring 2 speakers because it gives you more confidence, no problem. 1 or 2 Semi-professional or professional speakers is okay for speaking to an average birthday crowd.

The only three ways I would notice a problem is if you had a 1 inch speaker to perform for a crowd of 300. Or if you brought two large speakers for a crowd of 5 and turned both up full volume. Or no matter how many speakers you used, they were unclear because of distortion.

If the entertainer was a singer, then that will be a big concern. Magic is more visual than audio.
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I will back up the QSC K8 series. I have two of these. When I hook up a speaker cable from one to the other PA, the volume of BOTH PAs are controlled via the first. I use music a lot in my shows so super quality is a must.
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