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I also have small hands. So did Malini. The only things you might have some trouble with due to hand size are with certain flourishes, but flourishes are not magic and not necessary at all to be a great magician.
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I often would anguish over the size of my hands ... cursed with kid size hands...claiming it's the reason I never attempted to do card magic but stick with stage shows. Then I found myself sitting next to Julianna Chen and Reed Mclintock at a party once...gasp her hands are very tiny and look how she can manipulate cards!! Not that I suddenly changed to cards after this experience although I did realize that the size of the hands has nothing to do with how well one can perform. It's all to do with practise and more practise. Smile
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I've been around so many close up workers around the world. The best I've seen have very small hands. I agree with Chrystal with practice and more practice anybody should make it. Correct technique and strong misdirection beats speed and size for me. By the way I've got small hands too, and all I do is close up work with cards and coins. Good luck!
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If it makes you feel any better I have huge hands and I have a tough time with many card and coin sleights. Hand coordination or dexterity may be the real issue here. I have spent the last month trying to roll a coin across the back of my fingers and I am not any better at it today then when I started.

Practice will help. I remember when I was starting out how hard it was for me to do a double lift. I thought I would never get it. I am finally getting to the point where I can do it comfortably.

If you are beginning and trying to palm things it will feel like you are holding a giant boulder in there. This is completely natural. These feelings will gradually go away as you practice and get more comfortable handling things in this way.

Part of sleights is also psychological. One of my mentors always told me that you are the only one who knows how the trick is working and where it is going. It took me a long time to understand this.
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My hands are difinetly big for my age (14)
and I find people are more suspicious that I am palming things etc.
so if your hands ae small and you can just manage to palm a card then your in luck because it wont erouse (not sure how you spell that) suspicion .
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I personally don't have small hands and believe that if you do have small hands it doesn't make much differance. Alot of sleights you can just use good misdirection. It just takes alot of practise to master a sleight whether you have big or small hands!
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My partner Miss Deedes had to get bridge size bicycles to learn with, because her hands were too small to palm poker size cards effectively, so I got a deck of them too because some of the routines we're working on involve us making identical moves as a pair of similar looking characters (we want everything we do, say, wear and use as these characters to be as uniform as possible, to make it eerier). I find the bridge size a lot more fiddly, maybe because I'd been practicing with the wider cards; for example, I had to pretty much relearn doing a decent waterfall with smaller cards.

I have fairly stocky fingers, so some sleights are trickier and take more practice than they might otherwise, which is why I try instead to find the moves that are right for me as substitutes. I'm not in this to be Ed Marlo, I just want to be able to look competent with cards in between the more physical stuff we specialise in, and there are so many moves and methods possible there is no point killing yourself over a move that isn't right for you when another might prove better and more reliable. Look at how much work goes into finding substitutes for the pass; even when you've got the move down it's still a swine to do invisibly in many situations, and there are other, simpler moves that will accomplish the same ends and the audience will never know the difference anyway (in fact if they do you're doing it wrong).
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My hands are also big for my age (14) and what ollie said IS true in some cases but it depends on what kind of palming you are doing tenkai, top, bottom, or side steal and it also depends on how smothly and how efficently (sp) you can perform them
Danny Diamond
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While larger hands are good for some card techniques, they can actually work against you in many cases. I have large hands and one of the downfalls to it is that for a while, after I'd do a card trick, the first thing anyone would comment on is the size of my hands. They automatically assumed I pulled the trick off by way of my large hands. That was discouraging after practicing my sleights so hard only to have the credit go to my big hands!

Another downfall is coin rolls. With big hands, doing a coin roll with a quarter is a lot tougher than with a half dollar.

Jeff McBride has said that he has small hands, and they don't really get any better than him when it comes to card manipulations.
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While my hands are small, a more important problem is that I have skinny (kinda bony) fingers. This makes it impossible for me to palm cards without flashing. I cannot even finger-palm coins without flashing. You can see right through my fingers.

I'm not giving up though. It's a drawback, but flashing can always be overcome with proper presentation and misdirection -- I think.
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For those people who have small hands, what and how do you base the size on? Are you just blaming your hands because you can't perfectly manipulate a poker sized card, I know I have small hands because the width of my four fingers is EXACTLY the width of the card, so palming cards are difficult but doable.
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I have relatively small hands for a guy and the best thing that I found for me has been just always having a deck of poker sized Bicycles in my pocket. That way no matter where I am I can be practising a move, polishing a sleight, or just be ready to have some fun! Again it comes down to practice, practice, practice. I'm 28 now and have been doing card-work since...ohhhh...middle school or earlier. Have fun learning, it's a wonderful world you're walking into.
Mike Walton
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I have big gorilla hands. Sometimes when I palm a card, I can't even find it and have to start a new trick.
silent shadow
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I get around 3 millimetre's either side of my card when palming , obviously didn't get my father's genes. Smile
I'm just starting out on the palming techniques and find it quite hard , I keep letting a gap appear between my digit's , but I do notice a shadow is created there anyway so maybe a mill here and there wont be noticed, although I am getting more confident after learning some diversion's
I throw a card on the table from the bottom , straighten the deck ask "please look at the card , is it your card?" *palm the top card* "No?" hmm.. where did it go.....

Now I need to get it to them ear's.... I'm off to figure...
Magic or just an illusion? it's a free choice .... isn't it?
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