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Mr. Muggle
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On 2004-03-11 17:10, Darck Ninja wrote:
Dude, that's a given. I'm talking about physical hardware. I figured most of you were smart enough to figure that out. Oh well, I guess I'll have to be a little more clear for those of you who don't have common magician sense.

God Bless,

C. Vernon

I took your points and tried to 'expand' on them. If you feel that my response was elementary, why not state why and relate to my post?

Otherwise if you need to make a sarastic statement about what you think someone's level of magical common sense is, maybe you should just ask if they misunderstood something or better yet PM them. This will make you look better, and help other's around you.

Remember that many people read these posts. Someday your sarastic responses may stop someone from posting here, being afraid to be flamed.

Magicians of all skill levels read these, and my expanding was just trying to add to the conversation- hopefully helping someone less knowledgeable.

"Now you're looking for the secret... but you won't find it because you're not really looking. You don't really want to know the secret... You want to be fooled." - The Prestige (2006)
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Just a suggestion, but why don't you first produce sponge balls, and then produce lemons as a load for the sponge ball routine??

Of course, it all depends on the effect you want to produce, and how long the routing is.
Magic Tom
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Greg McNeil Peoria,Illinois
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Open the doors to creativity... wider! At one time I produced a shot glass from under one cup, then poured a drink into it from one of the other cups, which by then was sitting upright and full of liquid.

I recall years ago seeing John Mendoza lift the center cup and a pile of pennies spilled out. I don't remember what his other final loads were, and it's unlikely any laymen remembered either after a finale like that.

Onions and lemons have comedic appeal, but there are other equally humorous everyday items... fishing bobbers, a can of evaporated milk, a miniature roll of toilet paper maybe?

A change of scale makes for a good mind twister... a ball that looks like a basketball but is small enough to fit under the cup... a giant olive that is large enough to fill the cup... that sort of thing.

Something delicate like an egg or a Christmas ornament might be quite a surprising final load.

Perhaps lift a cup to reveal that it was filled with beans... or gum drops... or rice. How you got the rice under an overturned cup can be a fairly strong mystery in itself.

Spend a day making mental notes of everything you see that might fit inside your cups. You may be surprised by the length of your list if you just keep your eyes opened. And don't discount anything just because it seems difficult or impossible to load. You really can produce anything that fits!
Jonathan Townsend
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Thanks Kirk,

I'm thinking of something in the middle. Mittens! Knit balls->knit mittens.

The sponge thing has a funny squishy factor that puts me off for now.

:) all the coins I've dropped here
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The thing about the final load in the cups and balls it is an extra when the spectators pick up the load and the load is solid...

Load sponge balls if you want to but if you load a solid object under the cups I think you will find the audience reaction stronger.

Anyway that is my slant.

Glenn Bishop
Glenn Bishop Cardician

Producer of the DVD Punch Deal Pro

Publisher of Glenn Bishop's Ace Cutting And Block Transfer Triumphs
Dave V
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Just go to any Art Craft store and you can buy all the fake vegetables and fruits you want for a tiny fraction of Ammar's (or other magic shops) price!!!

Ronnie lemieux

Do a search here for Fab Fruit. You will find all sorts of opinions including some thoughts by owners of Fab Fruit. A lot of the fake fruit out there is too hard and "talks" way too much. I believe Ammar's has a soft surface that is much quieter.

There are also links in that thread to other fake fruit suppliers. Some have hard fruit, but some if it is latex covered and should work nicely.

It might just be cheaper to buy what we know already works rather than making multiple purchases to find something similar.
No trees were killed in the making of this message, but a large number of electrons were terribly inconvenienced.
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Another idea (just 'cause I want to get into the mix) is something I use to use, haven't in a while.

I use rubber, realistic looking eyeballs for the final loads. Just before revealing them, I say, "Are you watching the cups from the outside?" They give whatever answer, and I say, "Have you kept both eyes on them?" I then lift the first two cups and say, "good, because I've been keeping my eyes on the inside". After revealing the third eye, I say, "three eyes! I learned this from a Hindu".

Richard Green
The Modern Conjurer
Host of the Haunted Magic show at House of Cards Nashville!
Dan LeFay
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I have two recordings of Fred Kaps performing the Cups and Balls.
He uses spongeballs a la Johnny Paul for the "normal" phases.
Now in a piece of film where he is performing for Bro John Hamman he is sitting at the table and ends with pieces of fruit.
In another scene he performs stand-up for a television-show and he ends with bigger spongeballs as final loads.

I am shure the only reason he does this is because he wears a rather slim fitted suit and he does not perform close-up. That is the spectators will never touch the final loads. Other than that I find it highly unusual a perfectionist like Kaps would use spongeballs for final loads.

I recall Tommy Wonder's stage cups and balls where he throws the (sponge)balls in a container at the end and you hear a loud cluck. Now there's an "ear" for detail!
"Things need not have happened to be true.
Tales and dreams are the shadow-truths,
that will endure when mere facts are dust and ashes,
and forgot."
Neil Gaiman
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Tommy wonder's idear sounds like a good laugh, and it just makes the whole thing even more absurd! pretty cool
Kent Wong
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In developing my cups and balls routine, I have borrowed ideas from Tommy Wonder, Michael Ammar and David Regal. My final loads are in two stages: First, I produce large juggling balls that barely fit into the cups. Immediately after that (when the spectators are sure the effect is over because absolutely nothing else could possibly fit in the cups), I produce another set of cups and another set of balls from underneath the first set of cups. The contrast with all of the props is amazing and my entire close up "stage" is completely filled at the end of the routine. The fact that I do this as a stand up routine makes it seem even more impossible.
"Believing is Seeing"
James Alan
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I like a mix of congruent and incongruant final loads. First I make some comment about how people suspect that I have four balls, and how this is absolutely right, it's just that the fourth ball is much much larger than the others. Then I do the Michael Ammar gag making a coment about the venue saying that you never know what will turn up here, and do a turnip as the first of three fruit loads.

The nice thing about making the comment about four balls is that you effectively "take the question away" from the spectators (this is a Tommy Wonder idea, I believe).

I also like the idea of saying I have four balls because it's a weird mix of the truth and a lie.
James Alan

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The last post here is in 2006 and it is almost end of 2011 now. I was looking for a way to produce water as the final load, are there an gimmicks available for this? Any hints on how this can be archived apart from exchanging the empty for a full cup.
Kevin Gardner
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Tom Mullica used spongeballs as a final load also.
Both Mullica and Carl Andrews did (does) not use the cups and balls as a closer.

If you going to close with cups and balls I think spongeballs are weak.

Fruit is always surprising, see Bob Reed's famous quote.

I love to use the Charlie Miller line, "Under here is a lime, its for my drink; under here a tomato, that's in case I get hungry; and here we have a lemon, I hope my trick wasn't one."

And then there's the excellent Gazzo line about fruit, "Please give generously I'm very hungry and I don't like oranges."

Or Ammar, "I think there's another reason why people would find a banana funny."
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